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Vol. 1, Issue 8 The News Organ of Liberty City Friday September 21st, 2001
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An Interview With Donald Love
Liberty Tree News Bureau
September 21st 2001 5:40pm EST
LIBERTY CITY (RS) - William Mazyck

Liberty Tree welcomes Donald Love, newest bastion of the community.
Liberty Tree welcomes Donald Love,
newest bastion of the community.

With the opening of his new website, a precursor to his entry into the world of internet television some time in 2005, Donald Love took a few minutes from his busy schedule to talk to the Liberty tree about what's in store for entertainment in Liberty City.

LIBERTY TREE: Welcome to Liberty City! May I take this opportunity to tell you how pleased every citizen is to have you living in our city full time.

DONALD LOVE: Thanks. And may I say thank you to Liberty City for making me feel so welcome. This is a great city, you know, which gets a lot of bad press.

LT: Not anymore.

DL: Well, of course not. I bought the press here. And that's what freedom is all about as a businessman.

LT: How are you finding life in Liberty City?

DL: Well, I hope it won't be over-stating the case to say that I am enjoying it quite a lot. It is my conjecture that Liberty City is not called Liberty City for nothing. Unlike other towns, a man can truly be free here, at least for a price. And freedom is an American principle I hold very dear. Now, history was never my strong suit, but it is my understanding that we defeated the Native Americans because they tried to tell us what to do. The same with the Nicaraguans, so I think all right thinking Americans know why this is the land of the free, and especially that is the case in Liberty City.

LT: And what does freedom mean to Donald Love?

DL: The same as to any man: to do what I want to do. You know, a progressive city authority and a wise and thoughtful private sector can work together to make a place great. I spoke at great length with several important government officials, including Mayor O'Donovan, aboard my private yacht in the Caribbean before I moved here and I could see they were right thinking gentlemen. Men who understood that you couldn't, as they say, make a pudding without adding some sugar. They appreciate the special needs and concerns of the multi-billionaire investor and promised me the economic climate in this town would be to my liking. At the same time, to me Donald Love, the man, not Donald Love, the multibillionaire who dragged himself up by his boot straps, freedom means the ability to do what I want to do, and for you to do what you want to do, and not be told what is right or wrong by some interfering council or set of do-gooders.

LT: Diversity has always been your watch-word as a businessman. Now you seem to be focusing in on the media and selling off some of your older assets, including several of your most famous investments. Why is that?

DL: Yes, it certainly has. Diversity, and I hope, ruthlessness. In the business environment, you must fight hard, otherwise you are not respecting your opponent, be he stockholder, lawyer, customer or union man. I've considered it my duty to fight hard, not fair. And I think this is very important. But, I also respect people. Especially fellow billionaires, because I understand the sacrifices they have made in a way you never could. But time and tide wait for no man, as they say, even someone of immense wealth and power. I tell you, I could buy you and fifty of you, every hour, for the rest of my life but I could never buy one single hour of my life back. And sometimes, it's time to change. So I have re-focused the core interests of Love Media and am now concerned primarily with the media and pet food industries. I believe they compliment one another perfectly, although the wider Love Investment Group will retain some interests in plastic explosives and anti-personnel land mines, because it is my conjection that they are important and very lucrative industries. I am hoping to make a significant pet food acquisition in the coming months. In the Liberty City area. So you see, what is good for Liberty City is good for Donald Love, and, ipso facto, vice versa.

LT: And your new interactive TV service?

DL: Will be a remarkable thing, for all concerned. Entertainment will never have looked so good. I can tell you that. People will never want to go out again once they get into this stuff. Families will stay together, I honestly believe, because they will enjoy each other's company so much more with a LoveMedia.TV entertainment package.

LT: It isn't the cheapest television service, though.

DL: Excellence never is. Can you put a price on excellence? I could, but I'm afraid it would be far outside your reach.

LT: And what plans for the future?

DL: I have many interests. But I never plan. It is a waste of energy. Take what you're given, and if you don't like it, take someone else's too. This is the American way, not planning. We are, thankfully, socialists.

LT: Donald Love, thank you so much. It has been a pleasure.

DL: Thank you, and I promise, I will speak to the Pulitzer people on your behalf. You deserve it.

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