Noir City 9 in San Francisco & Fritz Lang Festival in NYC

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For those in the Bay Area of California and in NYC with a taste for some original Film Noir, perhaps whetted by our own L.A. Noire – there’s a couple of quite worthwhile events to let you know about.

In San Francisco, starting today and continuing on for 10 days through Sunday, January 30th – the 9th annual Noir City  San Francisco Film Noir Festival will be underway (the annual Los Angeles edition happens later this spring) at the Castro Theater. “This year’s edition of the world’s greatest film noir festival invites you to mix and mingle with NOIR CITY’s most damaged and disturbed denizens. Here you’ll find all kinds of crazy––born crazy, driven crazy, and not as crazy as they seem—in 24 fantastic films over 10 deranged days.” Including some choice flicks from that seminal year of 1947 such as “High Wall”, “They Won’t Believe Me”, and “A Double Life” and many more, if you’re in the Bay Area it’s a great way to get well acquainted with the spirit and era of Noir. Check out for more info.

And in NYC, at the Film Forum repertory theater, starting a week from today on January 28th will be a special two-week retrospective of legendary director Fritz Lang’s Hollywood period of filmmaking. Known primarily for his silent and European-made classics, “Metropolis” and “M” – Fritz Lang also is responsible for a few of Film Noir’s definitive entries, namely “The Big Heat” (1953) and “Scarlet Street” (1945) starring Edward G. Robinson, both playing next weekend.  For the whole schedule, check out

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  • R* Yon May 9 2011, 2:51pmReplyFlag
    Thanks all, one week to go, and for the latest on L.A. Noire visit the official site:
    • Magicman1625on January 30 2011, 11:20amReplyFlag
      Will we ever get a demo for L.A. Noire for Xbox 360 and PS3 a lot of people have been waiting for one and reading articles about this game tells me u have one but its not open to the public. A lot of people would be happy and commenting if we do get a demo and pre-order sales would most likely go up. Thanks for listening R* i hope u consider it!!!!!(:
      • barfonon January 25 2011, 7:43amReplyFlag
        She's so damn hot, she can stab me anytime! So glad i have a mid-year title to look forward to, you guys never disappoint :) Polishing my metaphorical magnifying glass in anticipation!
        • R* Yon January 24 2011, 4:43pmReplyFlag
          @angryman11111 Nice - thanks for the link.
          • Hraptoron January 23 2011, 5:05pmReplyFlag
            R* = Culture.
            • angryman11111on January 23 2011, 11:43amReplyFlag
              The New York Times has an article on Fritz Lang in Hollywood:
              • Mortal91ifyon January 23 2011, 8:24amReplyFlag
                no way man but for games that have lv up in it yeah. and i have a gaming pc too. no need for me to make any platform argument. they are all awesome. but R* said multiple times that these current games are not being plan for the pc but if that should change they will update us about it. but people keep asking.

                @Darknitepulse umm im not really talking about red dead redemption actually at all. my comment has nothing to do with red dead. im talking about la.noire..LA.NOIRE....L-A.-N-O-I-R-E. and i have a alienware pc so no need to give me the lecture. for witch one is better i know the capability's of a pc. and no comment on the red ring stuff or that systems suck's i don't bash a system because i don't have it i think they all are awesome. =D
                well good day.
                • duk_leonon January 23 2011, 12:19amReplyFlag
                  @MartinStatic Idiot apparently isn't a nice word to use here.Who knows?
                  @Mortal91ify Do you seriously believe Rockstar would left PC gamers in dark? And no platform argument please.
                  @Darknitepulse Yea that's the fact and Rockstar does know that many PC gamers are looking for it.However, please do not start any platform argument here.
                  @Mati647 @MrIB10 @x_stasy They will never announce anything (mainly games) through comments as they are neither permitted nor allow to do so.The only way is to wait for announcements.
                  • Darknitepulseon January 22 2011, 9:55pmReplyFlag
                    @Mortal91ify Many pc gamers who want red dead redemption for pc dont want to buy a console just to play this game.Pcs are better than has better graphics and performance.its cheaper and it doesnt have problems like on consoles like red ring of death.
                    • Mortal91ifyon January 22 2011, 10:08amReplyFlag
                      dude chill out everyone can ask a question no need for unfunny sarcasm reply's.
                      PS. people saking for a pc version you should maybe start to plan on getting a console. it's not because R* does not care but because of the piracy and the big time hacking that goes on the pc. they actually care for there games being fun and fare for all player's they are not. im not gonna mention games or company's but they are not.....the company starts with an A and the game starts with a C and it's release every year.
                      • zahid1990on January 22 2011, 4:55amReplyFlag
                        and born to unto trouble sound track is my best song i listen again again for this song
                        • zahid1990on January 22 2011, 4:51amReplyFlag
                          i love red dead redemption this is my best game forever rockstargames please tel me next part of this game
                          • SteepGroundhogon January 21 2011, 7:18pmReplyFlag

                            Who are you, the queen? "I would like to see the MAP of the game, to see how big this next world is going to be". I would lake a million dollars and Megan Fox to be my girlfriend, but that's not happening either.
                            • MartinStaticon January 21 2011, 6:23pmReplyFlag
                              Jesus christ. People asking for PC are idiots. They either will or they wont, but they wont be making a million dollar decision based on annoying comments on their site. Not to mention Team Bondi are developing LA Noire.
                              • GTA_Randomon January 21 2011, 5:50pmReplyFlag
                                I know a bunch of people who would buy it on PC , including myself. So why not give every gamer a share of the game? PC , PS3, Xbox 360 release , multiplatform , consistant , perfect!
                                • x_stasyon January 21 2011, 4:31pmReplyFlag
                                  Why L.A. Noire don't come to PC??
                                  • MrIB100on January 21 2011, 3:24pmReplyFlag
                                    LA Noire available on PC?
                                    • Mati647on January 21 2011, 2:49pmReplyFlag
                                      Rock, are there any current plans to bring L.A. Noire to PC? Can you say something about this R* guys?
                                      • davve123on January 21 2011, 2:30pmReplyFlag
                                        We want gameplay R* GAMEPLAY!
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