The cult-classic Skyline is a serious contender in the turns and drifts thanks to that renowned all-wheel drive and taut handling.
The preferred mount for World Superbike riders, the Ducati 999R combines lightning fast acceleration with sharp handling for a ride that requires an extremely delicate touch.
  • Ambitious but highly-strung, most of the time Andrew treads the fine line between energetic and neurotic. At just 25, he already runs his own crew of drivers: Julian, Brian, Jin, Toshi, Tommy and Fumiko.

  • Whatever people say about him, he knows engines inside out. He grew up helping out at his uncle’s garage in Downtown Hollywood after school and has been racing cars since he was 17.

  • He’s passionate about motorbikes and races all over the Hills out of two hangouts on Ventura and West Mulholland.

  • In addition to his 2006 Ducati 999R, he drives a range of cars including a 1988 VW Scirocco 16v, a 2006 Mazda RX8, a 1995 Mazda RX7 and a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.
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