Red Dead Redemption Now Available on Xbox LIVE Games on Demand

Posted on December 21 2010, 8:15pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Red Dead Redemption is now available as part of the Xbox LIVE Marketplace Games on Demand service.  For anyone that has yet to experience the acclaimed epic story of former outlaw John Marston's attempt to bury his blood-stained past on Xbox 360, you can now download it directly to your Xbox 360 hard drive and just like all Xbox LIVE downloads, you can purchase it directly from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace website and have the download queued up and ready for you the next time you go online with your Xbox 360.

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  • zitoune609on February 25 2011, 5:47pmReplyFlag
    Yeah, when will this game come out for the PC? please give us red dead on pc please !

    please when ! i can t wait any more .
    • zitoune609on February 25 2011, 5:45pmReplyFlag
      Yeah, when will this game come out for the PC?
      • JohnMorolon February 15 2011, 7:47pmReplyFlag
        Stop with the wait, tell us PC owners when we will enjoy this game
        • HotImSoSexyon January 28 2011, 6:35pmReplyFlag
          plzzzzzzz can u take off the update on undead ---htmare as u have made the sudden death pointless what u sould of done is when someone dies on sudden death they can leave and still get the XP. making the retchers blow up as it makes u die strate away aand people dont want to do that so plz change it.

          plz comment back to give me ur answer
          • Ghost_X3000on January 9 2011, 4:35pmReplyFlag
            R * c'mon give us to us pc gamers, RDR and make historia.Hablo all pc gamers by saying that we deserve a game like this, will have sales records and remember "The pc is a generation above the consoles" .
            From a warm greeting and thanks.
            • Ghost_X3000on January 9 2011, 4:34pmReplyFlag
              c'mon R* denos a nosotros , los gamers pc, RDR y hagan historia.Hablo por todos los pc gamers al decir que nos merecemos un juego asi , tendran records de venta y recuerden "La pc esta una generacion arriba de las consolas".
              Desde ya gracias un saludo cordial.
              • Mati647on January 5 2011, 9:11amReplyFlag
                Yeah, when will this game come out for the PC?
                • Denizlili_on December 28 2010, 11:51amReplyFlag
                  awsome game
                  • PeteD.on December 26 2010, 5:08pmReplyFlag
                    when will this game come out for the PC;
                    • D.E.LB.on December 22 2010, 1:15pmReplyFlag
                      @Adriaan: Indeed, but GTA IV runs on DX9, for AA to work it needs to be running off of DX10 programming in the game, the ENb series mod for the AA is more or less a better working of the antistrophic filter that most games on DX9 use, but that was not in GTA IV at present; nonetheless it is not real AA :).

                      Boris is a genius though.
                      • AgustinFon December 22 2010, 12:47pmReplyFlag
                        Why can't you sell games digitally on PSN? Is this part of the 75 million dollar deal between R* and Microsoft. Please release them on PSN.
                        • maikel1234on December 22 2010, 12:38pmReplyFlag
                          you guys I have some increddible news :P Michael pacher the guy who hates GTA was talking aobut GTA V he said the R* is realy has put 200 people to work on this project and we can expect a new GTA Q4 in 2012 But don't get to excited becouse this is still not official announched by Rockstar itself but on the other hand We have a new hope :P
                          • Rollawon December 22 2010, 12:23pmReplyFlag
                            Simply beautiful. I love this game
                            • The4orTy67on December 22 2010, 11:54amReplyFlag
                              You guys should really learn some respect. Rockstar has said a thousand times that "there are no plans currently to bring RDR to the PC. If that should change, we'll let you know."
                              You PC guys are giving me a headache. I'll whack ya all. Fools.
                              • R* Aon December 22 2010, 11:32amReplyFlag
                                Guys - Cut out the platform bickering. Also, as everyone should be aware by now, there's no plan currently to bring Red Dead to the PC. If that should change, we'll let you know.
                                • Adriaanon December 22 2010, 11:14amReplyFlag
                                  Yeah, D.E.LB., you said it best on that official statement.

                                  On the anti-aliasing part, I've heard before that generally doing it with deferred rendering is a pretty hard thing to achieve. To combat this in a different manner, various engines have the option to add a post processing effect to it (blur filter). Someone made one available for the PC version of GTA IV, but there's a good chance there will either be official AA support or a blur filter added for Red Dead, because I believe the console versions already has the former.

                                  By the way, I wonder how many years it'll be when it starts to become common for digital releases like the one of today to release alongside the initial physical release (yeah yeah, PC guys, I know it's common on your side already :P).
                                  • yousif300on December 22 2010, 11:05amReplyFlag
                                    don't Give us the PC version. I'm play RDR in PS3 . gays if you want to play RDR ......Bought your PS3 OR XBOX360....................ok gays
                                    • D.E.LB.on December 22 2010, 10:47amReplyFlag
                                      They'll release it on PC soon, don't you worry ;).

                                      Once console sales die down, they'll be ready to give us PC gamers RDR, simple as that, way business is.

                                      @Xxsarge: They never ever said that, they said something along the lines of "We CURRENTLY have no plans to release RDR to release on PC, but if that changes we will let you know." Read between the lines... Rockstar Leeds is already hiring for PC programmers; and so is Toronto. Does that not mean anything to you?

                                      Well it's either R*'s team firing up for L.A. Noire, RDR or a PC exclusive title. But trust me, something is going on.
                                      • The4orTy67on December 22 2010, 9:20amReplyFlag
                                        OMG Rockstar I just got 100% on GTA IV I'm so happy. Only four more trophies needed till platinum.
                                        • Grand-Big-Smokeon December 22 2010, 9:19amReplyFlag
                                          I will buy it!!! :D
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