Rockstar Game Tips: Staking a Claim in Land Grab (Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare)

Posted on November 26 2010, 11:06am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

(Our own RedDeadDev3, outfitted as Zombie Ricketts, throws Dynamite at Logan Wulf to take over The Blackwater Alley in a community session of Land Grab.)

In celebration of this week's disc version release of Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, we've put together some pointers to help you master the new multiplayer mode, Land Grab.  With some inside tips straight from the developers at Rockstar San Diego, this guide should prove very helpful in improving your territory takeover skills so you can crush the competition online.

Land Grab takes place within the world of Free Roam and, unlike other modes, is not accessed from the in-game playlist.  Once a player has started Land Grab in any of the seven locations, a countdown timer begins.  The timer will increment every time a new person captures the post.  The person with the most accumulated time at the end of the countdown is declared the winner.

Triggering a Land Grab gives players the option to teleport to an existing land grab in another part of the world or start a land grab at that location.  Also, kills inside the circle on the map will be added to the pot of XP that's accumulated during the time the timer is running.  Players get a percentage of the pot based on how long they held the area.  These are the locations:

  • Armadillo – Look in the corner of the second level of the saloon.
  • Blackwater – In the alley behind the gunsmith shop.
  • Chuparosa – At the front door of the mayor’s office.
  • Escalera – In the courtyard with the fountain, located below the cantina and in front of the doctor’s office.
  • Las Hermanas – In front of the church in the main courtyard.
  • MacFarlane's Ranch – On top of the Foreman’s Office.
  • Thieves' Landing – At the top of the stairs of the raised platform in the middle of the warehouse.

Only one location can be active in each Free Roam session, and once an area has been claimed you will have to wait a few minutes for that specific location to become available again.  Now for some pro tips to help you and your mates get to re-possessing some land: 

  • Stay low (crouched) when controlling a point to avoid being picked off by a sniper.
  • Posse up to defend the claim and share the spoils.
  • Shotguns/Tomahawks are good for the enclosed/close-quarter areas such as the Armadillo Saloon.
  • Kill attackers to increase the pot and earn more XP.
  • Dynamite is good for clearing out an area.  Most Land Grab locations aren't right out in the open, so it will be difficult for your enemies to escape in time.  In the same way, watch out for Dynamite if you're currently holding an area.
  • Keep an eye out for dropped weapons from other players as obtaining new/better weapons can always help.
  • Moving is key to staying alive.  Players don't have to stand directly on the point of control, but knowing how far you can move around will help.  Never stand still.
  • Look for alternate ways to enter buildings when the point of control is inside.  For example, the Armadillo Saloon has four different entry points.
  • Patience - waiting for people to clear out is better than going in guns blazing.

If you have any tips of your own you want to share, or have any stories of Land Grab heroics, drop 'em in the comments below.  And look for more in our Game Tips series soon.

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  • Dear Rockstar, I bought the Luxor Deluxe for a 10 million dollars and then it said that it's been received and I got it and it'll be a pegasus to contact on the GTA phone. And I went to Pegasus on the GTA 5 and seeing that my 10 million-dollar Luxor Deluxe is gone
    • Mati647on January 4 2011, 9:08amReplyFlag
      Dear Rockstar,
      This game is great. You are in few categories in VGA, time to release this game on PC. Can you do conversion for PC? I guess everyone will be happy of this reason.
      • Redx165on December 3 2010, 10:38pmReplyFlag
        @ R please listen

        It happen again were when i first start the game online the big posse was at one place i join this little posse and we went to blackwater to mess around with the cops and the big posse came and start to shot at us so we shot back and they got mad and kicked us off so my point is please when there is a big posse have it were only a few can vote people off unless the person keeps shotting a that guy then they could get kicked from the game just fix it will not to big of a posse can vote to kick it off because they want to be a bi**h you would help out a lot of people
        • Jasont1970on December 3 2010, 7:39pmReplyFlag
          Hay I was playing the rdr and it was just me and a one other in the posse we were heading to aradillo and I was on my horse and he was in a wagon he kept going and I notice a posse of. About 6 holding the saloon hostage so I looks down my sniper rifale shot one in the head then the other one notice and try to peek over I shot him to they both got mad but one kept cussing and even sent me a message with cus words my point is if going to play online you are going to get shot don't get mad about it it's just a game if you can't handal it then don't play ps you cry on the gme I will come hafter you you're guy in the game
          • Dabulllon December 3 2010, 11:15amReplyFlag
            land grab is fun but what the hell does it have to do with zombis

            p.s my frind playd land grab and he dosint have undaednietmaer it was bloody waerd
            • mr_kollion December 2 2010, 3:14pmReplyFlag
              Dear Rockstar!
              Please make 'Red Dead Redemption' for pc. I don`t have a xBox or PS3 but a very good pc. I really want to play 'Red Dead Redemption' because it is a damm cool game, one of the best games ever.
              I am sure that many other people have the same problem.
              (sorry for my bad english but i am from austria)

              nice greets from austria!
              • Redx165on November 29 2010, 6:19pmReplyFlag
                @ R

                I have also in have experence that of what Demolition502 said when you go to a free roam the posse will kick you out just because they want to and it not just free roam it other like co-op and undead ---htmare because they want to have there friend there and its not fear because i just want to play the game to have fun or to level up please make were if the other people are in the posse cant vote you off unless you kill them to much not by one because they will start it and make another thing if one person is killing you to many times but is in a big posse you can kick him out because if you put the vote off putton they will all vote you off and that just for free roam make co-op and undead like the poker and dice where you cant vote them off because they want there friend in there just can you please fix it for people who like to level up by them self or just got on
                • Demolition502on November 29 2010, 8:04amReplyFlag
                  Ola compadres @ R*!!

                  I've been playing RDR this weekend and I got pretty p"d off!
                  It seems there's a new tendency on RDR servers wich is to kick ppl randomly. I've encountered this on several servers and my mates did as well. What happens is that a posse of 7 or 8 ppl are grinding XP and as soon as someone joins the server the whole posse starts to kick this player to make sure that they keep the server for them alone. I don't need the XP anymore but I still would like to play RDR. This kind of behaviour makes it a bad experience for me and other players. R* should evaluate the kick/ban policy on the RDR servers. Maybe make it so that ppl outside a posse must vote on a kick as well.
                  I know that when you just started or are not that high in XP that Levelled-thru players can be intimidating, but that's no reason to keep us out of the game. We earned a right to play!

                  • R* Yon November 28 2010, 8:28pmReplyFlag
                    @R0ckstarNetwork @Le-Rock and others, thanks guys, and look for more game tips in the future.
                    • DiFran4on November 28 2010, 6:56pmReplyFlag
                      Why would you tell everybody to use dynamite when that is the thing people hate most about the game? Everyone knows that dynamite is the noobest weapon because you guys havent even fixed it yet. Dynamite shouldn't not harm the player throwing it when the dead player is 2 feet from him. People hate the radius of it too because nit's so unpredictable you gotta work on it . And is there any way to make the high powered pistol not "high powered"? like not neccessarily 'nerfed' but you know not the cheapest gun? Or how about where do I find the page that gives me all the reasons of the inconveniences or why you cannot do Zombie free roam?
                      • RikaMXon November 28 2010, 3:45pmReplyFlag
                        Zombie free raom would only make this game more effin awesome!
                        • captaincabbageon November 28 2010, 6:47amReplyFlag
                          @vince_42069 thanks heaps for answering my question. Getting the new PS3 tomorrow, I was a bit worried about it. I've gotten to lvl. 50 finally ( Shock horror, I don't play it for 10 hours on end like a headset sociopath just to get to 5th Legendary) so I'll go legendary when we get it up and running and my girlfriend and I will level up together for the last few hours of the double XP weekend.

                          Btw, I'll add you on PSN, or you can add me if you want. I'm 'captaincabbage', surprise, surprise.
                          • 9624427on November 28 2010, 5:56amReplyFlag
                            Zombie Free Roam would make this the best game in years.
                            • Celtic_Barbarianon November 28 2010, 12:29amReplyFlag
                              I have noticed that their is two classes of characters that are not playable in rdr multiplay and they are the blackwater police and the mexican army I think that rockstar should make these characters playable for online
                              • vince_42069on November 27 2010, 10:43pmReplyFlag
                                @captaincabbage i believe her multiplayer stats/level will be saved on your ps3. it will be under a file of RDR that is labelled "Multiplayer". you can try to use a USB on your ps3, to copy and thn transfer it over to her PS3 and it will still be on yours as well unless deleted. i dont know for sure if it will accept the file to be put on hers but you can give it a try. if u need help with how to do copy the file and stuff you can msg me on PSN vince_123

                                related to this article; dont need the tips, i can do just fine. the problem is i can never get enough people to play a land grab for me to get that damn trophy! might have to get together a random posse and trick them into playing it and betray them all :P. oh well, i'll get it eventually
                                • Kilerroon November 27 2010, 9:31amReplyFlag
                                  @bigkingbud, @Rollaw Thanks for the help, guys, I'll try to get it soon.
                                  • Studios5107on November 27 2010, 6:45amReplyFlag
                                    @Rockstar Webmaster
                                    Please reply at my emails. Its not important for you, but it is for me...
                                    • espontaneoon November 27 2010, 6:35amReplyFlag

                                      I own the Armadillo Saloon

                                      ... oh and any thoughts on 250/500or1000 buck poker/dice tables?
                                      • Le-Rockon November 27 2010, 6:22amReplyFlag
                                        The best way to rulz in this mode:

                                        - Playing it Hardcore

                                        - Having skills (cause auto-aim suxx)
                                        • emvipee23on November 27 2010, 12:22amReplyFlag
                                          wow no matter how much i play this game it never gets boring the online and single player makes this game #1
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