Trick or Treat – Red Dead Redemption Double XP Halloween Weekend

Posted on October 29 2010, 7:00pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Get ready for a special Halloween weekend treat (no trick!) in celebration of the release of the Undead Nightmare Pack for Red Dead Redemption.
We'll be hosting a Red Dead Redemption Double XP Weekend for everyone - starting at 1PM Eastern this Friday October 29th and lasting until 11:59 PM Eastern this Halloween Sunday October 31st.

** Update: The Double XP Weekend has concluded.  Thanks to all those who participated. **

  • spiritFanaticon December 14 2010, 1:59pmReplyFlag
    • yaser_shaheenon November 6 2010, 4:36amReplyFlag
      hi R*

      On the occasion of the advent of 2011 would like to see a game from Rockstar
      For the PlayStation 3 is like the BULLY II and the new updates of the game Grand Theft Mid---ht and new, thanks
      • CyberShamanon November 5 2010, 10:52pmReplyFlag
        Free-for-all matches with full ammo and weapons should be an option, instead of having to always pick and choose from the ones that are allowed. I understand why they wanted to do it this way for challenge purposes and equality but an all out free-for-all with your own preferred weapons in stock would be ace. Nobody really plays the Legendary only matches. It would be perfect for those. I know the feature won't be added, but I wanted to mention it anyway.
        • scareface1970on November 4 2010, 8:51pmReplyFlag
          @ Cowboy1982 try to walk slowly to Harmanas i did and it works R i have now also a x box and wen do whe get som more Double XP you rule R*
          • Cowboy1982on November 4 2010, 5:23pmReplyFlag
            Does anyone else have a problem with the undead single play? I'm at the part when you get to Las Hermanas and the game keeps freezing up and I have to restart my PS3. It only freezes here in single player?
            • Gavonatoron November 4 2010, 5:22pmReplyFlag
              Doubletapp write At the end od day when you are a more skilful gamer it will be worth it.
              lol please stfu that is so gay
              • UpNSmoke225on November 4 2010, 11:34amReplyFlag
                @chmike14 - if you've done all the Challenges then you're probably needing Missing Persons....found at two specific safe zones, one in New Austin and one in Nueva Parisio (yeh im sure i butchered that lol). It'll tell you when you've found all the people at that zone....each one = 1% completion!
                • 11208429on November 3 2010, 9:01pmReplyFlag
                  can I ask why you didn't delete the one below?
                  • 11208429on November 3 2010, 5:33pmReplyFlag
                    before year 2010 ends.
                    • chmike14on November 3 2010, 4:57pmReplyFlag
                      Hello R* and other players. I would like to know how come I have not been awarded the last trophy 100% completed in single story mode for undead ---htmare when I have finished the story, completed all the challenges ! What's left to do ? Does anyone has any idea of is it a glitch ?
                      • TonberryChefon November 3 2010, 3:20pmReplyFlag
                        I agree with XxMr.HidexX. I absolutely LOVE the Undead DLC. It's far surpassed my expectations, and I'm very grateful for that. I still very much would love to see additional storyline characters released in the future (De Santa, Escuella, Fordham, etc). I'd gladly pay for an MP skin update. I'm that passionate about this issue.
                        • QRStechon November 3 2010, 2:02pmReplyFlag

                          Don't know how much you've played so I will ask the most basic question...You aren't at level 50 are you?

                          If you are, you will not get anymore xp until you pass into legend. Beware though, you will lose everything but characters and titles.
                          • Schulaufseheron November 3 2010, 11:52amReplyFlag
                            hello Rockstar,
                            I have a question
                            Will there are any more DLC´s, maybe next year?
                            and thank you for the best game I´ve ever played.
                            • UpNSmoke225on November 3 2010, 11:13amReplyFlag
                              @Pupora - sometimes after an update things are a bit messy for me too so if thats the case I clear my harddrive cache..if you haven't done that already. Dont know if PS3 is different either.
                              • UpNSmoke225on November 3 2010, 11:11amReplyFlag
                                yeh i dont have a problem with what anyone uses, although i love schooling a posse thats hating on auto-aim in a Normal Free Roam lmao! It just doesn't make sense to me that there wouldn't be separate stats just like all the other game modes. Its not about whats right or wrong, but about how I want to play. Just pointing out my disappointment that you can play it on Cas. but its like you never played it!
                                • Purporaon November 3 2010, 5:19amReplyFlag
                                  Ever since the double experience points weekend ended, I haven't been getting any experience points at all for kills or achievements. Has anyone else been having this problem?
                                  • Juliozon November 2 2010, 11:49pmReplyFlag
                                    Rock* I've swear I've never saw bolters "leap at their play" in the duration of my play. Is there something wrong with my game or is that some terribly false advertisement on the developer's part because I'd really like to get in on some leaping action in single player and multiplayer rather than the misplaced default, so I suggest you guys fix the scurry and leap transition of the specific enemy, because that grab/execution sequence (I experienced three times throughout my entire 8 hour experience) never once fit the trailer's scurry and leap show of information and it applied to ALL zombie types. ln short, there's a sizzling question mark where the single player enjoyment factor may have really been and there's no way to describe how brilliant overrun would be with those scurrying freaks jumping on you or even a special wave of zombie cougars or zombie wolves rather than the terrifying truth,"The Undead DON'T Live!" in which case the single player experience remains in question so.....maybe rockstar can get back to us on the issue after taking our money?
                                    • NaenaeBoyon November 2 2010, 11:12pmReplyFlag
                                      @ R*

                                      Just letting you know one of your challenges has a glitch in undead over run. The one with 200 assist and 100 revives just talleys everything up then gives it to you. I had about 60 odd revives and 240 odd assists and it passed it for me. Just thought you might like to know that.

                                      PS: how do i change my social club email address. I've emailed you guys afew times and still no change. My old email no longer works so can't receive any emails.
                                      • NaenaeBoyon November 2 2010, 8:15pmReplyFlag
                                        odd that posted my last comment not my most recent.

                                        What i said was if people want it to be real then it would be one hit with a gun and your pretty much done for. Not 5 to the chest then dead or a 1 min recovery after being shot. But as we all know its a computer game and not real life which makes it fun.
                                        • NaenaeBoyon November 2 2010, 8:13pmReplyFlag
                                          Really all in all if people want it to be real then it should be one hit and your down?? Not 5 bullets to the chest before you die!! Or 3 hits to the head from a distance before you die.. but as well all know its a computer game so not everything is going to be like real life thats the beauty
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