Undead Nightmare Soundtrack CD Now Available from the Rockstar Warehouse

Posted on January 17 2011, 2:30pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Music, Games

The Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Original Soundtrack, which originally debuted on iTunes alongside the release of the disc-based Undead Nightmare DLC compilation, is now available as a physical CD from the Rockstar Warehouse for $9.99.

Composed by Bill Elm and Woody Jackson, the men behind the original Red Dead Redemption soundtrack, this terrifically spooky score features eerie instrumentals as well as epic Southern Gothic rockabilly tracks from guest performers Kreeps and Misterio.

To order the digital version from iTunes, click here (European iTunes users click here). For more details on both the Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare soundtracks including track listings and featured samples, check out the official Soundtrack feature page.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Now Available In Stores Worldwide for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
(Audio) "Dead Sled" by Kreeps - from the Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Original Soundtrack
Red Dead Redemption Original Soundtrack CD Now Available at the Rockstar Warehouse

  • J2Foldon April 12 2011, 1:32pmReplyFlag
    I bought the RDR vinyl just as a collector item, but the album turned out to be pretty good. I would like to see this undead version on vinyl ( yellow green color). I would buy it.
    • 13139317on February 3 2011, 6:21pmReplyFlag
      Do you know what might be the next greatest thing to undead ---htmare multiplayer?? An undead ---htmare free roam! wouldnt that be awesome? i mean what you could do in an undead free roam could be missions, online missions like the missions to story mode. Missions like towns becoming under attack and you clear that place for Xp or churches like burning coffins for Xp so that what I think what would be a great idea for an undead free roam but theres more to it.
      • dynam1ghton January 31 2011, 2:28pmReplyFlag
        I'm verry thanks to this game, but can there come more dlc like, weapons dlc's?
        or an new multiplayer game Saloon Fights u can fight with everything in the saloon, chairs bottle's and all.

        last man standing wins.

        • EzraGarrisonon January 27 2011, 6:14pmReplyFlag
          I think the suggestion of adding another island or furthering the expanse of an existing area via DLC is an incredible idea. The idea of adding characters from other existing IP (elves from Family Guy? Come on.) is likely impossible and somewhat absurd. Although, to spin that basic idea around and work with what R* has already established within continuity, I believe that the addition of the Jersey Devil in a new area North of Tall Trees or the Skunk Ape in a new are Southeast of Thieve's Landing would be sheer genius. I would happily pay as much as I did for the existing DLC if I could mount-up against other cryptozoological creatures in expanded areas!
          • GetThGunsOuton January 19 2011, 8:38pmReplyFlag
            I second the idea of an Undead ---htmare vinyl. I would buy it. Hell, I'd buy two of them. And like WolfRogers said, a green one like the yellow-ish green used in the Undead ---htmare logo would really pull it together nicely. I've always liked the large format of vinyl packaging. You can appreciate the artwork that much more since you're not squinting at a tiny CD insert.

            Speaking of the artwork, who was responsible for all the character illustrations for the game?

            Also, since a number of people have brought it up already, I think a future DLC for RDR covering the latter part of John's time running with Dutch and company up to the point where he was left him for dead would be pretty sweet. Think about it R*.
            • sLAUGHTER_92on January 19 2011, 6:50amReplyFlag
              Will you be releasing anymore DLC?
              I love the world you've created but there has a be more stories that you really wanna tell.
              • WolfRogerson January 18 2011, 7:37pmReplyFlag
                Another vote for the Vinyl please! Already have RDR OST on Vinyl and it's a very impressive package, would like to see Undead ---htmare OST on Green Vinyl, and hopefully, the L.A.Noire soundtrack on Vinyl to!
                • Marlboroon January 18 2011, 11:40amReplyFlag
                  @R* Y - Ok, thanks.

                  Red Dead Soundtrack on RockBand please.
                  • R* Yon January 18 2011, 11:15amReplyFlag
                    @Mortal91ify Enjoy.

                    @Marlboro Since we haven't announced any plans for a vinyl, I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you, however do stay tuned to the Newswire for all of our future announcements..
                    • Marlboroon January 18 2011, 10:50amReplyFlag
                      Nice, are there plans on releasing it on vinyl as well?
                      • Oweniion January 18 2011, 6:14amReplyFlag
                        Hey Rockstar, a little bit off-topic, but realistic request I think, so I hope you will consider it (French, sorry for mistakes) :

                        Since you seem to have no future plans for Red Dead Redemption, why don't you release "Liars & Cheats" DLC and "Legends & Killers" DLC at 5 on stores ?

                        Undead Collection is at 20, each separatly costs 10 for a long time now. Since Undead ---htmare is the most recent (and certainly the most satisfying), keep it at 10, while you decrease the others at 5 (especially in european psn, since 10 dollars never made 10 euros, more like 7,50, but that's an eternal debate and you're not the only ones to do that, so that's not the question).

                        This way, me and a bunch of people I guess, could afford something we would never bought in the first place for some extra fun in your game. Considerating U. Collection is at 20, it makes sense to me. Keep up the good work, you're still one of the most respectable companies out there.
                        • BUGEYE02on January 18 2011, 1:40amReplyFlag
                          They would be crazy not to add tons more to this epic game, Crazy!

                          By buying these things, it helps pay for the next huge add on / sand box western game. Wounder why they are so silent about the future of this game?
                          • rdr_mastron January 17 2011, 11:51pmReplyFlag
                            @ R*

                            alright im sry in advance for being off topic but kmon we all know that undead ---htmare is amazing and has prettty much been over used and played so since undead ---htmare is doing rly well and all u shouldnt stop at that its bound to get old and outdated wich means ppl arnt guna play it any more so u gota go out with a bang b4 u make ur new game (hopefully gta v) (sry off topic) k as i mentiond b4 u should make a winter dlc im not obsessed with the whole idea but i know for a fact u will make sooo much $$$$$$$ if u add like a new map area like an island neer black water or somthing and add the mutated elfs from family guy and elfable (elf canable) rain deer and santa u kno what make a holiday dlc with easter and stuff last thing read it plz and sry for being off topic
                            • Redx165on January 17 2011, 9:40pmReplyFlag
                              @ R You should do another life in the west but with zombies in it for undead ---htmare i like to see what you say is your goal in there srry for being off topic
                              • Denizlili_on January 17 2011, 7:07pmReplyFlag
                                looks awsome
                                • Mortal91ifyon January 17 2011, 4:27pmReplyFlag
                                  another great buy for my collection =D
                                  • mowgelyon January 17 2011, 3:17pmReplyFlag
                                    Ah too bad I already bought it from Itunes still get to enjoy these awesome songs though. So it's not too bad.
                                    • Studios5107on January 17 2011, 2:57pmReplyFlag
                                      7,50€ (CD) + 15€ (Shipping) = Glups *_*
                                      I will content myself with the digital version of my favorite tracks. =P

                                      (The link in the article and not the European iTunes (€) but the GB (£))

                                      Voici le lien à suivre pour les prix en €uro (Celuis-ci est en Français)
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