Rockstar Game Tips: Becoming Unpredictable in Liar's Dice (Liars and Cheats/Undead Nightmare Disc)

Posted on January 12 2011, 4:36pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

o KiDxCuDi o, L U F F Y, TheAmbadassad0r, RedDeadDev3, GVRafioso1 and Skatepro123IV bring their skills and strategies to the Liar's Dice table in Thieves' Landing in one of our latest Social Club multiplayer events...

With the release of the Liars and Cheats Pack DLC for Red Dead Redemption (and as part of the Undead Nightmare disc release), came multiplayer Liar's Dice. It's an opportunity not only to play Liars Dice with your friends but also an opportunity to play with reanimated corpses as illustrated above. Kudos to the zombies for keeping their murderous impulses at bay during a friendly game of dice. In the multiplayer iteration, you never know who's bluffing, so improving your skills is key. Today, we present a new entry into the Rockstar Game Tips series that has the most effective strategies for ensuring victory. First up, let's recap how the game actually works: 

  1. You'll start Liar's Dice with a cup and five dice. The game automatically takes care of shaking up the dice and slamming the cup on the table for each player. This happens at the beginning of the game and again whenever a player loses a die during the game.
  2. Look at your dice. Other players cannot see what you have, so this is where you’ll need to begin guessing what other players might have.
  3. When it's your turn to bid, you're first going to choose a side of die: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. Then you are going to guess how many of that side of die are face up on the table, meaning the total number of that one die under all cups. For example, you have two 6's under your cup in a game with six players. It's a pretty good bet early in a game that with so many other dice on the table, there's probably another 6 under someone else's cup. So a very safe bet would be three 6's.
  4. After you bid three 6's, the player sitting to your left has three options:
    1. Raise the bid to anything above three 6's (example: four 1's, four 2's, and so on).
    2. Call the bid spot-on. If it turns out that there are exactly three 6's on the table and the bid is called spot-on, everyone but the current bidder will lose a die.
    3. Call your bluff. If the bidder doesn't think there are actually three 6's on the table, calling a bluff will result in you losing one die if there aren't three on the table, or the bidder losing one die if there are three or more.
  5. As the game nears the end and more dice disappear, bids gets lower (example: one 5, two 3's) and players run out of dice, making things even more interesting.
  6. The last person with one or more dice remaining wins.

When you're out of dice, you're out of the game. You can choose to sit and watch the remaining players or you can dive back into the many multiplayer playlist options.

The best way to learn how to play is... by practicing! Yes, we're talking about practice. Practice in Private mode if you don't want to use your funds. To access Private mode, enter multiplayer from the Red Dead main menu. Once it loads, press Back/Select and choose Private Free Roam. Lastly, choose Liar's Dice. You can also start Liar's Dice by entering the buildings in any of the three areas that offer the game.

You'll start Red Dead Redemption online multiplayer with $200. For a full explanation on how funds work in the game, see this Rockstar Support article on the subject. Here are the buy-in amounts and locations for Liar's Dice: 

  • Escalera - $10
  • Casa Madrugada - $25
  • Thieves' Landing - $100

And now for some general tips: 

  • The best time to lie is early in the game when there are plenty of dice on the table. If you're betting first at a table of six players and it's the beginning of the game, betting three or four sixes without even looking at your own dice is a safe and strategic bet.
  • Mix up your bidding strategy to keep other players guessing. If you have two fours under your cup, bid one four. Later during another round you have two fours again, so bid one five even though you don't have a five. Keep your opponents on their toes. Later on in another round, you have two fours, so bid three 4's, more than you have.  Being too predictable is the quickest way to get beat.
  • Study your opponents. Do your best to keep track of how often and whether or not certain players are lying, and how they react in certain situations.
  • It's never a bad idea to use time in your favor. When it's your turn late in the game, take your time before bidding, looking under your cup several times. Try to make other players think that you're not in a good spot, and that you don't have what it takes under your cup to make it to the next round. Of course, bid safely, and hope they call your bluff.
  • If you're pretty sure you don't want to bid any higher, and you're faced with the decision to call a bluff or call the bid spot-on, it's a better strategy to call it spot-on. If this happens several times in the same game, you'll eventually get one or two spot-on bids correct.

So what did we miss? What are your strategies for Liar's Dice? Lay it on us in the comments below.

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  • the_lms3on April 12 2011, 10:30amReplyFlag
    Loveless liars dice, especiLly in thieves landing, I one made over 5000 bucks in singleplayer by doin dice.... And I love high stakes poker in backwater all you gotta to is all in and everyone will fold and eventually they bet all in, and lots of times they got horrible hands so yea that's an easy thousand bucks :D
    • BIGFOOTSPENEon February 16 2011, 7:10pmReplyFlag
      Hey rockstar I was playing the poker and liars dice i love it i just feel as though the 100$ buy in is too small to be the max wager an update ragarding the max buy ins would be much appreciated as i dont feel as though im gambling much having over 3 grand just dulls the experiance. I dont feel the intesity no more and in some ways gets boring maybe having 1k games or even 10k high stakes poker/liars dice! haha it would be a major improvement for the gambling addicts lol jokes but in all seriousness if it isnt a problem it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
      • Billybobbombon February 10 2011, 7:25pmReplyFlag
        i love playing liars dice. i lost all my progress the other day because my ps3 froze while the game was saving. i was level 36 and had over $2,000. i was mad but now im not because i already have over $1,000. My strategy is to almost always tell the truth if its just u and 1 other guy left. if u both have 1 dice then what i usually do is tell the truth and then look under my cup repeatedly to make them think im bluffing. it actually works out pretty good. The best part about liars dice is when u have 1 dice left and its u and 1 other guy and he has all of his dice left and u still beat him. I love that feeling.
        • djhs01on January 29 2011, 5:39amReplyFlag
          U need to bring this game to pc I would gladly shell out 79.99 for this game you would make serous money so why not I need another game to play for pc other then gta 4
          • vince_42069on January 18 2011, 3:42pmReplyFlag
            @R* Y Cool, so blinds will double five times. Thanks.
            • R* Yon January 16 2011, 12:09pmReplyFlag
              @crazycat690 Thanks - great tips on bluffing, definitely important to become truly unpredictable, takes practice and skill.

              @vince_42069 Yep - there is a limit on blinds, they'll reach a max, see here for more:

              @Darknitepulse and any others asking, as of now there are no current plans to bring Red Dead Redemption to the PC platform, if that should change we will let you know.
              • Darknitepulseon January 16 2011, 8:20amReplyFlag
                Rockstar can you please tell me if red dead redemption will come to pc or not.i am seriously planning to buy a console just because of this game.please say yes or no.i have waited so much so please tell me yes or no if it is no i will buy a console.
                • METALLICACornon January 15 2011, 12:07pmReplyFlag
                  Only stupids peoples buy pirating games ! I against & buy only license games.
                  • crazycat690on January 15 2011, 7:36amReplyFlag
                    For Liars Dice, bluffing is a powerful tool, but add variety, be unpredictable, don't bluff all the time, although when you notice the other players has understood your game, do something completly different, than after awhile throw them off by doing the old routine! :D

                    I still remember one time when I won, it was two of us left and he said there was perhaps one 5, I had one five, I called the bid to be spot on, he was bluffing^^ I love Liars Dice!

                    And about the PC version... Perhaps it would look better =) But as long as you keep pirating your games this is what you can expect^^
                    • vince_42069on January 14 2011, 9:26pmReplyFlag
                      @Red_Dead_Forever Nice, thanks dog appreciate it. Yeah it must take some time to get to the max, I don't think I ever heard him say it.
                      • Red_Dead_Foreveron January 14 2011, 2:26amReplyFlag
                        For all PC gamers, I'd suggest you just go out and buy an Xbox 360 if you've got the money for it. Rockstar clearly isn't planning on bringing RDR to the PC anytime soon. It's disappointing, yes, but in the time it takes to constantly ask and complain, you probably could have bought a console and be playing RDR.
                        • Red_Dead_Foreveron January 14 2011, 2:22amReplyFlag
                          You know when the announcer guy will say something along the lines of "minimum blinds have been doubled" and eventually "blinds are at maximum". Takes awhile to get to maximum blinds, but you will know easily if you're just paying attention.
                          • wwehhton January 13 2011, 9:17pmReplyFlag
                            @R* I believe that the first picture that you guys have shown on this article is not being played at Theive's Landing.In my opinion its being played in Escalera.
                            • vince_42069on January 13 2011, 7:19pmReplyFlag
                              How do you know when minimum blinds are at their max in poker? Is there a certain number of times the blinds are raised or a specific set amount that is reached for each table/city (Beechers Hope, Macfarlanes Ranch etc.) ?
                              • Aztec-Rastaon January 13 2011, 5:25pmReplyFlag
                                When will we get the Skin-It 2 Win-It Challenge? It says in-game that all challenges are released!
                                • Huhupikon January 13 2011, 4:27pmReplyFlag
                                  Clearly Rockstar. Guys, let's stop bothering them, and better pray that RDR has appeared on the PC.
                                  P.S. Rockstar employees only office workers, how could they know that is thinking about porting the company's management? In the end they are people too! Let us respect each other!
                                  • METALLICACornon January 13 2011, 4:00pmReplyFlag
                                    I to wait RED DEAD REDEMPTION on pc, and buy this ! I not like play on consoles...Steam its really good service for pc games, not GFWL !
                                    • R* Yon January 13 2011, 3:19pmReplyFlag
                                      @grendal123456 @WoozieCJ @Mati647 and others, thanks guys - for those of you asking, as of now there are no current plans to bring Red Dead Redemption to the PC platform, if that should change we will let you know.
                                      • grendal123456on January 13 2011, 1:50pmReplyFlag
                                        You know yourself that the PC RED DEAD REDEMPTION can create one in many races and beautiful quality. This game can be deployed to maximum on the PC.
                                        • grendal123456on January 13 2011, 1:45pmReplyFlag
                                          Rockstar you can see how many people you write here that you would finally RDR ported to the PC. We all hope that you all still think and listen to the pleas of people who do not have XBOX360. We all want to see this amazing game but you have to us recently that possibility. So enough tinut and tell me how to eat. On the PC version of the game, too, will look great.
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