12 New Achievements/Trophies in the Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Pack

Posted on October 20 2010, 12:15pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

As you fight the deadly zombie plague across the frontier in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – you’ll be able to earn 12 new in-game accomplishments on both Xbox 360 (as Achievements) and PlayStation 3 (as Trophies) along the way.  Revealed here today are five of them... You'll have to wait until game release to find out what the other seven secret hidden accomplishments are.

Fight off 8 unique players during your reign on top during Land Grab in Free Roam.

Attain Rank 5 in all  Undead Challenges.

Make it to wave 15 in Undead Overrun Gametype in Multiplayer.
Have every territory saved at the same time during the Undead Nightmare.
Attain 100% Game Completion in Undead Nightmare.

Red Dead Redemption Achievements & Trophies:
Liars & Cheats | Legends & Killers | Outlaws to the End | Red Dead Redemption

  • HPBbearon October 24 2010, 4:59pmReplyFlag
    It didn't say anything about zombie free-roam. The 8 unique players is just 8 different people. Interpretation points: -1.
    • 10075279on October 22 2010, 6:55amReplyFlag
      i mean trail warrior
      • 10075279on October 22 2010, 6:52amReplyFlag
        to hell with pulp fiction. what about the mad max reference? mad max, road warrior. mad marston, path warrior
        • LoneWolfTreon October 21 2010, 6:28pmReplyFlag
          We need Zombies in FREE ROAM!!!!
          • 11001132on October 21 2010, 4:23pmReplyFlag
            land grab? sounds interesting
            • DeathDHon October 21 2010, 12:20pmReplyFlag
              We need a Free mode ---hmare, please, this is the beter idea of the world
              • Jake1476on October 21 2010, 11:11amReplyFlag
                How about rather than having to kill your friends you respawn as a person same as normal but you have a zombified avatar? You can continue playing normaly but it doesnt mark you as a survivor. (Thus allowing there to be, rather than "Public Enemy", a "Last Man Standing" or if your posse is the last one you'd get "Last Posse Standing" then the last posse member would get "Last Man Standing")
                • rokey3on October 21 2010, 9:06amReplyFlag

                  Yeah I also hope you are right!
                  YOU GUYS NEED TO READ THIS s**t!

                  KILL 8 UNIQUE PLAYERS IN FREE ROAM!!!...
                  • MisterLoukon October 21 2010, 7:53amReplyFlag
                    gotta love the homage to pulp fiction, lol
                    • harrylloydon October 21 2010, 7:48amReplyFlag
                      When will the red-vinyl LP soundtrack become available? It was supposed to be released in September, but we still don't know anything.
                      • 11208429on October 21 2010, 6:43amReplyFlag
                        Hey a Free Roam full of zombies, but it doesn't stop there. Wouldn't normal dudes killing each other make no sense at all? Shouldn't something happen after one of the residential grave poppers latches on to your avatar and bites you dead like, ohhh I dunno. Say you respawn as the zombified version of your avatar and suddenly have no control over your ravaging hunger when you're around your friends. RDR deserves playing as a zombie mechanics, more so than L4D. When players dive into Free Roam, there are zombies, and there is the danger of turning into a zombie for duration of the session. And players all around you will turn, and you will become enemies with your infected friends. What's that? Zombied players might continue to hang with their unzombied friends maybe giggling as he latches to his buddy out of the blue? You're right, that won't do. Let bounties solve the issue! A zombie player stays neutral within mic range of his surviving buddy for 60 seconds. This activates a sort of zombie bounty. Horde after horde comes to get the job done, and unlike cops, crawlers hunt you down till one of you's dead. So if your friends don't want to be zombies too, they will quickly to abandon you, and everyone will be involved in a working game. That eliminates the problem of lonely infected singletons getting spawn raped by a group of surviving bullies, because, as it should be, the zombie players are a walking plague to survivors. Getting away is part of the thrill, and when those NPC hordes start coming...Also the tell-tale signs of the NPC hordes prevents too much abuse of the stealth factor, because I imagine the infectious zombie avatar as a one hit kill weapon. Creep within range or wait for the perfect moment to jump out of an outhouse, activate grab, and your target player dies and respawns like you after a two second gore loop. So there you go, balancing issues solved. And no posses of course, because all players start teamed up as survivors and are white dots, and when players are zombied, they become green dots. No posses needed. No friendly fire of course. I'm guessing the zombie attack thing would be pretty easy to do, pretty Left 4 Dead-esque. I'm calling this this the high standard. Lets see if Rock* exceeds it. If we get anything less, we know to be disappointed. Pitchfork. Oh and what better way to defend yourself from the undead threat than the new "Press X RIGHT when your about hit someone with Superbull. His avatar gets so totally horn f**ked, there's even the accompanying sound effect when he gets knocked the f**k up and lands on his ass 5 feet way. He doesn't move for 5 seconds, it's really funny!" move.
                        • SlammingMckenzieon October 21 2010, 6:39amReplyFlag
                          • ZeRo-Nullblickeron October 21 2010, 5:41amReplyFlag
                            @R* I have a question:

                            you said on psn it's only possible to put 10 trophies in, that's why xbox users can achieve 15 trophies with the new liars and cheaters dlc.

                            Now we can also have 12 new trophies with the next dlc ????????

                            Please give us the missing 5 trophies too.
                            • AlexanderOwlon October 21 2010, 4:05amReplyFlag

                              Look at the first achievement

                              Fight off 8 unique players during your reign on top during Land Grab in Free Roam.

                              I really hope this means zombie free roam!!!
                              It also implies a new game type in free roam "Land Grab" ... Sounds like fun rockstar!!
                              • wikime123on October 21 2010, 4:05amReplyFlag
                                oh wow i'll defiantly want the zed's dead trophy. i just realized after reading the comments its a pulp fiction reference. i love that movie. hmm and what's land grab?
                                • Jortanon October 20 2010, 11:39pmReplyFlag
                                  Has John got a watch up his butt or something?
                                  • 11292679on October 20 2010, 10:55pmReplyFlag
                                    How good will that MP mode be, fighting off waves of Zombies? I can't wait for this!!!! Setting up to be best Zombie game for true zombie fans!!!
                                    • erdvillaon October 20 2010, 10:46pmReplyFlag
                                      Better start assembling Boost teams because that Unique 8 trophy is a must Boost one. That king of trophies are possible without cooperation but there is always an ###### that likes to scr.... up things. But anyway, I'll give it a try plain and simple once it is out and depending on the difficulty I'll c if Boost is the choice, also the conexion Errors tend to destruct your chances for that kind of many player involved trophies, but 9ps on a free roam is on the safe zone.
                                      • Rdragon7on October 20 2010, 10:21pmReplyFlag
                                        @ R*Y will there ever be new mounts in RDR ala the Four Horses of the Apacolypse perhaps
                                        • invaderzim132on October 20 2010, 9:19pmReplyFlag
                                          So... there's a zombie free roam! :D Land Grab sounds sorta like the multiplayer equivalent to saving towns in the single player. I will now CERTAINLY be buying this DLC. ^_^
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