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Vol. 1, Issue 4 The News Organ of Liberty City Tuesday May 1st, 2001
" Masticating The Truth In Four Honest Stomachs "
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"The Powers of the Fugue, A Mystery Uncovered"
Entertainment and the Arts by Morgan Merryweather

Welcome back to my Memoires Entertainments, as they say in gay Paris. Have you ever been to Paris? It's magnificent. A place for the senses and the mind. Last time I was there, I met a charming Arab boy called Hossan who led me a merry dance, a waltz, or a cha cha, I can't remember, but it was marvelous. Anyway, I digress. This week in Liberty City, we've got a banquet of emotion in the arts. Some powerful fugues and some lesser ones, but all by major talents. If you want to understand what makes a fugue powerful, please check the handy graph I've created for you. Anyway, again, the mind wanders, to Morocco and Thailand. Like the paintings of Lautrec or the hands of a Turkish masseur. Mmmm. For those who like opera, my show, "The Fat Lady Sings" will calm all of your anxieties about the lack of quality radio in the Liberty City area. None of this rap or technology music. All arias and, of course, powerful fugues. It's a new weekly show on Double Cleff FM, a Donald Love station intent on bringing culture to this dangerous town of ours. Only yesterday, I was perusing the internet for photographs, when there was a knocking at my door. It seems Morgan, moi, has a secret admirer, because someone sent me an unsigned letter, all cut out of newsprint. "Stay away from my son, sicko!" it said, which I think must be a code I'm not yet familiar with. Strange, because I speak so many languages, including Thai, Moroccan, Flemish (when in Brussels, darlings!), French and classical Italian, such as Dante or Vergil might have known. Anyway, must dash. This is Morgan saying, "Keep it high brow, mes petits amis! Marvelous!"

PS - Proust - a man or a mountain? I'll let you decide!

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