Full Feature-Length Film Created with GTAIV: “The Trashmaster”

Posted on January 10 2011, 10:14am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

We have to say – this is a pretty stunning accomplishment.

French filmmaker Mathieu Weschler has invested two years creating what we believe to be the first feature-length (88 minutes) machinima movie made in the world of Grand Theft Auto IV.

The "trashmaster" divides his time between collecting garbage and cleaning up other forms of trash fouling up New York City's streets: dealers, small-time criminals... When the dancers in his favourite strip club are mysteriously killed, the trashmaster finds himself hot on the trail of a particularly twisted serial killer.

Kudos to M. Weschler – and enjoy, all.

Link: http://yourmachinima.com/musicvideo.php?vid=ca56a980d

“Mastermind” – Excellent Fan-Made Original GTAIV Short Film (Found on YouTube)

  • StraussZelnickon May 13 2013, 4:03pmReplyFlag
    shame he didn't use "ease in/out" and icenhaner with cinema mode (dof, motion blur, grain, more)
    • GTAEFSon March 10 2013, 4:56pmReplyFlag
      This is such a nice piece of art, i'm glad a French did that :D
      Really nice work he did, that's a great use of the editor!
      • milinc26on April 17 2012, 5:01amReplyFlag
        This is awesome! I ended up making my own movies using the video editor (four of them, actually), but this one has voice-overs where mine only have subtitles-also a lot of music from film soundtracks. You can view the trailer for the first one here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXXLaA5ZQB0 There aren't too many GTA videos like this (length, good story, etc.), but it IS time consuming. Almost everyday I go on YouTube to see if there is a new GTA 4 Machinima, or one I haven't seen.
        • GTA4shnikon October 12 2011, 1:21pmReplyFlag
          That's a great film! By the way, can anybody tell the name of the song starting on 6:58 plz!
          Кто-нибудь может подсказать название и исполнителя песни с 6:58, плиз? Заранее спасибо.
          • nissim000on September 26 2011, 3:23pmReplyFlag
            אני צריך SERIAL I UNLOCK CODE, GTA IV בבקשה .
            • RzR1995on July 24 2011, 6:34pmReplyFlag
              Я тоже за RDR !!!
              • nesmothon April 7 2011, 2:26pmReplyFlag
                simply brilliant, a piece of modern art
                • ComplicatedMafiaon March 26 2011, 3:17pmReplyFlag
                  great job ............
                  • spyvspyaeonon February 16 2011, 5:54pmReplyFlag
                    Awesome!! I love that mood, great piece of work! Smell like holywood :D
                    • SOLID_KEnon January 23 2011, 7:38amReplyFlag
                      Is the movie or subs in english and is there a download link or a way to download instead of watching it on the browser?
                      • mikhail_russon January 22 2011, 3:37pmReplyFlag
                        0_o на сайте рокстар есть русские!
                        Супер :)
                        • SOLID_KEnon January 22 2011, 8:38amReplyFlag
                          is the movie in english with the foreign subs?
                          • inmytaxion January 20 2011, 10:35amReplyFlag
                            RDR and Noir on PC you idiots
                            • USABoyMegaByteon January 20 2011, 3:39amReplyFlag
                              need this Hollywood version
                              • Snake_Assaulton January 17 2011, 9:45pmReplyFlag
                                Very nice. I like the addresses effect a lot.
                                • Dead-By-Dawnon January 17 2011, 10:17amReplyFlag
                                  Круто, посмарю. 88 мин! O_o
                                  Awesome, need to watch!
                                  • BcClevo23on January 16 2011, 10:30pmReplyFlag
                                    N1 dude
                                    • WaterF1doxon January 16 2011, 3:59pmReplyFlag
                                      Фильм супер, ГТА 4 хорошая игра и люди с радостью снимают в ней коротенькие видеоролики и вот такие большие и амбициозные фильмы, респект режиссёру. Я согласен со многими и готов принять участие в петиции за то чтобы РДР вышла на ПиСи, хоть я и прошёл её на XBOX 360 я хочу чтобы все насладились этой великолепной игрой. Rockstar I very much appreciate your creativity and that that you do on the present clings for soul, I have already passed RDR but I very much want that other players could see your tremendous game on the PC. I wish your company of prosperity, successes and more than magnificent games, games which at you turn out is better, GAMES with the LIVE WORLD!!!
                                      • StickyFingersAJon January 13 2011, 7:56pmReplyFlag
                                        Wow Mathieu and friends/crew 2 years well spent you will certainly land a jobs in the film industry
                                        • JRemingtonon January 13 2011, 6:33pmReplyFlag
                                          The whole style, from quirky views, to funny voices and accents, was all done on purpose. This guy didn't win the Atopic prize and get nominated at 3 festivals for nothing. 80s action movies are cool, we all know that.
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