Rockstar Game Tips: Red Dead Redemption Cooperative Mission Strategies (Outlaws to the End / Undead Nightmare Disc)

Posted on December 1 2010, 10:09am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

(A massive explosion goes off as a posse of RedDeadDev's does plenty of damage in Walton's Gold...)

For those of you that purchased the recent disc-based release of Undead Nightmare and are experiencing the explosive and epic co-operative missions from the Outlaws to the End Pack for the first time, as well as anybody that's still having trouble getting those last few Achievements/Trophies for completing all the advanced co-ops, here's some helpful bits of gameplay wisdom to help keep your posse alive and effective to successfully make your way through the mission objectives in "Ammunition", "The Escape" and "The Herd".

Keep the following tips in mind when running, gunning and taking cover...

Ammunition (The Mexican Army has the town of Tesoro Azul under siege.  Storm the gates under heavy cannon, Gatling gun and sniper fire to destroy the Mexican artillery placements.)

  • As soon as the mission begins, everyone in your posse should immediately head to the east gate and take out all enemies in that direction.  A pretty strong mobilization of enemies awaits you outside of the west gate, and it's just best to approach them through the east gate.  Work your way out and then up the south hill.
  • The Gunslinger class is a good choice for the beginning of the mission, but later on, the Soldier class works well with the Winchester Repeater.  It's best to discuss classes with your posse before beginning.
  • One person in your posse should be a Marksman to take down enemies high up on the south hill.  This person will have to approach the enemies cautiously as it is dark and stormy during this entire mission.
  • Use cannons up on the south hill to take out enemies west and north of Tesoro Azul.  A few shots should get rid of most of the enemies on the ground, but beware of an enemy that mans a Gatling gun outside the west gate.
  • After planting explosives at the end of the mission, be absolutely sure your whole team clears the area before everything goes boom.  Case in point, during one of our Social Club Multiplayer Events, our own RedDeadDev5 blew the explosives too early, sending RedDeadDev4 and a few others sky high.  Game over. 

The Escape (Attack and steal a gold coach along with a wagon and a Gatling gun.  Once acquired, you will be sent to turn them in to the American Army and then must clear out remaining resistance in the town of Tumbleweed.  After clearing the town, prepare for an explosive standoff that will take you all the way to Mexico.)

  • Kill all of the enemies surrounding the first area using the Winchester Rifle included with the Soldier class or the Repeater Carbine included with the Gunslinger class.
  • If you have 4 players in your posse, have two get on each transport: the Mobile Gatling Gun and the Gold Coach.  If you have 2 or 3 players, it's best to all gather in the Gold Coach.
  • In Tumbleweed, it helps to have one player be a Marksman to go to the top of a nearby ridge to take out the enemies manning the Gatling Guns.
  • Enemies are very spread out in Tumbleweed, so stay together or you could find yourself falling to the ground without any nearby posse members to come and help get you revived...

The Herd (Cattle rustlers have taken control of Box Canyon.  Fight your way in and wipe out the rustlers, then use teamwork to protect the herd as you lead them home to Armadillo while drawing heavy fire from snipers and reinforcements on horseback.)

  • One member of your posse should choose the Marksman class to take out enemies from above with the Rolling Block Rifle at the beginning in Pike's Basin.  Others should choose the Soldier class to use the Winchester Repeater.
  • Take care when using Dynamite, Fire Bottles and Throwing Knives around the cattle.  Keep as many alive as possible.

(The RedDeadDev's make their way through Pike's Basin with the herd of cattle, aware of the possibility of onlooking enemies.)

  • Once you've shot down everyone in the first area, appoint one person to stay behind and herd the cattle.  All others should go ahead and clear the area of enemies.
  • When your posse enters Cholla Springs, the herd of cattle will be much more vulnerable to being shot.  It's best to continue having one person herd the cattle and the rest concentrate on incoming fighters.

If you have any other helpful tips from your own experience with these missions, be sure to share your knowledge with us all below in comments.  For general tips on how to tackle co-op check out our previous post here, and look for our tips on "The Kidnapped Girl", "The River" and "Walton's Gold" next week.

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Cooperative Mission Strategies (Undead Nightmare / Outlaws to the End)

  • SoulHoundon December 16 2010, 8:59amReplyFlag
    I cannot play the multiplayer.I bought GTA EFLC.I started to play the multiplayer and me write:dissconect from game session.I can play with a couple people.When i go to the custom match from below me write:Your NAT type is strict.I cannot join session in progress.What i do.
    • desorden82on December 15 2010, 5:44pmReplyFlag
      i need help my multiplayer data got corrupted and i was already going to lengendary 5 and my data was corrupted and i dont was to make a new one so is there a way i could save it my psn is desorden82 please help dont want to deletemy progress
      • R* Yon December 6 2010, 10:25amReplyFlag
        @captaincabbage @Le-Rock @TJHillz @Smashbal @mutonia Thanks guys for the additional tips, good stuff, and look for more in our Game Tips series coming soon.
        • mutoniaon December 4 2010, 6:25amReplyFlag
          The Herd
          We found the Best is the Soldier for this Mission.

          Go in the Cannon at the Beginning and always Two of you each side of the Cannon .
          Or Two go in and Two fire from above , gives you the Cance to finish the Mission when the Two guys of you in Front get Killed .
          Watch when the Reinforcements come from the other Canons . Try to be at a good position with cover then.

          After This, At least two of you ride on the Higher Path on the Canon to the Left so they are on the same Level as the Bandits. Its much easier
          to kill them from same Hight rather than shooting up to them .
          Afterwards try to ride fast out in front of the Herd and Spread left and Right. One of you concentrates a lot on the Herd . best is to ride up to the Herd and Stop that speeds the Herd up. This guy is most important, but he will get usually not much XPs for it.
          Hope it Helps . Grts Tom
          • mutoniaon December 4 2010, 6:16amReplyFlag
            I found With Ammunition the Best way is to climb over the south wall near the House with the Ladder at the Back (In Normal Multiplayer mode the house where the Highpower is) then as fast and as close together as you can run towards the little Gap at the hill you will get fire from the Gatling at the westside so you might take cover behind the two rocks there and it is good if one of you gets the attention of the GatlingGunner by Uncovering for a second. so the Others can run to the cap at he Hill . best is to have 2 Sniper rifles, these two go far east after crossing the little hill, so they can take out the Marksman and most important the Cannons on the top from the Side. The Other two can join and Clear on their way the East front of Tesoro from the Back or go straight up the Hill using the Rocks and sand sacks for cover.
            The cannons should be taken out by then otherwise it is a Dead End Mission.
            The guys of you with the Sniperrifles are most important! They have to stop the Cannons from firing . As said best place for that is outside the Firing range of the Cannons on the East beginning of the Hill. There is a few Positions there where it is easy to see the Cannon Gunners from the Side against the Horizon. Watch also for at least 3 Marksman with Carcanorifles up there.
            The Rest of the Mission is easy then , apart from a Gatling up the hill sort of in the Back . The best is always one of You gets the attention of the Gatling a Mate should stay with him to Bring him back to live if he was not carefull enough and the Others try to take the Gatling Gunner out from another point. hope it helps .
            Grts Tomx
            • JB_BUCHMANon December 2 2010, 7:20pmReplyFlag
              I have a cool idea, R*. Make the le Mat the way it's supposed to be made. Since my grandfather owns a US Civil War era Le Mat, I know the bottom barrel is capable of holding an 18 gauge shotgun shell, and can fire this shell with a simple adjustment to the hammer.
              • TJHillzon December 2 2010, 6:59pmReplyFlag
                @waddon1, there have been so many people requesting zombie free roam since it came out and you won't get an answer from Rockstar because they don't want to answer the question right now. People need to just chill out and enjoy the beauty that is Red Dead Redemption
                • waddon1on December 2 2010, 12:41pmReplyFlag
                  Could you add an update for a new free roam called zombie free roam me and my friends thought of it its like undead ---htmare single player but online and theres zombies everywhere and for enemy stronghold put towns with loads of zombies there.
                  • jbstyleson December 2 2010, 10:17amReplyFlag

                    Pls consider adding cowboy and outlaw characters to MP. No story line reqd., just make them look like bad asses. Thank u for a large variety that u currently provide, however, there's more cool cowboys/outlaws on OLD shows like Bonanza or Gunsmoke than in the game. No offense, but despite all the characters, I still feel limited when looking for a cowboy or outlaw

                    Just planting seeds here, but will you considered a way to assemble a posse in SP free roam? That would be awesome!! Thx for any consideration that u may give
                    • kutlu347on December 2 2010, 9:31amReplyFlag
                      are there going to be anymore missions or something else for undead ---htmare other than undead overrun
                      • FIGHTMAN94on December 2 2010, 5:30amReplyFlag
                        @Scarekrow187 i disagree, i think undead ---htmare could use a few more multiplayer modes but its fine how it is. R* made the best western game of all time (in my opinion) i think you guys should give R* a break. all i hear these days is "Undead Free Roam" R* probably will make that since you ask for it so much...but they certainly don't have to. what i really want is the undead avatars for playstation home, they probably won't ever be released. :( why do i seem like the only person interested in them?
                        • Smashbalon December 2 2010, 2:47amReplyFlag
                          The best way to get the achiev. with the 10 kill streak on Expert is on The River. If you spare some deadeye (full) when you go to land the 1st time. you need to go back on the raft. If you ride along the land you can shoot the people on the side (they are 1 shot kill). My friends and I took the achiev. there (sorry for bad English Language)
                          • Scarekrow187on December 2 2010, 1:11amReplyFlag
                            EXPAND UNDEAD ---HTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOWWW. RDR FANS DEMAND ITTT =]
                            • guzman805on December 1 2010, 11:40pmReplyFlag
                              hey R* can you make a only gang shootout on the legend and killers map because i don't really like playing grab the bag and hold your own matches.
                              • TJHillzon December 1 2010, 9:36pmReplyFlag
                                On The Escape, which I believe is the mission with the cannons in tumbleweed, that is the best place to get the achievement for a 10 kill streak in advanced coop missions. just make sure someone has a sniper rifle to pick off the guys that are tough for the cannon to get to. On Ammunition, listen to what the developers said but when using the cannons, have someone watch to the left as there should be a few enemies that show up from there and can catch you off guard if you are all focused on killing the rest in the town. There aren't too many though so just having one guys watching should be fine as long as he can shoot at their heads or has a good amount of dead eye. Hope this helps those of you that are trying to get gold medals on those missions.
                                @Rockstar, thanks for sending me that info. I had done it when I got the game but I guess the settings got changed when my little brother took the XBOX over to his friends house cause they were the automatic settings again. NO MORE LAG OUT LOSSES!!!!!!!!YAY
                                • MikeMellowon December 1 2010, 7:26pmReplyFlag
                                  That is not Death, its a regular Horse.
                                  • Merson21on December 1 2010, 6:11pmReplyFlag
                                    Why do one of them have a death horse
                                    • ivan.non December 1 2010, 5:21pmReplyFlag
                                      @Nesjepoelie: Guys who edit this site can't react on our question about PC version because they're not allowed to do that. The only thing they got is the official statement: "As of now, there are no current plans to bring Red Dead Redemption to the PC platform. If that should change, we will let you know" which they used a lot of times for answering the questions about PC version of Red Dead Redemption.
                                      I agree this looks sad... Red Dead Redemption is fighting for the "Game Of The Year" award and there's not even a PC version. How is PC community supposed to support a game which they can't even play because Rockstar won't invest in PC.
                                      • Nesjepoelieon December 1 2010, 4:36pmReplyFlag
                                        I wonder why R* Doesn't react to our RDR for pc questions..... I think it's really sad, but I still respect their choice. Even thought I don't really know why they made it... Well , so be it..
                                        • Le-Rockon December 1 2010, 3:51pmReplyFlag
                                          Cooperation is really USEFULL !! I'm french and played with 3 other frenchs, all with mic' and we get all gold medals !

                                          And we had some funny moments too. On "the escape" i forgot to jump on the Gold Coach to go to Mexico.

                                          Two guys jumped in and went away, and the third followed them with his horses. So i went after them as they claimed that "the gold belong to us" lol . They were killed on there way to Mexico, so the third guy jump in and did the same. He finally died too in front of the last bridge ! !! Then i was there, jumped in the gold coach and crossed the bridge and had the last laugh ^_^

                                          I just love coop missions !!!

                                          Thank you for the tips R*Y !!
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