The Banhammer: Update

Posted on October 19 2010, 1:25pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Just a quick update for everyone on the latest state of affairs with our initiative to banish the most egregious hackers and cheaters from the online world of Red Dead Redemption.

Two months have passed since the banhammer initially fell, and some of the banned Gamertags and PSN IDs detected at that time with hacked game saves have now been detected to be clean with said saves now deleted.  We will now be considering those people REDEEMED, with time served – and reinstating their access to Red Dead Redemption multiplayer.  Welcome back – and keep it fair.

We have also detected some other rotten apples out there with hacked game saves who weren’t initially banned, including those that were still attempting to play with hacked multiplayer save files.  These Gamertags and PSN IDs will now be penalized as part of a second wave of banning as such cheating is a clear violation of our code of conduct, punishable at our sole discretion.

If you have been banned and wish to get back in our good graces to be reinstated - delete your hacked save files, for both single player and multiplayer.  Everything is wiped when deleting saves with the exception of Achievements/Trophies, pre-order items, and cheats unlocked through Social Club.  Note that after deleting your hacked game saves, you will then need to go online with Red Dead Redemption for it to register that you're now playing clean and do the following:

  • For single-player saves, you will need to re-play the game while connected until you gain access to the safehouse at MacFarlane's Ranch.
  • For multiplayer saves, you will need to play one full multiplayer game online or do one Gang Hideout.

Lastly - just as we said in our first round of banning, the comments area below is not the place to share your side of the story or to give excuses - all such comments here and in other posts will be deleted, subject to our terms of service.

Please instead direct any and all correspondence on this subject to and we will have a look there.

Thank you all,
Rockstar Games

  • R* Yon March 15 2011, 2:00pmReplyFlag
    Please contact if you have any questions regarding bans, or want to report any hacking or cheating.
    • FluffyButtonson January 12 2013, 9:47amReplyFlag
      @ worst 2 hachers or modders in gta4 tbogt that always freeze other peoples PS3's are InTheSevens and OhManMyBad both have multiple JailBroken and modded / hacked PS3's
    • Ashawakon February 6 2015, 6:34pmReplyFlag
      @ okay this is the mod and/or hacker I unfortunately became a target of, this player named salvatrucho713 who did the rape mod and took money and weapons away today 06/02/15 7:00 - 7:30 pm. I really want to enjoy this game, cause im seeing more used gta 5 discs in the stores because people are getting really tired.
  • qc_guigui2013_qc1 week, 3 days agoReplyFlag
    Please contact me I got a cellphone movie from BILCO-LE-RETOUR modding, need a console or at least gta v ban ! If you contact me i could try to send you the video from him flying with me on is bike, he killed alot of people
    • Ashawakon February 6 2015, 6:58pmReplyFlag
      and here's another one taking away bullets and money too babycharrorasta 06/02/15 8:02 pm please do something they are ruining the game
      • PESCAROLOP902on January 26 2015, 9:28amReplyFlag
        In GTA 5 guy said he was going to take my money, weapons and cars. I had a fighter jet battle with him and all my shots were spot on but went right through him. His name is o14andy15. The console is PS3. Thank you.

        • DEMONITION1723on January 9 2015, 8:34amReplyFlag
          Umm looking on social club leader boards of ps4 in my crew says this guy has been on gta v ps4 for 870 days mmm
          Ye i cant see his profile but his nik name was


          Can u guys check him out thx
          • UndetectedThiefon November 25 2014, 11:12amReplyFlag
            There Is A Crazy Hacker In Grand Theft Auto Online! He Is Spawning Airplanes,Crates, And red Satalites In The City. He Is Using God Mode And Is Killing Everyone.. He Killed Me And My Friend Over And Over And Over. This HAPPEND In 11-24-14 I Have Proof Of This And His PSN Is DatGuyFromPhilly. Please Ban Him He Is Following Me In Every Lobby I Go To!
            • ErebusNemmesison November 19 2014, 11:12pmReplyFlag
              Ban mariodarius, mariodarius2 and mariodarius19. Ps3 romanian lvl135 he is the same person both social club are unlinked from psn. He is a very bad anoying person. He has been leveld up by mods or someone lvld him up and he screaming swearing and troling in missions both times i encounter him was a really bad experience. I told him im going to report him and i just received more swear and a run over by his car in a mission. He mentioned something about a modded loby at 8 pm to the others to not kick him because i became his target because i warned him i will kick him out of session. Pls ban him to save our ears and mental state.
              • -Gtaplayer135-on November 11 2014, 2:08pmReplyFlag
                There is a Hacker named bamba_buona. I made him to my friend and i talked with him a bit...
                First before we got friends he killed me very often and i could not do it because of course he has godmode...
                He said he is doing this mods with his pc. His brother messifigo and his another accounts messi_figo and messi-figo is the Hacker, but his brother bamba_buona uses his hacks very hard like he kills all people he mat like his Kills/Deaths is now 68.52 or more...
                Today the 11.11.14 he gaved me a invincible tank, he said just kill people... I said no...he said than do it or im gonna block i do it...
                He said he can give me money very often 2000 Dollar , then i just went off because... i hate hackers....
                • HAHAHAmuscleon November 10 2014, 6:49amReplyFlag
                  Rockstar i'm sorry i reported the wrong person earlier, the modder's name is actually JIMMY_MICKY not X_TheOracle_X. Could you please reply to me letting me know you haven't ban the wrong person. Thanks.
                  • HAHAHAmuscleon November 10 2014, 3:40amReplyFlag
                    X_TheOracle_X is a modder that has a jailbroken ps3,he has modded gta5 accounts for sale and he has godmode,teleport,modmenu,hacktool,and he said he would reset my money and stats.
                    • HAHAHAmuscleon November 10 2014, 6:39amReplyFlag
                      @HAHAHAmuscle Rockstar i'm sorry i reported the wrong person earlier, the modder's name is actually JIMMY_MICKY not X_TheOracle_X.
                  • _V_jem1203on October 27 2014, 6:59pmReplyFlag
                    Wati-ELITE21 exploitation de gros bugs sur gta5 online
                    • blessthefallitoon October 20 2014, 1:38amReplyFlag
                      xSMOKE WEEDxx have been using a glithch called god mood please investigate him!
                      • .LastEnglishRoseon September 27 2014, 2:49pmReplyFlag
                        mehh these players are not really harming anyone with their resigned save files they only change thier rank, its the ones with modded common.rpf files in their backup discs you wanna be detecting. Same goes for MP3 and both GTAs
                        • gustavo4558on September 26 2014, 8:52amReplyFlag
                          cheater in max payne iPacquerick
                        • johnconstantinion February 4 2014, 1:25pmReplyFlag
                          o jogador hotyuky esta usando trapaça para ficar com a sua vida inlimitada e usando super velocidade nos veiculos
                          • nikolas123123on December 20 2013, 7:15pmReplyFlag
                            I wanted to tell you that this guy on xbox 360 gave me 2013669874 dollars and i dont want to get banned for it. This guy is on xbox but i dont know the name. Please don't ban i have done so much to get here and i dont want it to stop now. Please help me out. My xbox gamertag is Nikolakis321
                            • dazzellerron August 24 2013, 2:03amReplyFlag
                              seen banhammer_gtaiv tonight in free roam playing gta 4. I hope they are being proactive!
                              • smithster116on August 23 2013, 6:01pmReplyFlag
                                a cheater on xbox360 red dead redemption. dizzyeyes002
                                • EH420YOon May 31 2013, 2:49amReplyFlag
                                  Does the e-mail # take care of GTA4 & TBoGT complaints as well ?
                                  • DH12311997useron May 27 2013, 4:57pmReplyFlag
                                    The Clan XBONCHAR are modders on the ps3 game GTA 4 EFLC. They have unlimited heath, spawn to people, spawn people to them, spawn cars that can't be destroyed, make you instantaneously explode, and run really fast. Here are the people that visited me earlier today.

                                    I hope you can get to them before they mess with anyone else Thank You
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