Rockstar Game Tips: Surviving the Hordes in Undead Overrun Multiplayer (Undead Nightmare)

Posted on November 8 2010, 12:39pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

(Behold the power of Undead Nightmare's Holy Water in one of our most recent community matches...)

In Undead Overrun, the explosive, bloody and gooey new co-op multiplayer survival mode in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, players online work together to fend off relentless waves of infected zombies rising up from the ground in graveyards and a bit hungry from their dirt nap.  Kill zombies to fill up the horizontal meter at the top of the screen.  Each time it gets full, a new wave begins, bringing more zombies than before that are both stronger in their attack and their defense - including some of the more pesky breeds of undead in the game.

To begin, start Red Dead Redemption multiplayer, press Back/Select to open the playlist and choose 'Undead Overrun'.  The game will load one of these five maps:

  • Blackwater - 'Dead Man Walking'
  • Coot's Chapel - 'High Brains Drifter'
  • Odd Fellow's Rest - 'Bury 'Em Deep'
  • Sepulcro - 'Undead Django'
  • Tumbleweed - 'Undeadwood'

Once the game has loaded one of the above locations, choose a class:

  • Long Shot (Long Range) - High Power Pistol, Bolt Action Rifle and Double-barreled Shotgun
  • Mauler (All Purpose) - LeMat Revolver, Semi-auto Shotgun and Henry Repeater
  • Overkill (Close Range) - Double-action Revolver, Pump-action Shotgun and Dynamite
  • Ravager (Medium Range) - Mauser Pistol, Sawed-off Shotgun and Dynamite

Once the game begins, you'll have some new items in your inventory with which you'll want to be familiar.  Holy Water, when thrown, will cause a series of lightning strikes that rain down on the targeted area.  Undead Bait is the best way to gather a large amount of zombies in one area to use the Holy Water (or Dynamite).  Throw bait in an open area and many of them will cease attacking and head for where the bait ended up.  It won't actually begin to work until it does land.

And now that we've laid down the basics of how to get started, let's get into some pro tips and strategic things to be aware of straight from the developers at Rockstar San Diego who created the mode on how to become a zombie hunter par excellence in Undead Overrun:

  • Undead Overrun is a team-based mode - so work co-operatively.  Opening coffins should be your number one priority.  Opening a coffin gives everyone ammunition - but the person who opens the coffin gets twice as much ammunition as the other players.  Also, when getting Shotgun slugs for opening a coffin, the person who opened it will get them for 60 seconds while everyone else will get it for 30 seconds.  An effective team is one that shares and shares alike by not having teammembers being greedy about snatching them up for themselves every time.  It's in your co-operative best interest to make sure that there are no strong versus weak links, so take turns with these spoils - every player should run toward the coffin in each wave and protect the person opening it.  As always: communicate, coordinate, use headsets.
  • Each time you open a coffin, one minute of time is added to the timer.  When the timer runs out, Sudden Death begins, and no more ammunition or items are provided.  If this happens, stay alive as long as you can...
  • Save Dynamite, Holy Water and Undead Bait until you absolutely need it.  Waste not, want not.
  • Phosphorous bullets take time to kill, but they always incapacitate zombies and always kill said zombie.  You only need to shoot the zombie once with the bullets.  Once it's lit, leave it alone.  Switch to high capacity, high refire rate weapons like Repeaters and Pistols to maximize your damage.  Obtain these bullets by earning a 10 kill combo breaker, or by being the last man standing.  You can only have these bullets for 30 seconds at a time.
  • Shotgun slugs give the ability to do massive damage from long range, and are randomly given out to the player that opens a coffin, or in some ammo boxes that appear as a green blip on the map after obtaining the Semi-auto Shotgun.
  • The player that opens the coffin on every third wave (3, 6, 9, etc.) will get one bottle of Holy Water.  Use it wisely.
  • Dead Eye is not just an option... it's crucial.  Line up head shots and fire away.

(Aim for the head with Dead Eye when you see a group of zombies headed your way...)

  • Climb to high ground for safety, but only temporarily to regain health.  You need to help the other members of your posse rack up kills quickly on the ground.
  • Look for a green icon on the map that will lead you to a new weapon.  An Evans Repeater, Semi-auto Shotgun or Blunderbuss will be waiting inside.  Running to get the new weapon might not always be worth the lost seconds on the timer.  Designate only one posse member to run and get it, and then get back into the thick of killing zombies.
  • You will always begin the next wave with at least 15 seconds of time.  This time starts counting from when the "Wave X starting" flash appears.
  • Leaderboard stats will not update if you have casual targeting on, or if you turn it on during Undead Overrun.
  • Zombies can't climb.  Use fences to your advantage.
  • Always be very careful when planning to revive a teammate.  It's never a bad idea to throw dynamite right on a downed player (since you can't inflict any further friendly-fire damage on them) to clear the area of zombies before moving in.  Just make sure the dynamite detonates first before you head over there of course.  Also - chuck the dynamite from far away or the zombies will charge you.
  • When you get the "Kill remaining zombies" screen, the timer stops counting down.  It's advantageous to take your time here and conserve ammo while killing these zombies, since you aren't up against a clock.  Perfect time to break out the torches and go to work. 
  • An essential strategy when being ganged up on by a horde - rather than trying to run and turn around and get a shot off at them, run towards one (or a bunch) of your teammates and have them take out the zombies on your tail.  As mentioned before, communication and coooperation are essential!
  • Watch each other's backs.  You might be busy getting a Bolter off your arse, but someone else in your posse could also be busy... dealing with five Bolters, four Retchers and six Bruisers.  Look around, look around.

Finally, playing Undead Overrun is the best way to get better at Undead Overrun.  Develop your own strategies, find a good solid crew to play with and set goals to get to a higher wave than before.  Since Undead's release, we've held back-to-back days of live streaming Social Club multiplayer events as well as ongoing impromptu playsessions with the community getting our nails dirty with Undead Overrun graveyard soil together, as seen in the screens above and below - get your skills up and join us in the fight against the living dead at our next event happening this Thursday, November 11th on Xbox LIVE.  

If you have any of your own battle-tested Undead Overrun strategy tips, share 'em below in the comments and look out for more in our Game Tips series in the future.  Additionally, see our full Social Club multiplayer events calendar and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the word on when you can get in on a game with Rockstar...

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  • R* Yon April 25 2012, 5:17pmReplyFlag
    Thanks for all the extra tips guys, hope you're enjoying Undead Overrun
    • madman21on January 29 2012, 11:34amReplyFlag
      hey all, my tips of the day

      1. If you are a team, spread out over the hole area, the one who is closest to the coffin, SHOULD open the coffin.
      2. When a teammate is low on ammo, he should get the coffin first ( it helps to have headsets to communicate)
      3. When reloading the Blunderbuss, press L1 repeatedly and run away in the time you reload.
      4. Try to save as much Dead eye as you can, it's also usefull to quickly reload you weapon.
      5. Special weapon should be for those who REALLY need it (Ravager, Overkill).
      • 10225723on December 30 2010, 4:07pmReplyFlag
        A good stradegy is have two people on top of a structure and two people on the ground assigned to coffins. They switch off coffin duty. Whoever doesn't get the coffin throws a bait. While this is going on the two on top of the structure are shooting zombies. When the coffin is opened the two on the ground also get on top of a structure and all four finish off the round without worrying about the zombies. Just watch out for acid spitters they can get you on top of structures. Me and my friends got to Wave 36 with this method. Good luck!
        • 10113337on December 19 2010, 7:48pmReplyFlag
          • Red_Dead_Foreveron December 18 2010, 5:39pmReplyFlag
            @Andyrome64 That's now a flaw in the game, that is called having bad teammates. Not the game's problem whatsoever.

            @Zombiesurvivor I agree it is a little too much and they look goofy in free roam. I personally don't experience much problems with that though because I'll see like 1 in 50 people using a zombie character. They look cool but they just don't fit in with the whole western theme. Zombie free roam should be created and make zombie characters exclusive to that mode.
            • SweetSaintManon December 17 2010, 6:27pmReplyFlag
              Great game great add-ons as ussual. Only thing how come screenshots grpahics are so good? do i have to buy extra cable for my xbox? cause when i play i looks much worse
              • 11873969on December 10 2010, 11:33amReplyFlag
                will there be anymore add-ons, more zombie content or a zombie free roam perhaps?
                • KillerBunnyRabiton December 6 2010, 10:14amReplyFlag
                  To be perfectly honest i dont mind hiding on building the only problem i do have is the retchers. They hit you and you could fall of and be at the mercy of a horde of zombies waiting for that moment. I tend to go up on a roof at level 13 as i am not the best at aiming (i dont use casual aim i use good old normal) so i am usaly the first to get incapacitated. Thats why i use roofs.
                  • ahetFINon December 5 2010, 3:27pmReplyFlag
                    My tip: leave 1 zombie and then let your friends let you die and you will have a knife
                    • Scarekrow187on December 2 2010, 12:59amReplyFlag
                      Keep them zombies cominggg!
                      • REHJR1974on December 1 2010, 6:39pmReplyFlag
                        long shot and overkill are the 2 best i have used. made it to leve 20 and 30 a couple of times. i never stay in the same areas more then a couple of seconds. another good TIP is it only takes 2 bullets per zombie. so watch your ammo. it works for me on accuracy.
                        • escola90on November 21 2010, 5:27pmReplyFlag
                          About the casual aim, i also thing it should be removed, because i once tried it an noticed when u kill someone it automaticly goes aiming for another person and/or animal, and that sucks because it's so unfair, Expert Aim In Undead Overrun is awesome, use it if you want a big challange! Hehe
                          Let's see, some tips.
                          In Tumbleweed, when you get in sudden death, there is a bar next to the cemetery with some stairs there, zombies will just climb up, so use a shotgun and shoot theyr heads off, really easy.
                          In Blackwater just head up to the city and climb that buulding near the train station with a picture.
                          Grab the coffin atleast once every two rounds if you like using a certain type of weapon more
                          And have some kind of comunication so you can actually set goals with your team, so you get a better display.
                          • andyrome64on November 17 2010, 6:10amReplyFlag
                            This game has a major flaw: people who do all the work running around and opening coffins usually die first and the lazy ---s who climb up rooftops and do not use their ammunition remain in sudden death for ages... which is extremely boring for the people who have sacrified themeselves for the good of the team!
                            Make sudden death last 3 minutes MAXIMUM!
                            • zombiesurvivoron November 14 2010, 10:30amReplyFlag
                              does anyone else think everyone running around freeroam as zombies has kinda ruined the whole look of the game that rockstar worked so hard to build?
                              • G3_G3_G3on November 11 2010, 6:47amReplyFlag
                                On PSN
                                • G3_G3_G3on November 11 2010, 6:46amReplyFlag
                                  HELP SOM1 i couldn't find rockstar-games last time. Any1 know how?
                                  • maikel1234on November 11 2010, 6:41amReplyFlag
                                    I have noticed that somtimes the coffin respawns in a sort of round if you where at the point where it had respawned and the new round is going in the coffin respwans at the left
                                    • maikel1234on November 11 2010, 6:37amReplyFlag
                                      when sudden death is going in and you are in blackwater you need to run to the city and if you look good you can see a ladder this is against the trainstation and ther is a wall whtih a picture if you go up there no one can touch you :P
                                      • rock101staron November 10 2010, 11:02pmReplyFlag
                                        when im playing i usually have who ever touches the box first throw the bait for that round if a bait is nessessary. it avoids any confusion and Bait abuse. and also before killing the last zombie in each round i suggest you have your team fan out to better your odds of being by the box when its spawns.
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