L.A. Noire Official Cover Art Revealed Plus Look for Details on Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus Content Tomorrow

Posted on February 23 2011, 1:44pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Introducing the official cover art for our upcoming thriller L.A. Noire, featuring Detective Cole Phelps against the backdrop of a crime-plagued 1947 Los Angeles.

Developed by Team Bondi in conjunction with Rockstar Games, L.A. Noire arrives on shelves May 17th in North America and May 20th in Europe.

Tomorrow, be on the lookout for news on exclusive content bonuses for L.A. Noire available via retail partners across North America and the UK. The announcement will be made right here with all the details and order links to be posted at www.rockstargames.com/lanoire/preorder.

  • R* Yon May 9 2011, 3:14pmReplyFlag
    @Julioz Pre-order content will be available as DLC at some point following the launch of the game.

    Thanks all, one week to go, and realize we won't be able to answer everything but we do appreciate all of the enthusiasm, for the latest on L.A. Noire visit the official site:
    • ianjcmon March 3 2011, 4:14pmReplyFlag
      Or this: http://vgboxart.com/view/41729/la.noire/?replies=16
      • Juliozon March 1 2011, 11:06pmReplyFlag
        What's the word on DLC? Realism Roam would be nice. And how come I still can't play as Nastas. Lazy Rockstar's lost my interest.
        • Juliozon March 1 2011, 11:03pmReplyFlag
          Good God it's awful. To tell you the truth I think I'll pass on this one judging by the cover.
          • dennisthemennison February 28 2011, 5:24pmReplyFlag
            There's nothing "wrong" with it, but it doesn't fit with what we've seen from the game so far. There's no focal point because of all the distracting floating scenes and colours. They essentially used the three primary colours, which is completely out of place for a Noir. The orange / blue contrast is the most overused colour scheme for cover art:


            Basically it just looks generic and like every other cover out there. At least RDR had a unique look to it. A more fitting design would have been something like this (made by someone at la-noire.net):

            • conorSuperon February 28 2011, 12:02pmReplyFlag
              @dennisthemennis and TheEssentialBiza
              wats wrong wif the cover i think its pretty cool for a game cover it got Cole Phelps standing out in front just like marston on rdr cover
              its a cool cover
              R* ROCK
              CANT WAIT 4 DIS
              • TheEssentialBizaon February 27 2011, 2:58pmReplyFlag
                No offense, but the cover looks uninspired...and I bet that's how the game will be despite the technology. You let all us RDR players down. I was hoping for at least something that would make RDR last, like Realism Roam. You know, 1-2 hit to die, you go back to a regular session when you die, it costs money to get in, you can convert xp into money - that kind of thing. Anyway, you're not selling a sequel to me until RDR is more than a single player that I beat. It Free Rpam is not you're game Rockstar, than why not introduce Hardcore Overrun? There's Hardcore Co-op after all. In Hardcore Overrun there's no boundaries. You have to capture Land Grab objectives all across the map to survive, and in the meantime, hordes of zombies pile on you.
                • DeafAtheiston February 26 2011, 8:03amReplyFlag

                  I have Bully for the Xbox 360 too. It's been awhile since I played it but I don't remember there being any multiplayer on it. I'll have to put it in later and check it. I'm wondering if the European version was different from the North American version and that's why I don't remember any multiplayer on it

                  But as for GTA, yeah I knew the PSP ports had multiplayer, but I was referring to the console versions of the game. I don't really count handhelds when I talk about games in general although there are some really good handheld games. GTA Chinatown Wars was excellent on the Nintendo DS. I haven't tried the PSP version.
                  • SFX6669on February 25 2011, 9:32pmReplyFlag
                    for the PSP version, they are the original versions,
                    republication PS2 did not have multiplayer
                    Surely the public under , was not even close

                    For Bully
                    I have it on Xbox 360,
                    and I have a multiplayer for 2 person offline
                    • dennisthemennison February 25 2011, 5:48pmReplyFlag
                      Not really a fan of this cover. The logo clashes with the colors and doesn't stand out. It pops way more on the jet black used in the promo stuff. Also, using primary colors for a noir video game seems completely wrong. Why not just a simple LA NOIRE on black?
                      • scareface1970on February 25 2011, 5:40pmReplyFlag
                        if whe could see the back of the game cover than we now if there was a multiplay in this game but it's a suprise for us and if there is no multiplay i still think that i love this game because it's no killing game but a game where you must solve crimes and stuff and yes maby you must put a bullet in a criminal

                        whe see it in a few months ***ROCK***
                        • conorSuperon February 25 2011, 5:36pmReplyFlag
                          CAN NOT WAIT FOR LA NOIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                          but the big question im asking is will there be online on it i really hope so
                          • DeafAtheiston February 25 2011, 4:03pmReplyFlag

                            Dude I don't think I'm better than anyone else. I'm simply stating from my opinion based on what I've seen and read about LA Noire that it sounds to me like a game that is meant to be only a single player campaign. It's fine with me if you disagree with me. Like I said a few times already I could be wrong and I guess we'll just have to wait until Rockstar releases more information about the game to find out if there is multiplayer or not. With posting about pre-order bonuses above they mentioned XP in Gamestop's bonus. Every avid gamer is well aware that XP generally refers to Experience Points in multiplayer game modes. So I could very well be wrong in my assumption that there won't be multiplayer in the game. But then again I could still be right. They could be making XP as part of the single player story as some kind of system for upgrading weapons or something.

                            Also I'm not assuming people will be disappointed that they can't kill everyone in the game. That's not what I was saying at all. You misunderstood me. I was trying to say that the game isn't going to have as much action even in the cases as Red Dead or GTA. It's simply not meant to be an action game from my understanding. It is meant to be a detective game where you solve crimes and interview people. It's not gonna be a shootout in every case.

                            I wasn't comparing the stories of GTA, Red Dead, or LA Noire. I was comparing them based on gameplay. Red Dead and GTA while being very different games follow a similar formula with how missions are set up and carried out. They are at their core shooting/action games. LA Noire in my understanding is NOT a core shooting/action game and THAT was the point I was trying to make here.

                            And despite the lesser amount of action and shooting in the game compared to Rockstar's other mature rated titles I do NOT think it is going to be boring at all. I simply said that if people are buying this expecting it to be another action adventure shooting game like Red Dead or GTA then those people are going to be disappointed.

                            From my understanding the game is going to be more drama than action.
                            • DeafAtheiston February 25 2011, 3:46pmReplyFlag

                              As for GTA that's the PSP version. The console versions (and I assume the PC version as well) did NOT have multiplayer. I wasn't including PSP and Nintendo DS handheld games when I was talking about Rockstar games that didn't have multiplayer.

                              I'm a little confused about Bull tho... Was that multiplayer specific to a region or to the Wii console? I have it on the Xbox 360 in North America and there is no multiplayer.

                              I'll give you Bully, but I was mainly referring to PS3, X360, and PC versions of the game as it is these 3 systems the majority of games are made for.
                              • BrightonEarlyon February 25 2011, 2:12pmReplyFlag

                                If you really think people will be disappointed because they cant kill everything they lay their eyes on, I strongly believe your way off base. You know, most people in the world are not psychotic murderers. We are all just regular joes looking to take a break from our own reality.

                                In fact, I think if we did a survey of all red dead redemption players, most people would have played the game out as honorable marstons. Heck, I know I did, I couldnt do it any other way. I didnt feel the need to walk through armadillo shooting everybody in the face for no reason. Id rather nod my head and say "hello sir". Much more satisfying.

                                There is a reason RED DEAD won game of the year. I personally believe it won because of the strong emotional connection you had with your charismatic "doll", John Marston. I had a man tear creeping up my eyes as he was killed by those ---s who used him and then killed him. I still feel sad about it right now as I type this, about how cruel they were to Marston.

                                The story won the game of the year. Not the killing. Not the shooting. Not the blood. Not the fist fights. Not the multiplayer.

                                The story. And LA NOIRE's story is looking extremely promising.
                                • BrightonEarlyon February 25 2011, 1:48pmReplyFlag

                                  Listen. I can almost guaruntee there will be multiplayer. If you disagree thats fine. Ive given my reasons and I can already see in my mind what type of games there will be.

                                  Your acting like this is going to be the most boring game in the world. You act like your so high above everyone else who has played GTA and Red Dead. Like you know what your going to get. You know, you still have a gun in your hand. Its still going to be a sandbox game.

                                  Bottom line is this. Ever since Bully, Rockstar games have basically been in their own genre. I wouldnt even classify them as sandbox games. If I was the creator of genres, Rockstar games would be marked as "life simulators". As silly as it sounds, thats exactly what these games are.

                                  You can go out and buy some food. You can go buy a drink. You can go shopping for some new clothes. All the while there is a story built into it. Thats how this game is going to play out. Along the same lines as GTAIV and RED DEAD but with a deeper, more thoroughly planned story, which doesnt involve killing everything in sight.

                                  That is exactly what draws people to these games. The fact that we can get away from our pathetic little lives for a few hours and walk in someone elses shoes. Be it a cowboy, a psychotic murdering immigrant with a soft side, or a detective working your way up the ranks up the LAPD.

                                  In simpler terms, your given a virtual doll to play with for hours on end. Your given a world in which you can move around your doll and interact. And, finally, your given a story in which you can complete at your own pace. A case that you might solve in an hour, might take someone else 3 hours because they got distracted and went shopping. Or felt like going home to save their dolls progress and sleep for the ---ht.

                                  LA NOIRE will be similar to previous games. In fact, to even compare RED DEAD to GTAIV is unjust. RED DEAD has a completely different story than GTAIV, the same way LA NOIRE will have a completely different story, characters, etc. To compare these games to one another story wise is unjust to all of them. Comparing them from mechanics point of view, the games will all be more or less the same.

                                  Life simulator.
                                  • Robinzzzon February 25 2011, 1:19pmReplyFlag
                                    I don't like the cover, I wanted something less realistic :(
                                    I'll buy the game anyway though
                                    • SFX6669on February 25 2011, 7:08amReplyFlag

                                      Liberty city stories

                                      Vice city stories

                                      Bully Scolarship édition

                                      Sorry guy !
                                      • DeafAtheiston February 25 2011, 5:39amReplyFlag

                                        GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories, and Bully do NOT have multiplayer. I don't know about GTA 2 as I've never played it. GTA San Andreas only has multiplayer with that cheesy date thing where another player can tag along when you take someone on a date.
                                        • Raumkapselon February 25 2011, 4:50amReplyFlag
                                          P.S.: I would like to see a old styled movie poster. (But maybe it would not sell very well.)
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