Ammu-Nation, eXsorbeo and Other Classic Radio Spots from Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas Added to the Advertising Council Website

Posted on November 4 2010, 4:51pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Presenting an updated assortment of classic ads culled from the archives and added to the Advertising Council website, including a pair of memorable spots from esteemed 2nd Amendment guardians Ammu-Nation as well as from the handheld gaming system that taught you how to play with yourself, eXsorbeo.  Listen to them all, along with dozens more at the Council's website

Vice City, 1984

  • Pushup: The Movie. The story of one man’s struggle with gravity.

Vice City, 1986

  • Ammu-Nation (as heard below). Protecting your rights!

  • The Exploder Survival Knife. The official commemorative knife from “Exploder.”
  • Farewell Ranch (Spot #2). Where the cowboys are all over 75!
  • Just the Five of Us. The incredible sitcom that has captured America’s heart.

San Andreas, 1992

  • eXsorbeo. “Look, mom, I’m playing with myself!”
  • Proposition 421: Outlaw Smoking. Vote YES.
  • Redwood Cigarettes. When stress is about to get you. Get a Redwood.

Liberty City, 1998

Liberty City, 2001

  • The New Maibatsu Monstrosity (Spot #2). Mine is bigger.

  • Yaboislyon January 1 2011, 11:49pmReplyFlag
    GTA VICE..
    • michoacano12on December 18 2010, 5:18amReplyFlag
      ROCSTAR can yhu guys tell us when gta 5 is coming out seriously gta 4 does not have nothing fun like san adreas the jets XD or flyng cars or big airplanes wat happeng yhu guys plz do something obout for the next gta gta 4 was pretty boring Red dead Redeamption was pretty gud GTA SAN ANDREAS AND RED DEAD REDEMPTION BEST GAMES SO FAR I EVER LIKE HOPE NEXT GTA WILL BE RELEASED IN 2011 CANT WAIT and plz bring san andreas back gta4 has alright graphics that was the only gud thing but red dead redemption muliplayer is gud just add more add on plz thnxz rockstar... keep it up
      • PClownon December 11 2010, 12:15pmReplyFlag
        rockstar I feel that u should release gta San Andreas again but with the new graphics like gta iv, SA is a classic the storyline is legit the missions are exciting, I also think your production company will only make gains than loses from the release so yea try to bring back the best game ever made so I can start hitting up some ballers
        • The_Seamanon November 21 2010, 8:05amReplyFlag
          LOL the commericals are realy awsome
          & @SirSmok3Alot225
          they can also visit it because of LA noire :P

          but R* , i dont care if its VC/SA (as long as you dont go back in the past, but just keep the time the same as GTA4 or after GTA4 but not in the past :D (imagen VC in the time period of now but with the same type of vibe)
          or San Andreas with the big envoirement (desserts, woods, airfields,the see were you coud dive in, & i missed the thing in gta4, when Niko, or other character geth in the water the clothes didnt geth wet (0.o)
          you did it good with RDR, but common xD John/Jack coudnt swim xD
          love you, & cant wait to see a glimp, full game of a brand new GTA :D
          • Hurricaneon November 15 2010, 8:52pmReplyFlag
            Hey Rockstar, I just realized that the Military ad in Liberty City 2001 should be in Vice City 1986. I remember hearing it a lot when I played Vice City, unless the ad was also in GTA III, but I don't remember that.
            • davve123on November 15 2010, 11:29amReplyFlag
              Dear Rockstar, Its been way too long since GTA IV was realesed isnt it time to announce GTA V (Vice city) I hope :D?
              • NoGoodShyzteron November 11 2010, 7:12pmReplyFlag

                Please make a Winter DLC...with snowmen, a reindeer stagecoach, and a Santa Claus outfit for Marston!!!!
                • NoGoodShyzteron November 11 2010, 7:12pmReplyFlag

                  You should make an Alternative DLC pack, but only for RDR original single player. One with alternate outfits and endings. Or maybe a continuing story after the story's ending
                  • UpNSmoke225on November 9 2010, 12:29pmReplyFlag
                    oops i mean Max Cavalera...Bas Rutten in the good ol' Mens Room
                    • UpNSmoke225on November 8 2010, 5:38pmReplyFlag
                      LMAO the 'Martin Serious Show' on WKTT Radio and the Metal show on LCHC hosted by Bas Rutten are by far the best. You can't beat those hilarious commercials that come on any station though, some of my favorite quotes in life come from R*s twisted since of humor...thanks!

                      ..i've been replaying GTA IV and its DLCs all weekend, and they're just as fun as they were the first time! The GTA IV series will always be R*s flagship, but I hope some of those great RDR graphics and game mechanics make it into the next one. I mean giving us the cover option and rolling in GTA IV was groundbreaking, and RDR took those mechanics to the extreme. If we see that cross over it will be definitely be an excellent shooter. We can already expect the story line and characters to be A+, as well as any future DLCs for it.

                      'MasterGamesTV' is correct in saying that R* won't give us any info on the alleged GTA V, but Take Two gave an affirmative wink and said that they can't wait to begin work on it once other titles make the scene...psssheh right, they've been workin on it since before they started work on RDR most likely!!
                      Personally I've seen rumors that R* has visited the areas around L.A. and Hollywood...soooo yeeh that'd be freakin awesome...a SA-sized map, fully customizable options, that plays like GTA IV and RDR's illegitimate child! GTA IV = Epic Win under any circumstances!
                      • FugetSudo_Jron November 8 2010, 11:01amReplyFlag
                        "dont forget about the tricking out the cars too.. "

                        @Rstar-JuNki3 -- AMEN 2 dat, bro!! I miss my old "pimped-out" Blist Compact!! LOL
                        • HRQ360on November 8 2010, 10:24amReplyFlag
                          Rockstar what is your next game? I and the world gamer need next GRAND THEFT AUTO!
                          • LiL.A.Kingon November 8 2010, 7:54amReplyFlag
                            R* come on give us a info about gta 5 !! Or please tell us if you are working now on a new gta!!
                            • Rstar-JuNki3on November 7 2010, 11:28pmReplyFlag
                              dont forget about the tricking out the cars too..
                              • FugetSudoon November 7 2010, 2:24pmReplyFlag
                                i miss going to Ammu-nation and practicing my "Gat" skills.....
                                • Shotudown2255on November 7 2010, 2:09pmReplyFlag

                                  Yeah you can play SA and VC and 3 on 360. In fact you can buy SA in the 360 marketplace. I wonder if anything is going on this March.... Right R*?
                                  • Cris.ussenon November 7 2010, 1:22pmReplyFlag
                                    Lol! long time i don´t hear the eXsorbeo ad ha...ha, what that great times, since my old PS2 is dead (don´t read disc) and this stupid news models of PS3 Slim doesn´t have a backward compatibility i cannot play GTA:SA again (and 3, VC, LCS and VCS), like the previous comments say would be nice if you Rockstar release a compilation of the GTA III, VC and SA in HD with support of Trophies/Achievements for the PS3 users that don´t have PS2 anymore and X360 too (well i hear that the X360 have backward compatibility with some Xbox games but i don´t know if the GTA games are on the list of compatibles).
                                    • vince_42069on November 7 2010, 1:18pmReplyFlag
                                      Revisiting Vice City in the next GTA would be awesome. Or San Andreas, it doesn't really matter where - it would be great. I'd like to know what Claude has been up to (main character from GTA III) , I remember seeing him in San Andreas :P. Time will tell the details of the next GTA... Just so you know Rockstar I am anxiously awaiting MAX PAYNE 3!! AHHH!!!!!! As well as all the other upcoming titles as well of course!!! Man R* you are the greatest. You brought so many legendary titles and keep bringin them and I give my support, wish that you keep up the great work and keep getting greater with time.

                                      Sincerely, A HUGE FCKUKING ROCKSTAR FAN - you guys are my favourite!!
                                      I even have the GTA3 Pager tone as a ringtone :P yea I got a little off topic, I get carried away when I get into talking about awesome games especially Rockstars'. I guess I'm a nerd or something? Wanna fight about it?
                                      • MasterGamesTVon November 7 2010, 11:37amReplyFlag
                                        @LiL.A.King @Super_Souvlaki @Shotudown2255 Rockstar never speak about GTA 5 right now. They will in 2011.

                                        I prefer VC or SA.

                                        And... I HOPE THIS MMONTH COMING DETAILS.... f**k off I can't wait.
                                        • Super_Souvlakion November 7 2010, 11:04amReplyFlag

                                          (I prefer a new city)
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