L.A. Noire Coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 May 17 in North America, May 20 in Europe

Posted on January 24 2011, 8:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

L.A. Noire, the groundbreaking new crime thriller developed in a special partnership between Rockstar Games and Team Bondi, will be available on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 on May 17th in North America and May 20th in Europe.

Set amid the violence and corruption of post-war Los Angeles, L.A. Noire seamlessly blends crime-solving, clue-finding, car chases and shoot-outs with revolutionary new interrogation-based gameplay that will allow players to read characters' emotions in order to reveal the truth. Players will take on the role of Cole Phelps, a decorated World War II veteran who rises through the ranks of the LAPD, solving a series of gruesome murders and other crimes that bring him face to face with the dark heart of Los Angeles during Hollywood’s Golden Age.

L.A. Noire employs ground-breaking new MotionScan performance-scanning technology, which utilizes 32 high-definition cameras to capture actors’ faces in 3D, transferring every aspect of the performance into the game, enabling players for the first time to lip-read in-game characters and to read every facial expression down to the finest detail.

Check out the all-new Official Trailer #2 today at noon, in high definition at www.rockstargames.com/lanoire and the Rockstar site Videos section.

  • R* Yon May 9 2011, 2:52pmReplyFlag
    @MLLK338 Head over here to get an answer to that question, and a few others:

    Thanks all, one week to go, and for the latest on L.A. Noire visit the official site:
    • randldewitton March 24 2011, 6:25pmReplyFlag
      If it doesent have a multiplayer i wont buy it, i feel sorry for those who have already prepaid. With most consoles networked these days MP is nearly a standard feature in all games. Once i beat 1P mode i play the game easily 5x as much in multiplayer. so to me at least, without the MP it's easily one fifth the game. If La Noire is 1p only I'll just keep playing my gta and rdr online instead of buying La noir. please dont loose your way R* - PSN ORPHAN-FOUR
      • rezpatrioton March 6 2011, 11:53amReplyFlag
        It's going to be an interesting game, hopefully one hell of a ride.
        • 13235648on March 3 2011, 12:11amReplyFlag
          I don't think they're addressing the elephant in the room (multiplayer) because once they let everybody know that there is no way to play with their friends they're going to lose a lot of preorders. People on other forums/boards were asking 'well how would you even do that as a cop?'
          Gee, I dunno, maybe have a partner like in real life? There could be several scenarios.. trying to stop a bank robbery, maybe a hostage situation where it's 10-1 and the crook has to get away with the hostage or the loot, who knows? It would work.
          If there's no multiplayer it doesn't mean I'm not buying it, it just means that i'll be picking up a used copy sooner or later.
          • Little-Caesaron March 1 2011, 9:50amReplyFlag
            Gunnah be freaking EPIC!
            • Speedy23on March 1 2011, 2:14amReplyFlag
              Yihaaa, 2 months 2 w8, 4 this great game, THX @ ROCKSTAR, and no crap PC version of this game^^ PS360 rulllzzzz, PC is going 2 hellyeahhhhh 1111
              • tonyrolltider69on February 28 2011, 8:05pmReplyFlag
                i was wondering about the multiplayer on the game,is there a multiplayer game in L.A.Noire?
                • AwesomeBanditon February 28 2011, 10:05amReplyFlag
                  I hope I can kill innocent people even do your mission is to find the killer
                  • maurojession February 28 2011, 7:18amReplyFlag
                    can't wait anymore
                    • JaHoppyon February 27 2011, 5:30pmReplyFlag
                      I wonder if u beat the game it becomes free room????????????
                      • videogamer50on February 27 2011, 11:52amReplyFlag
                        @alejandro195- Yha that would be really cool a zombie detective dlc pack, At the beggining they have no clue whats going on and there are part where you examin the bodys.
                        • Alejandro195on February 27 2011, 1:16amReplyFlag
                          Hopefully put an expansion like the Undead ---htmare I love to go running over zombies through the streets of Los Angeles with my car XD
                          • JaHoppyon February 26 2011, 6:42pmReplyFlag
                            Luv it must be a Game of The Year
                            • Paerynon February 26 2011, 6:28amReplyFlag
                              Why oh why go down the route of different additions according to where you buy from?
                              This is another game I would love to buy but if I can only get certain content from certain retailers then it's a no sale for me.
                              • MLLK338on February 26 2011, 4:29amReplyFlag
                                what's with a multiplayer mode
                                • chrizPY_baykenon February 25 2011, 3:46pmReplyFlag
                                  once again rockstar games never lets me down can't wait for this! :D
                                  • KingVinnieon February 25 2011, 11:26amReplyFlag
                                    i cant wait for this gamke hopefully just another instant classic! im just worried i wont be able to roam around after i complete the game. which i hope i can do
                                    • Beran22on February 25 2011, 10:10amReplyFlag
                                      The previews promise great things... I was thinking, to pre-order it... But I'm afraid, in two weeeks there will be a special edition or sth like that like in RDR, and then I will have ordered the "normal" Version...
                                      Over all I can't stand to wait for it...
                                      • redscorpion92on February 24 2011, 8:50pmReplyFlag
                                        i just saw the new pre-order special edition (or should i say editions) for this game and i am appalled, what happened to releasing a game with everything intact, not hold out on certain missions or features of the game. the whole point of DLC is to add on to an already complete game in order to make it better, not sell a half-a$$ game and then release content that should already be with the game to begin with. rockstar i really thought you were better than that.
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