First L.A. Noire Desktop Now Available for Download

Posted on November 29 2010, 3:30pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

By popular demand, the new L.A. Noire logo and signature shadowy image of Detective Cole Phelps initially unveiled with the first trailer for the game earlier this month - is now available as a background desktop design for widescreen on down to mobile formats.

Grab 'em now from the Downloads section of the Rockstar Games site.

  • keahi2000on August 21 2011, 1:34pmReplyFlag
    why even play on consoles the road loads like s**t and it looks s**tty.
    • R* Yon May 9 2011, 2:35pmReplyFlag
      Thanks all, the game releases next week, and for the latest on L.A. Noire visit the official site:
      • samdeman22on December 11 2010, 6:46amReplyFlag
        This looks A mazing its a change for rockstar to have a game where ur a good guy for once

        PC now please I hate it when the really good games are stuck to the consoles and all the companies can say is "As of now, there are no current plans to bring L.A. Noire to the PC platform. If that should change, we will let you know." tuh! typical luckily im getting a ps3 soon eh.
        • TresBalason December 2 2010, 3:54pmReplyFlag
          is the map bigger than RDR's map? Yes or No...
          • batik89on December 2 2010, 6:26amReplyFlag
            I need to know, whether LA Noire using Euphoria or not? Please, give me this information R*! I'm dying to know!
            • Reebokanonymouson December 1 2010, 10:02pmReplyFlag
              Gimme mo' news! And I know that the release date is bound to be pushed back, but just give us one. Something to which we can look forward during the dark of winter.
              • Nouhouson December 1 2010, 9:51amReplyFlag
                the trailer that you showed,was that ps3 gameplay or xbox?i would like to know
                • MasterGamesTVon December 1 2010, 2:37amReplyFlag
                  """As of now, there are no current plans to bring L.A. Noire to the PC platform. If that should change, we will let you know"""

                  Rockstar say that same as RDR. I know why they don't launch it on PC... is because everyone is downloading it.. If you have noticed nobody is buying PC Games.. Ok they are buying.. a lot of the people are downloading because is easy. I have GTA IV, GTA IV EFLC and GTA 3, VC, SA all on PC platform. GTA 3, VC and SA is only 30$ for PC. All games. GTA IV and EFLC also is around 60. I think is better buy an game than downloading it. Also I have VC, LCS, VCS, SA on my PS2. I love to have all games in all platforms to see the differences. DUDE, I DON'T THINK RDR AND LA NOIRE COMES OUT TO PC.

                  And Rockstar do not repeat another delay to launch LA Noire next fall. Launch it on May 2011
                  • pretttton December 1 2010, 2:04amReplyFlag
                    Hey R*,
                    Please release this game for PC.

                    More importantly, please release Red Dead for PC. I'm ready to give you my money right now for it.
                    • StuntmanSethon November 30 2010, 4:57pmReplyFlag

                      Is there an offficial release date for this title yet? I am dying to play this crime thriller.
                      • Darkbogdanelon November 30 2010, 12:41pmReplyFlag
                        @R* Y Thanks for the response,please make it!
                        • R* Yon November 30 2010, 10:56amReplyFlag
                          @MasterGamesTV Sure.

                          @Gamer87456 Nice, glad you're excited.

                          @BoilerX @Darkbogdanel As of now, there are no current plans to bring L.A. Noire to the PC platform. If that should change, we will let you know.
                          • Gamer87456on November 30 2010, 8:04amReplyFlag
                            Im getting L.A Noire I cant Wait to start playing it!!!!!
                            • batik89on November 30 2010, 5:45amReplyFlag
                              @R* The latest screenshots that you show to us were taken from PS3 version, would you show us the Xbox 360 version in the next occasion? Thanks.
                              • Darkbogdanelon November 30 2010, 4:41amReplyFlag
                                Is this game going to be for PC too?
                                • MasterGamesTVon November 30 2010, 12:48amReplyFlag
                                  Thank you Rockstar :)
                                  • nikoinlcon November 29 2010, 5:57pmReplyFlag
                                    @R* great. I must say that I find a bit funny, as if your site wont allow you to make so many versions, doing so much for your fans, lol
                                    Hope it wont take to long before we'll see some new screenshots of L.A. Noire. Maybe you can give us some small bits here in december and finish off with something bigger (not huge, but maybe a highly detailed screenshot that shows some interesting points in the game) Now that would certainly give some warmth to this cold winther
                                    • WolfRogerson November 29 2010, 5:43pmReplyFlag
                                      Just want to quickly give thanks to Rockstar, I complained earlier today about an order mess up over at the Rockstar Warehouse and the guys here and on the mouthoff section were very quick to respond and seemed more than happy to get the issue resolved, and now that everything has been sorted and cleared, thanks for that and was nice talking to one of the guys at Rockstar NYC on the phone!
                                      • R* Yon November 29 2010, 5:37pmReplyFlag
                                        @batik89 @R0ckstarNetwork Sure.. glad you guys like it.

                                        @aaron_gill02 @Shotudown2255 @davve123 Please keep things on topic here on the comments.

                                        @nikoinlc Thanks, we're looking into a fix for that.
                                        • batik89on November 29 2010, 5:31pmReplyFlag
                                          Awesome! Thanks R*.
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