The Art of Interrogation: New L.A. Noire Screens

Posted on January 17 2011, 6:22pm | Author: R* S | Filed Under: Games

There's plenty of car chases and shootouts in L.A. Noire, but it's how the game creates gameplay out of human interactions that makes it truly groundbreaking. Observing a suspect, analyzing their behavior and knowing when to believe or doubt them - or when to confront them with the evidence you've collected - is the real test of your skill as a detective. Asking the wrong questions could cost you precious time or clues, and falsely accusing a suspect could cause them to clam up completely, depriving you of a precious source of information. MotionScan is the technology that makes this gameplay possible, but it's up to you to make the most of every opportunity. Here are four new screens straight from the interrogation room.

Is this the face of a man with nothing to hide?

Phelps confronts a suspect with the evidence against him.

Phelps questions a witness at the scene of a crime – questioning can take place at crime scenes, residences and places of business whenever you’re active on a case.

As his skeptical partner looks on, Phelps attempts to extract an alibi from a suspect in a hideous crime.


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  • R* Yon May 9 2011, 2:47pmReplyFlag
    @Cjrazy Head over here to get an answer to that question, and a few others:

    Thanks all, one week to go, and for the latest on L.A. Noire visit the official site:
    • Waynioon January 20 2011, 10:59amReplyFlag
      Wow I really hope RDR & this will make it's way over to PC, just like GTA I'll still get it on console but I would love to play these amazing games on PC given the choice as I have a really good PC that can play GTA IV & episodes maxed @ 1080p silky smooth.
      When it comes to in game facial expressions I think R* do it best :).
      • calculatedstepzon January 20 2011, 4:15amReplyFlag
        Cannot wait!!!
        • colephelpson January 19 2011, 9:21amReplyFlag
          R* could you guys tell us the release date and gameplay pleaseee,i have posted this cmmnt like about 10 times!!!!!!!!
          • ghostx1984on January 18 2011, 10:31pmReplyFlag
            I love all the ambient music in RDR. What kind of music can we expect in LA Noire and will there be radio stations in the cars?
            • SteepGroundhogon January 18 2011, 4:53pmReplyFlag
              Haha, I remember when I always told my friends that I hate when game companies release trailers like 3+ months before it comes out cause it just bugs you, instead of it being released the day it's done without anyone knowing. I also used to say I wish they would release less trailers just to get people curious, but it seems like that's what their doing, and it's driving me NUTS!
              • vince_42069on January 18 2011, 4:45pmReplyFlag
                Wow, it`s really looking amazing and getting more interesting with each bit of info. Cannot wait to get my hands on it. Also, in the second pic, Phelps` face kinda looks like or reminds me of the dude from Pineapple Express. Dale Denton. Hahaha! I don`t know why, maybe it`s just me. Anyway, I`m real eager to hear more news on this and your other projects (MAX PAYNE 3, AGENT). I`ve been playing unhealthy amounts of the first two Max Payne games in just the last day or two. Give me the third already, ah I want it today!
                • Cjrazyon January 18 2011, 2:40pmReplyFlag
                  I just hope theirs multiplayer AND split screen.
                  • colephelpson January 18 2011, 11:43amReplyFlag
                    well after my questions been answered i am releived from my suspicion,now i am just waiting for the release date,and i will give $100 dollars for it and i will let them keep the change.:D
                    • R* Yon January 18 2011, 10:57amReplyFlag
                      @SSM3EVO @EKcivicguy @periKiller @Blais1 @batik89 @jkk1228 @Mortal91ify Glad you guys like the new screenshots.

                      @RisingLeon @SirSmok3Alot225 @FjrWizard @XShady08X @robot22 Please keep your comments on the topic of each corresponding article here on the Newswire.
                      • colephelpson January 18 2011, 10:05amReplyFlag
                        rockstar if you guys could then please,PLEASE give the release date of L A Noire,i am losing my paitence.PLEASE R*.
                        • PhunnyB1on January 18 2011, 4:29amReplyFlag
                          The guy with the flower did it! Some day somehow I'll pin it all on him!
                          • Blais1on January 17 2011, 9:58pmReplyFlag
                            Looks awesome. I can't wait to get it
                            • XxBos3oOodxXon January 17 2011, 9:19pmReplyFlag
                              Is l.a noire a free roam game?
                              Or it is like heavy rain?
                              • batik89on January 17 2011, 8:06pmReplyFlag
                                Bloody fantastic! The lighting is awesome!
                                • jkk1228on January 17 2011, 5:36pmReplyFlag
                                  Wow...this looks amazing! Possibly one of the most interesting games I have ever seen. Rockstar has another hit under their belt. Keep up the good work gents!
                                  • Mortal91ifyon January 17 2011, 4:32pmReplyFlag
                                    love it how R* works hard on the details for there games.
                                    • The4orTy67on January 17 2011, 3:31pmReplyFlag
                                      So, will I be able to choose from a wide range of questions when interrogating a suspect?
                                      By the way these screens look amazing!
                                      • crazycat690on January 17 2011, 2:24pmReplyFlag
                                        Oh my God, it looks so... real O.O Gonna watch a bit more of the TV show "Lie to me" :D I really hope I can play this soon!
                                        • periKilleron January 17 2011, 2:15pmReplyFlag
                                          Beautiful!!! looks very realistic :)
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