Mythical Creatures in Undead Nightmare: The Four Horses of the Apocalypse

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Behold – the Four Horses of the Apocalypse.  Pestilence, Famine, Death, and War.

This legendary quartet of doom is among the mythical creatures you’ll encounter while roaming the frontier in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – stay tuned as we’ll be revealing more of them in the days leading up to the October 26th release of the pack on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network.

Each of the four horses possess special powers, provided you can break these raging beasts.

With Hell following close behind, Death carries with him a violent wake that rattles through the skulls of the undead, causing a spectacular cranial explosion for any zombie it comes in contact with.

Attracting a swarm of insects wherever it travels, Famine's thin shadowy frame and crimson eyes mask an everlasting stamina.

A ghastly harbinger of plague and disease that's easily identifiable by its exposed wounds and ocular hemorrhaging, Pestilence possesses an exceptionally high pain threshold.

Given power to take peace from the earth, the fiery red horse known as War ignites a trail of flame upon all those in its path, turning the living and the undead alike into smoldering ash.

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  • SugarBewbson August 4 2014, 5:48amReplyFlag
    I have an issue that i wouuld love someone to assist me with. I did not break all the horses of the apocolypse before the games finish, so i went straight to rank 4 with death, missing a horse. (I forget which one) And i wanted the unicorn, so i killed the chupacabra, and ive been searching for hours, but my rank is still 4. Ive tried killing all he undead, which i did, el presidio had all of them, but no rank 5 yet. Do i need rank 5 for the unicorn? Am i screwed??
    • PeabodysFaceon August 10 2011, 10:45pmReplyFlag
      You can get the deeds for the horses (called "Blood pacts") by completing all the "Four Horses of the Apocalypse" Challenges.
      • 12786809on July 16 2011, 8:18pmReplyFlag
        Maxibillion1 I think that the fact that the Riders aren't involved is on purpose. Showing the lack of Rider could be symbolic of the Apocoplyspe actually isn't here. Signifying even worse times are coming.
        • 0n_CL0ud_9on June 5 2011, 5:11pmReplyFlag
          "Maxibillion1" poses a great idea. if that was the case more people would buy this game. releasing new dlc with this option would give rockstar more revenue due to the fact that they would make this game 10x more badass than it already is. it would also open up a newer undead story line that will entertain more and more people. but instead of the west it should be where an unexplained(until the end) force that brings jack marston into an underworld with old and futuristic weapons. its actually ironic im saying this because ive already come up with a story line for it, not with jack but with a whole new set of characters, weapons, locations, objectives, etc. and i have yet to get it put into motion. R* is a great developer and publisher but i doubt my idea will be considered. *NOTE: this was at least a little on-topic.
          • UK_DVMon April 17 2011, 12:40pmReplyFlag
            I want to put all of them in a 4-horse carriage!!!
            • 12231899on January 24 2011, 9:35amReplyFlag
              I have allready broken Pestilence, War and Famine but somehow I've got a normal horse now. Is it possible to get Pestilence back (so I can kill those bears easily)???
              • 11673812on January 17 2011, 10:00amReplyFlag
                aren't theese horses in the the bible too? Im pretty sure i have read about them...
                • RBarros97on January 1 2011, 3:40pmReplyFlag
                  OMG, what a stupid thing I did in RDR: UN. I mean I don't know if it was my fault 'cus I feeded War (War is the only horse I found so far, I found him near ) and one day I was in Blackwater just walking around and the horse stops and he DIES!!!!!
                  • Senakhtenreon December 19 2010, 3:10pmReplyFlag
                    Esto de los caballos del apocalipsis me parece algo fantástico y divertido, que nunca ví en otros juegos.
                    • Maxibillion1on November 6 2010, 7:16pmReplyFlag
                      @ R*, @ anyone who cares

                      honestly I find war the most bad-**s overly useful horse, unfortunatly the Death horse is the safest to kill with since it only kills zombies and is I'd say 2nd coolest one considering I feel I should cap and burn the other horses.

                      Famine and Pestillence aka "conquest" seem more like utility horses since they don't kill s**t.
                      Death and War do make me question if you can even approach them with out spontaniously combusting or haveing your head explode

                      p.s. Maybve if R* has an update for UN they should have an "Apocalpse" sub category with the four horsemen of the apocalypse if they don't have the mounts the horsemen should transform ANY mount they're on to the War' Death ' Famine, or Pestillence aka "conquest" version this I believe this would answer peoples request for increased invididuality and customization, If you don't release the horsemen I suggest the horses of the apocalypse which turn the current rider into the D,W,F,P version of that character, such as Death:skeleton, War: firey demon type thing, Famine: starved, Pestillence: starved, exposed wounds, diseased.
                      • 12168438on November 6 2010, 12:24pmReplyFlag
                        i have found war and also just found famine and still looking for the other two looking for death right now (hes the best)
                        • Dimenticatoon October 31 2010, 2:17pmReplyFlag
                          Searching for two hours straight in Tall Trees has become a huge drag and taken the fun out of this challenge. Now its just a chore that I'm giving up.
                          • Fatty_fat1on October 31 2010, 1:14amReplyFlag
                            I got War and don't see the need for the other 3.
                            • rob99elion October 30 2010, 8:40pmReplyFlag
                              i got war
                              • cheezybooon October 30 2010, 6:02amReplyFlag
                                I have Famine, but I am note sure where to find Death. Mexico is a small place in comparison to New Austin, I even know the rough area to find the secret after the story is complete (Little info due to spoilers) Or am I just not looking hard enough? I'm going to a thorough search now.
                                • slytd07on October 29 2010, 9:37pmReplyFlag
                                  once you finish the game and complete the 5th horsemen challenge you get deeds for all the horses and can on call them if they have died or not. so now all of you can relax
                                  • kcrightonon October 29 2010, 8:36pmReplyFlag
                                    ok so my war horse got killed while i was saving a town is there anyway to get it back or call upon the others i have broken like Pestilence??

                                    please help?!
                                    • 12060649on October 29 2010, 9:58amReplyFlag
                                      So i broke War, but it accidentally got killed in a shootout by sum mexican ---s... If one of these horses gets shot n killed is it gone for good? or can u find it again? I got the others, but i want War back!!!
                                      • Grawnogon October 28 2010, 8:11pmReplyFlag
                                        Keep holding down the fire button so you still keep the rope around the horses neck and move in towards it like you normally would with any other horse, quickly jump on and hold on for your dear life!!! xD I've broken only two apocalypse horses. They cool though well worth it! :D
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