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Vol. 1, Issue 5 The News Organ of Liberty City Sunday July 1st, 2001
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Turf Wars and Triads Lead to Power Vacuum at the Top
By Walt Jefferson, Liberty Tree News Bureau
July 1st 2001 7:30pm EST

Police and organized crime experts are concerned that the Mafia may be losing their grip in Liberty City! Strange as it may sound, the police believe that the apparent problems within the major crime families in Liberty City may make the city less safe for law-abiding citizens. The Mafia has long dominated all aspects of illegal activity in Liberty City, but recently, internal problems including, police believe, a power struggle between the Leone family and the Forelli family, along with the emergence of other criminal gangs in Liberty have destabilized the city. "What we had before was bad," said an unnamed source, "But what we've got now could be much worse. With the Mafia you knew what you got. Now, who the hell knows what's going to happen in this place."

The police also believe the Mafia are involved in a vicious turf war with Triad gangsters for control of the lucrative Chinatown area of Liberty City. What this means for law-abiding citizens is simple: even more acts of violence and threats to public safety, something none of us want. While we all want to see organized criminals, racketeers and bullies behind bars, we don't want to get hurt in the process.

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