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Posted on January 18 2011, 4:23pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

As promised when we released the L.A. Noire-inspired Light & Shadow Rockstar desktops late last month, here is the all-new official screensaver accompaniment.

As shown in the preview above, this set of sequences is a study of the passing of time and light - inspired by the stark contrasts in lighting typified by classic film noir cinematography - one of the chief stylistic influences in our forthcoming thriller, L.A. Noire.

The screensaver is available for PC and Mac from the Rockstar Screensaver Collection at

Rockstar Desktops Collection: Light & Shadow

  • R* Yon May 9 2011, 2:48pmReplyFlag
    Thanks all, one week to go, and for the latest on L.A. Noire visit the official site:
    • Jay-Prosperoon January 20 2011, 3:23amReplyFlag
      Another thumbsup from a Mac user =)
      • Studios5107on January 19 2011, 3:30pmReplyFlag
        Honestly I find this screensaver very very nice. Like a lot of things that makes R* I should say! Too, maybe.
        But this one is for me one of the best. And yet I could not L.A. Noire before long time because I have no consoles!
        Anyway, this screensaver is not essentially based on LA Noire, but on R *.

        What I like about this screensaver is that we feel it is very "powerful" (I come not quite express what I think in English =O) contrary of a "simple animation". (Although I also like "Deconstructed Black" eh)
        I also like anything that approaches the "glow" effects (luminescenc). (So i like too "Ambience" and "Tropical"/"Neon" =P )

        @XL0YDX - You want some "humor" from the R*Download section ?
        Download "the fall" screensaver.
        Take a look at those wallpapers:
        "Battle Series" - Very simple, but very cool and funny.
        "Robo-Star vs Space-Wolf" - Cool crea.
        "Zombie Parts" - Mouhahaha......
        "The Eye Series" - A funny origin [...]

        • Studios5107on January 19 2011, 3:03pmReplyFlag
          @XL0YDX - I think that over 95% of people who have consoles also have a PC or a Mac. I think you you have no humor, but do you not think enough...
          • XL0YDXon January 19 2011, 10:51amReplyFlag
            Games to consoles,Screensavers of that games for pc and mac,you sure have some sense of humor Rockstar :).
            • HRQ360on January 19 2011, 10:38amReplyFlag
              COLL !!!
              • R* Yon January 19 2011, 10:32amReplyFlag
                @Joker-64 @Deathvein @bwa1985 @Ward3nx @Studios5107 @colephelps @MasterGamesTV Cheers, and look for more in our wallpaper and screensaver collection in the future..
                • colephelpson January 19 2011, 9:27amReplyFlag
                  R* i know i have posted this cmmnt like 11 times now but please give us the release date and some gameplay videos of L A Noire please R* give us this two things everyone wants this two things right now.
                  • MasterGamesTVon January 19 2011, 2:13amReplyFlag
                    Think, its time to use this effect on L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3, Agent and the next GTA :) Amazing Roxtar
                    • colephelpson January 18 2011, 10:14pmReplyFlag
                      • Studios5107on January 18 2011, 5:04pmReplyFlag
                        This is so...
                        MAGNIFIQUE *_*

                        J'ADORE !!!!!

                        Thx R*!
                        • Ward3nxon January 18 2011, 5:03pmReplyFlag
                          Thanks for thinking about us Mac users :)
                          • bwa1985on January 18 2011, 4:48pmReplyFlag
                            Wheres the new video and the release date R* cool Screensaver to.
                            • Deathveinon January 18 2011, 4:45pmReplyFlag
                              Dayum, that looks sick! Good job, Rockstar.
                              • Joker-64on January 18 2011, 4:27pmReplyFlag
                                Wow interesting! :)
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