Rockstar Recommends: “Chinatown”

Posted on February 18 2011, 12:53pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

Chinatown (1974; Dir. Roman Polanski)

While it may be an obvious reference point for a modern production of a Film Noir period crime thriller, we would be remiss not to officially recognize and recommend "Chinatown" as a key film to watch for those looking to get in the spirit of things leading up to L.A. Noire's May release.

Easily the greatest Film Noir made after the genre's original heyday in the 40's & 50's, "Chinatown" spins the tale of private investigator Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson in one of the most memorable roles of his entire stellar career) led by an enigmatic female client with a seemingly straightforward case - into twists and turns, cover-ups and conspiracies, hidden truths and abounding intrigue. Jake finds himself in for way more than ever anticipated and unwittingly embroiled in a dangerous plot.

Directed by Roman Polanski, who himself makes a great cameo appearance as a switchblade-wielding henchman - "Chinatown" is not only one of the genre's best, but is regarded by many as being among the finest films ever made.

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  • Rockfan29on June 19 2011, 6:51amReplyFlag
    where can i find Chinatown and the Herold Examiner Building??
    • d3vil-fish666on February 23 2011, 1:37pmReplyFlag
      Im definately Buying La Noire Cause its R* but i did not even finish rdr but dont get me wrong rdr is a great game i just preffer gta 4. Now for some reason i know that gta 5 will be on the psp2 because as soon as a new console comes out R* makes a game GTA for it. Imagine gta 5 on the psp2 it can have touch features like chinatownwars and have BEAST graphics and physics like gta 4 :) And a gta 5 on the psp2 would bring back those fun psp lan wars OOOH and with this new feature that sony showed youll be able to spot people around you who have gta 5 on their psp and then play with them AWeSOME
      • 69_INTERN_69on February 23 2011, 1:59amReplyFlag
        "LiL.A.King Mon at 1:13pm
        Hey R* show some news about the gameplay, vehicles or weapons pleaaaaaaseeee!! Looking forward!! :)
        R* is the BEST!!"
        • R* Yon February 22 2011, 3:52pmReplyFlag
          @emmi18176860 @EvilDenikes @ericsodhi @secret360 @jcgamerlegend @StivGTA @LiL.A.King and all others, in the future please keep the comments you submit strictly on the topic to the story that's on the same page.
          • LiL.A.Kingon February 21 2011, 1:13pmReplyFlag
            Hey R* show some news about the gameplay, vehicles or weapons pleaaaaaaseeee!! Looking forward!! :)
            R* is the BEST!!
            • adamnineon February 21 2011, 1:39amReplyFlag
              Chinatown is one of the best film noir examples, probably even better than L.A. Confidential. For my money, though, I prefer The Usual Suspects and Miller's Crossing. It's no coincidence that Gabriel Byrne stars in both films, the man's a class act to watch!
              • Retro-Spectoron February 20 2011, 7:27pmReplyFlag
                Don't forget the sequel to this movie "The Two Jakes" (1990). Not as great as Chinatown, but does hold some film noir merit.

                Writer Robert Towne originally intended this to be a trilogy of movies, with basic earthly elements as the focus of each movie:

                1: water - Chinatown
                2: oil - The Two Jakes
                3: land - ???

                The third movie was never made... but Jack Nicholson's still alive and kickin'. Hope he makes it.
                • juan29.zapataaon February 20 2011, 3:58pmReplyFlag
                  I'm definitely sensing that L.A. Noire was inspired by this film.

                  By the way, Rockstar, when you put Bogota in the top of the homepage, is it Bogota, Colombia?

                  Because I's personally recommend to change to Medellín since it's considered a much better city and more important (and some other things that probably inspired you for doing GTA).
                  • joelunderwoodon February 19 2011, 7:12pmReplyFlag
                    it is almost definate r* will realease online or freeroam game that have neither ussally tank
                    • VeryHushHushon February 19 2011, 7:08pmReplyFlag
                      BRILLIANT CHOICE!!!
                      Jack Nicholson is my all time favorite actor, and this is one of his masterpieces.
                      Watch it, if you haven't seen it before. JN kicks a**!

                      Dying to get my hands on LA NOIRE...still playing RDR, and I'm still amazed how beautiful the landscape is, just roaming about, is still fun.

                      Can't wait to see what other creative ideas you come up with, for the thing is very clear -
                      R* are way way ahead on everyone else...the secret for this is, in my eyes, hard work. If you do something properly, you get a great result.
                      Way too many games are never worth the cash. R* = quality and depth.
                      Hope you'll stay on that line - you're the best at it.
                      • LiL.A.Kingon February 19 2011, 1:59pmReplyFlag

                        Yes R* should tell us something about the multiplayer!!
                        • avi1998on February 19 2011, 12:15pmReplyFlag
                          it's really time for a new trailer, come on with it! let it be a multiplayer gameplay trailer xD
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