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Vol. 1, Issue 5 The News Organ of Liberty City Sunday July 1st, 2001
" Fertilizing The Truth By Natural Means ! "
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Killer Bees:
Not a Threat In Liberty City!
Liberty Tree News Bureau
July 1st 2001 2:53pm EST
LIBERTY CITY (RS) - Frederic Pierce

Radio shows have been inundated with calls asking about the presence of killer bees in Liberty City. There is absolutely no basis of truth for this rumor and experts are puzzled as to why or how this rumor has started.

This is not the first time Liberty City has been subject to falsehood and lies. A few months ago, people were claiming the whole city had been shrouded in a mysterious fog, but that was not the case. Before that, people seemed to think the city was being attacked by a giant lizard and before that, there was a rumor circulating that some people in Liberty City didn't actually bleed! Well, we're here to tell you once and for all: no killer bees, no dense fog, no giant lizards and no bloodless zombies!

This is Liberty City, people. We all like a crazy story (especially here at the Liberty Tree!) but at least keep it vaguely in the realms of possibility! An expert notes, "Killer bees could never survive in latitudes this far north. Whether they exist or not, I don't know, I'm an expert in tree frogs of Venezuela, but I do know that there are no killer bees in Liberty City"

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