Midnight Club 2 PC Demo Available
PC owners can now take MC2 for a test drive. The Midnight Club 2 demo is now available for download, featuring a selection of three vehicles and a taste of both online and offline play modes through the city of Los Angeles. View the readme file for full requirements and technical information, and then download the 171MB file here.
MC2 Online Tournament at MaxPower Live
Rockstar and Microsoft will co-host an online multiplayer tournament at the UK's largest car show this weekend. If you're in the Birmingham area, visit the official Xbox stand at the Birminghang NEC July 4th-6th for your chance to win a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system, Xbox console or Xbox Live kit.
Midnight Club 2 for PC In Stores
PC owners can now play the most heralded arcade racer of the year from the comfort of their own desk chair, complete with PC-specific enhancements such as MP3 playlists and fully scalable graphical resolutions. Check the screens section of the site for 10 all-new PC screenshots, then hit the buy now area for a list of retailers to accelerate your imminent purchase.
GameSpy Rates MC2 Xbox 91%
GameSpy has given Midnight Club 2 on the Xbox a score of 91 in this outstanding review. The reviewer, Bryn Williams, sums it up nicely writing, “I can't remember enjoying an arcade-style racing game this much in a very long time...”
Midnight Club 2 for Xbox In Stores
Midnight Club 2 for Xbox hit North American stores today. Head to your favorite neighborhood retailer or visit our Buy Now section to secure the game that is sure to be the definitive racing title available on the Xbox.
EGM Awards Gold to MC2
Electronic Gaming Monthly has awarded Midnight Club 2 a Gold Award in their June issue. Their three reviewers scored the game a 9.0, 8.0 and 9.5, with Demian Linn proclaiming of the online modes, "The range of multiplayer games and user-created race routes means near-limitless replay value and the chance to earn cred on a much larger street."
Midnight Club 2 Xbox & PC Release Dates
The official release dates for the PC and Xbox versions of Midnight Club 2 have been announced. The Xbox version of the game will hit retailers on June 4th with the PC version following on June 25th. Preorder your copy here.
GameSpy Rates MC2 90%
GameSpy's Bryn Williams has given Midnight Club 2 a 90% rating in the site's review of the game, concluding, "The whole MCII package produces a really tight, super-fast racing game that does the PlayStation 2 proud."
4.5 out of 5 from GamePro
Major Mike of GamePro says of Midnight Club 2, "Racing games seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but MCII nicely holds its own against even the staunchest competitor." Read the full review and see the 4.5/5 scoring breakdown here.
Midnight Club 2 for PS2 In Stores
The future of illegal street racing is now - Midnight Club 2 for PlayStation®2 has been released to stores. Head to your favorite neighborhood retailer or visit our Buy Now section for online ordering options.
IGN Scores MC2 a 9.1
Doug Perry of IGN starts the online review rush with a final score of 9.1. "This baby is going to burn more than just your memory cells, it's going to burn your weeknights and weekends, and when you get online, I suspect it'll blaze through even more of your precious time." Full review here.
Game Informer Game of the Month
Game Informer has awarded Midnight Club 2 its Game of the Month award, scoring the game a 9 in the process. Reviewer Kato believes the online component "makes you understand the art of racing like never before." The full review can be found in the May issue.
PSE2 Platinum - 98%
PSE2 has reviewed Midnight Club 2 with a score of 98%, and their prestigious Platinum Award. Reviewer Dave Winding writes of the game, "It must be bought, it must be experienced, it must be loved!" Read the May issue for more.
Gamers.com Prints OPM Review
OPM's stellar review of Midnight Club 2 is now appearing on Gamers.com with its perfect magazine score translated to a rating of 10 out of 10 for the web site. Those of you who missed the print version can now check out the review online by clicking here.
April 8 New 60 Second Trailer
In anticipation of Midnight Club 2's PS2 retail release, an all-new high-intensity 60 second trailer of in-game street racing action is now available for download. Voiced by Funkmaster Flex, featuring in-game music by Tre Little and Red Spyda.
Gamespy March 19 Preview
Bryn Williams of Gamespy has posted an in-depth preview, concluding that you should "be prepared for some of the most stylish and certainly the fastest arcade-style racing ever seen on a console to date."
Gamespot Updated Preview
Updating their preview with new information about music and online modes, Gamespot's Ricardo Torres writes, "Rockstar San Diego seems to be crafting an impressive sequel that easily tops its predecessor in every department."
OPM 5 Star Review
John Davison of Official PlayStation Magazine calls Midnight Club 2 "probably the best new racing game to come out in a long, long time" and scores the game a perfect five out of five in his review. Read more in the April 2003 issue.
Midnight Club 2 release date
Midnight Club 2 will launch for PS2 on April 8. Xbox and PC versions coming Spring 2003. Click here to pre-order your copy.
Midnight Club 2 races online
It's official - Midnight Club 2 will be online-enabled. For detailed info on online play modes and system requirements for all three systems, see the newly launched online play section of the Midnight Club 2 web site.
Import Racer March Issue
Edward Loh of Import Racer expects "…complete addiction, this game will be like crack for all you gearhead fools out there. Expect at least one full letter grade drop in your GPA the semester after this game hits the stores."
Gamespot January 23 preview
Gamespot's Ricardo Torres notes "an impressive helping of eye candy such as specular highlights, a ton of lighting, and great particle effects." He also believes online play will "…definitely add a whole new dimension to the game and ensure that gamers will have plenty of opportunities to hone their skills."
Game Informer February issue cover story
Midnight Club 2 makes the cover of February's Game Informer: "Suffice it to say, MCII will provide you with more than a few good scares and memorable moments."
PSE2 February issue cover story
Greg from PSE2 predicts "…Midnight Club 2 looks like it's going to kick ass when it hits retail shelves this February."
Silicon January issue cover story
"Midnight Club 2 will be a faster, more intense experience…" writes Silicon, "…definitely one of the fastest games ever created, but what's amazing is that the gameplay remains extraordinarily smooth."
Electronic Gaming Monthly February/March issues
Featuring Midnight Club 2 in consecutive issues, Greg Sewart says "this fast, pretty racing game will definitely appeal to fans of the genre when it releases next month."
PSM December issue, cover story
PlayStation Magazine's editors are among the first to get their hands on Midnight Club 2. Remarks in the six-page glowing spread include, "…We've never seen a racing game move this fast on the PS2… Whoa, that's fast!"