Rockstar Game Tips: More Co-Op Mission Pro Tips for Red Dead Redemption (Outlaws to the End / Undead Nightmare Disc)

Posted on December 9 2010, 2:15pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

(The RedDeadDevs work together to rescue The Kidnapped Girl and bring her back safely to Ridgewood Farm...)

Today's entry in the Rockstar Game Tips series picks up where we left off last week, covering the last 3 co-operative missions from the Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack, included as part of the disc-based Undead Nightmare release. Read on for pro tips and tricks to help you and your trusty two-to-four-man squad conquer "The Kidnapped Girl", "The River" and "Walton's Gold" - three very different mission sequences each with their own distinct challenges.

The Kidnapped Girl (Bandits have taken over Fort Mercer and they're holding a farmer's daughter hostage.  You and your crew will need to charge the fort and eliminate the gang with all firepower necessary - then fend off enemy reinforcements as you transport the girl by stagecoach safely to her home at Ridgewood Farm.)

  • Take out all enemies on the front lines before rushing the gates.  The easiest way to end up dead (fast) is to rush forward at the beginning of this mission.  Gatling guns and armed enemies await you, and they aren't very happy you've decided to pay them a visit. 
  • Be careful when blowing the explosives on the front gates.  Make sure all posse members are clear.
  • The Winchester Repeater included with the Soldier class works well for the enemies inside Fort Mercer.  It allows you to take out many of them before walking inside.  Stand right outside the open gates and fire away, strafing left and right to use the cover of the walls to regenerate health.
  • Stay alert when riding back to Ridgewood Farm as enemies will come at you from all directions.  If you have to stop the stagecoach to revive a member of your posse, do it quickly as you could all end up dead in a matter of seconds...

The River (Ride a raft down river, taking out rebel encampments along the way until you reach the rebel stronghold of Nosalida and a final epic battle for the town's massive weapons caches.  Watch out for Gatling gun-equipped enemy rafts.)

  • As soon as your posse reaches land for the first time, run right along the lower part of the shoreline for about 15-20 seconds.  Turn around and you'll have all of the enemies in front of you instead of surrounding you.
  • Similar to the first part of the mission, run to the right and behind the collection of large rocks the second time your posse reaches land.  This area is known as The Scratching Post.
  • The Soldier class is recommended as the Winchester Repeater comes in very handy when firing at enemies as the raft travels down the river.  The Miner class helps when in close quarters combat on land at The Scratching Post.
  • Keep your posse together when you reach Nosalida.  Enemies will be coming from all directions, and be mindful of other players' positions when you decide to blow up any TNT.

Walton's Gold (Walton's Gang have taken control of a mining camp rich with gold.  Fight through the camp and load your mine cart with as much gold as you can carry, then get out as fast as you can - Walton's boys have rigged the place to blow!)

  • Immediately run west with your posse to go around all of the enemies so that you can approach them closely with cover.
  • Once inside the mine, blow any TNT crates and barrels to avoid future accidental player deaths.  Just make sure that when you do this, you tell your posse.  R.I.P. RedDeadDev4.

(The RedDeadDevs watch the mine blow near the end of Walton's Gold. Mission accomplished...)

  • The Miner class really shows its power when using the Pump-action Shotgun on the enemies inside the mine, especially the cluster of enemies that stand near the mine cart.  Dynamite also helps to take down any enemies manning Gatling Guns.
  • Gather two bags of gold at a time and load them into the cart.  The more gold you have in the cart, the more experience you will receive.

As always, if you've got other good trusty tips of your own to share for any aspects of the co-operative missions from Outlaws to the End / Undead Nightmare, don't be greedy - drop 'em in the comments below.

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  • reject_on February 2 2013, 3:23pmReplyFlag
    I just started playing this yesterday and I can't believe what I have been missing. Really, and I mean this, probably the best game I've played next to FFVII and Metal Gear Solid (original PS title of course). I have one request, allow water crossing and swiming next time please! Other than that this is a near perfect title, one of the best ever created and it really shows. So much replay value w/ the Undead Nightmare and multi-player/Co-op too! Bring on the next one!
    • Mati647on January 4 2011, 9:34amReplyFlag
      Nice one Rockstar, but... A lot of people still waiting for PC version.
      • JayG24on December 14 2010, 11:23pmReplyFlag
        OMG! iM #5 on "the River" (advanced) Check me out, I knew I was one of the best. I need one more patch to fix the in game leadersboards, so everyone can press start and see My PSN ID!!
        • Untold15on December 14 2010, 6:23pmReplyFlag
          love the undead dlc guys!

          - Please do something about the skin it to win it social club challenge.
          • 10050234on December 14 2010, 4:08pmReplyFlag
            Hi! My Undead ---htmare hangs finishing mission in Sepulcro, and PS3 must be turned off. It happened 3 times onne behind the other, what happens?
            It's a bug? There is a solution?

            Thank's guys, you rock!
            • michoacano12on December 14 2010, 7:18amReplyFlag
              you guys made a real good job in this game i love gta game but gta 4 was gay san andreas was my favorite now red dead redemptions is my second favorite really nice job u guys did i just wish we could custom our charcters like have bandans hats and new gunsXD THNXZ Rockstar keep it up oh and one more thing plzzzz do more add ons to red dead redemption u guys are the best..and keep us informed obout gta 5 i heard is coming till 2013=(
              • R* Yon December 13 2010, 11:58amReplyFlag
                @LIL-WEEZY-UK We appreciate the enthusiasm coming from you guys, glad you are enjoying the game.

                @scareface1970 Sure.

                @ieatui The Undead Nightmare disc version is out now in stores worldwide. Since we haven't announced any additional downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption, I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you.
                • scareface1970on December 13 2010, 10:48amReplyFlag
                  the co op missions are fun and thnx for the help with the co ops this is realy need full info but are the fans playing the co ops much or not that's what I wonder

                  go on Rock
                  • LIL-WEEZY-UKon December 11 2010, 10:03pmReplyFlag
                    red dead game of the year ..well done R*
                    • ZombieShootyGuyon December 11 2010, 6:41pmReplyFlag

                      Hi R* gang just a short message,will you be bringing out a Undead ---htmare 2? or something similar,i have played UDNM for at least 100+ hours now and have yet got bored of it,Best 800 MSP i have ever spent. Thanks for you're time.
                      • ieatuion December 11 2010, 4:51pmReplyFlag
                        Hey R* when does the disc come out with undead ---htmare and outlaws to the end on it or has it already.

                        And will there be another dlc for red dead or you going to end with undead??

                        please reply

                        • Le-Rockon December 11 2010, 9:29amReplyFlag
                          and i forgot, new portals for strongholds too ^^

                          sorry for double post :P
                          • Le-Rockon December 11 2010, 9:27amReplyFlag
                            change golden guns to normal looking ? Heck no !

                            @ R*Y If there will be a new update, it would be cool to have hardcore games into hardcore freeroam !!

                            Let me explain. When you are on hardcore freeroam, you can start some games from any portal you find (shootout, gang shootout, gold rush, grab the bag, etc...). But when you start one game from hardcore freeroam, it will be a normal shootout, etc...i though that should stay hardcore shootout since you started it from hardcore freeroam. Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand what i'm saying (^_^')

                            And it would be nice to add some new portal in freeroam for horsesracing, Legends & Killers maps, etc...

                            Keep up the good work !!!
                            • v1ctimon December 11 2010, 4:42amReplyFlag

                              if you are going to make another title update, please add an option to change golden guns to normal looking.
                              Thank you.
                              • R* Yon December 10 2010, 11:00amReplyFlag
                                @TJHillz @ghostx1984 Good tips guys, gotta take advantage of Dead Eye.

                                @thejbird Indeed, communication is paramount, not a bad idea to appoint a leader.
                                • ghostx1984on December 9 2010, 11:07pmReplyFlag
                                  @inkfox For Gold on The River in Advanced Co-op, you simply need to coordinate kill chains while you are on the raft and everyone needs to be trying to get headshots for the extra points the whole time.

                                  Designate one person to kill every everything each time you enter the raft until everyone has had a turn. The remaining three players can crouch down in front of him to act as a shield so that the person shooting doesn't get killed. The reason for letting one person get all the kills is that they will get more points with larger kill chains and since you're going to be stuck on the raft for a set period of time, it is in your best interest to maximize the score you gain during that time.

                                  When you're on land, you want to try and clear it reasonably fast so you don't need to worry about stacking kill chains as much, but use common sense when deciding what to kill so you don't break someones chain if it isn't going to speed things up.

                                  Gold, Silver, Bronze score rankings are determined based off how many players you start the co op mission with. (i.e., if you start with 4 players, you will have to score more points than if you start with three).

                                  As long as you're playing with 2 or 3 other people who are focused on getting Gold it isn't too difficult after an attempt or two.

                                  • thejbirdon December 9 2010, 10:18pmReplyFlag
                                    Communication is key to Co op missions, I have had the worst luck trying to play with people who do not have mics its best to grab a few friends that you play with on a regular basis and talk about who is going to use what class. Almost all missions needs a sniper and in my opinion the Gunslinger class is the best because you get a good six shooter and you can always pick up a winchester repeater or a henry and if your lucky you can score an evans too. In the kidnapped girl its really hard to shoot from inside of the stagecoach so let one guy drive and another ride shotgun, while the other two ride on horseback either in front of the stagecoach or behind picking off any guys that were missed by the people who are on the stagecoach. Like R* said if someone goes down be very quick to revive them or you will find yourself starting over from the beginning because everyone will be dead . I hope my tips helped someone out there. Thanks again R* for making RDR its an amazing game and should receive GOTY easily. game of the decade in my opinion
                                    • inkF0Xon December 9 2010, 9:59pmReplyFlag
                                      I lost all my experience due to a corrupted MP file save... I love RDR so much though I am willing to do it all over again!!!

                                      Why can't I be matched up with any one worth their salt when attempting The River? I have got about 1000 silver metals... i want GOLD.

                                      Any of you hardcore frontiersmen want to help me out? Send me a invite, friend request, whatever... I need SOLDIERS!!!

                                      inkF0X on XB360

                                      BTW, the o in fox is a ZERO
                                      • TJHillzon December 9 2010, 9:38pmReplyFlag
                                        On any of the missions, while on advanced coop missions, make good use of your dead eye, line up first and then paint that enemy with red Xs, having one player rack up a streak helps to push your score up to get gold because each kill is worth more during a good streak. While it is tough to get all missions gold on advanced missions, getting a couple of friends together and playing for a while helps. You will find a strategy that suits your style of play and can get this achievement in a day or two.
                                        • R* Yon December 9 2010, 7:28pmReplyFlag
                                          @Fordo264 Nice strategy, spoken like a pro.

                                          @Red_Dead_Forever We've got an event next Thursday December 16th, hope to see you then.
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