Rockstar Game Tips: Saddling Up in Grand Prix Horse Racing (Liars and Cheats / Undead Nightmare Disc)

Posted on December 28 2010, 4:30pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games
Racing horses through winding gulches and treacherously shooting friends and enemies in the back online with Grand Prix has been a fan-favorite part of the Red Dead Redemption multiplayer experience (and a staple of our ongoing live streaming official multiplayer events series) since the original release of the Liars and Cheats Pack DLC and again as included as part of the Undead Nightmare disc release in stores now. 

High time for a rundown of pro tips to help you saddle up, outpace, outgun and outride the comp.
A few seconds after each race begins, a shotgun and a handgun become available for use with limited ammo, as well as a knife.  There are 3 circuits and 12 total races:
Carrera del Diablo
  • Carrera del Diablo
  • Ridge Racin'
  • L. Johnson's Run
  • Caronas Paradise
N. Johns Invitational
  • Tall Trees Trail (One of the most perilous courses in the game, this race will have you riding along the water's edge a lot of the time, so best to stay to the right side.)
  • Rio Run
  • Sidewinder Breeze
  • Boulder Dash
  • Manzanita Mile
Rathskeller Series
  • Rathskeller Run
  • Saint's Sprint
  • Boulder Dash
Follow these tips to keep your skills sharpened during the heat of all 12 races:
  • Your knife is perhaps the most useful weapon in Horse Racing.  It never runs out of ammunition and no more than two slices take a player or his horse down.
  • Shotgun shells are powerful, but you only get six per race.  Conserve until you are on a straightaway and are near your opponents.
  • Use your hand gun to fire on opponents when you're lagging behind during the second half of each race.
  • Don't let your own gunfire slow you down.  Keep your horse galloping at max speed, or you could be costing yourself a few places in the final standings.
  • Watch out for trees and rocks as they sometimes will be right in your way on the course.
Three Achievements/Trophies can be earned while in Grand Prix Horse Racing:
  • From Glue to Mon Dieu! - To get this one, you need to place last and then get first in the next race.  For example, if you get last place on the Tall Trees Trail, you'd need to get first place on Rio Run.  Expert players may need to throw a race to pull this one off!
  • Peacewalker - Do you have what it takes to not get shot during an entire race, and to not fire your weapons either?  If you're successful, you'll get this Achievement/Trophy.
  • Triple Crown - Get first place in one of the three circuits.  The Rathskeller Series is the shortest at three races long, so it's probably your best bet.
If you have any tips to add onto all of these, let us know.  And look for more in our Game Tips series in the new year.  If you have any particular game modes or missions or Achievements/Trophies you need help with - also let us know and we may oblige in a future edition.

  • Odd718on August 1 2011, 7:55pmReplyFlag
    Maximum speed is obtained and maintained if you rapidly hit the x button(ps3) 2 to 3 times then you pause while the x button is held down for about 1 second and a half.......then repeat by hittin x button 2 or 3 times then pause while holding down the X Button...............please note that this will not work if you are not on the road for it will eat your stamina, only go off road if you are taking a shortcut.....there is a way to at least manage going through shortcuts with decent speed but i cant share that with you :)
    • danielchaves123on May 3 2011, 3:59pmReplyFlag
      @ R *: will have some add-on that lets you use two revolvers in the same time in RDR?
      • BIGFOOTSPENEon February 16 2011, 4:12amReplyFlag
        Hey rockstar I was playing the poker and liars dice i love it i just feel as though the 100$ buy in is too small to be the max wager an update ragarding the max buy ins would be much appreciated as i dont feel as though im gambling much having over 3 grand just dulls the experiance. I dont feel the intesity no more and in some ways gets boring maybe having 1k games or even 10k high stakes poker/liars dice! haha it would be a major improvement for the gambling addicts lol jokes but in all seriousness if it isnt a problem it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
        • 68evtamon January 6 2011, 3:22amReplyFlag
          the cover system must and can beter in red dead redemption...?
          • R* Yon January 5 2011, 11:05amReplyFlag
            @bingo_thebull If it's asking for a Rockstar code, see here:
            • bingo_thebullon January 4 2011, 10:24pmReplyFlag
              On xbox marketplace I bought the lies and cheats pack,but it won't download. It is asking for a code to download. Can anyone please tell me how to get the code.
              • Mati647on January 4 2011, 7:52amReplyFlag
                Rockstar, it's a perfect moment to release this game for PC!! You have a lot of awards in VGA!! Please Rockstar, say something about PC version...
                • BuckinAwesomeon January 3 2011, 12:34pmReplyFlag
                  R* why do the weapons in RDR sound different on PS3 than xbox?
                  • v1ctimon January 3 2011, 6:22amReplyFlag
                    Hey R' i made a music video from RDR check it out :)

                    Another thing: Would you kindly fix the shooting of springfield rifle when in cover. It's really annoying that when you shoot from the cover the player stays in the open to flip the bolt and you can easily die then!
                      • haysoozon January 1 2011, 9:40amReplyFlag
                        Hey! everyone that's asking about MORE DLCS DLCS DLCS CHARACTERS BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH DRIVING CARS PLSSSSS R* stop...please it's annoying nice tips R* i got 5 kills with a knife in a game yesterday
                        • asapcrewleaderon December 31 2010, 7:59amReplyFlag
                          hey R* can your next tips and tricks post be about poker ? sorry but mi---ames are my weakness
                          • WestSideeeon December 30 2010, 6:22pmReplyFlag
                            Dear rockstar plzz don't forget about red dead redemption like this with zombies in I rember siting out my back garden haveing a BBQ just befoe rdr come out I was on my phone on tube and I seen life in the west add my jaw hit the ground when it came out it was sold out very ware halo cod did not red dead made fell like game never had befoe going up to to frot mercr with Jake (sorry 4 eng) but plzz rockstar this game is still f**king great when I played undead ---htmare I really could not care what happens when playing rdr I was so sad about the ending but now I get it it's about redemption so if u could even just make 1 last dlc with John in his gang days or something we would all be very happy and it could end with John son and wife geting took and John geting on the boat rockstar I could talk about red dead redemption all day with new dlc Ino they are loads of peps like me cause I have been on live and said what I have just said and they think the sort of the same like gang days thing so pllzzz rockstar 1 more and u would make a loads of peps happy and money lol thanks4 red dead redemption (o btw the music in this game r great 2 like very thing about it)
                            • Scarekrow187on December 30 2010, 6:01pmReplyFlag
                              Saddle ya asses up! :D
                              • R* Yon December 30 2010, 5:42pmReplyFlag
                                @Bruciesautos We haven't announced any plans to do that, but we'll consider your thoughts in future title updates.
                                • Bruciesautoson December 30 2010, 7:39amReplyFlag
                                  This is a bit off-topic, but i want to ask, if Rockstar will made some patch, that will allow install DLC content only from the Undead ---htmare disc (Legends & Killers, Liars & Cheats, OTTE Co-Op and Undead ---htmare). Thanks for answer (I've bought my Undead ---htmare disc a week ago)
                                  • R* Yon December 29 2010, 11:41pmReplyFlag
                                    @captaincabbage Yep - players with the Undead Nightmare disc can play on PSN and Xbox Live with those that own the original Red Dead disc and DLC.

                                    @yousif300 Sure.

                                    @Rentaline @toneter @DerImperiator Please send an e-mail to so we can help out, alternatively you can visit or for additional help.
                                    • WACKO-CRACKO-7on December 29 2010, 8:06pmReplyFlag
                                      @ BADASSREDNECK don't come here than if you not like this site

                                      @R i have tried the tip from DeafAtheist and that work also by me and yes get the hell out of it and try to get the lead thats also the key
                                      • Zeeroahon December 29 2010, 7:52pmReplyFlag
                                        • Zeeroahon December 29 2010, 7:50pmReplyFlag
                                          one new rdr dlc has to be a flash back to marstons gangbanger days.
                                          -older guns
                                          -dual pistols
                                          -robbing banks
                                          -start a ---house side mission
                                          -being as evil as William Munny?please?
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