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Now this heralded portable iteration of the Grand Theft Auto franchise is no longer solely the privilege of the handheld gaming set.

Today, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories arrives for PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system - meaning PS2 owners around the globe can now also make that return trip to the unwelcoming streets of Liberty City, in the shoes of Toni Cipriani.

With all of the original storyline, gameplay, music and more that made the original version a 2005 classic - optimized for PlayStation 2 with faster load times, increased draw distance and a more densely populated city...

And for only $19.99 MSRP.

Check out the SCREENS and MOVIES sections here for newly added PlayStation 2 screens and the official PlayStation 2 version trailer, respectively.

Now you can add your own custom soundtracks to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, with Rockstar Custom Tracks v1.0. This application allows you to convert individual music tracks from commercial CDs you already own into the proper format, to play in the game.

To download the program, along with detailed installation instructions, check out the DOWNLOADS section of the site.

In less than a week, you'll be whipping around the streets of Liberty City, circa 1998.

As we hurtle towards this landmark handheld release, we present today's update to the official site, which includes another release of archived emails sent to the Liberty Tree back in '98, containing new and exclusive screens, clips, audio and more.

As well as an update to the MULTIPLAYER section showcasing 3 more game modes: The Hit List, Street Rage, and The Wedding List.

And the release of Trailer #3 in the MOVIES section, in honor of Liberty City Stories' sublime multiplayer mayhem.

Also, be sure to check out the BUY NOW section of the site - or else risk being empty-handed come the 25th.

GameSpy recently got a chance to test drive a few of the multiplayer modes for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. For a look at their in-depth impressions, click here.

"[Liberty City Stories' multiplayer mode] adds an amazing amount of replayability to an already deep game, while somehow managing to keep everything that's great about the single-player game intact."

Today, we present a massive update to the official website - complete with details about Multiplayer. Yes. We said Multiplayer.

Visit the all new MULTIPLAYER section of the site for details about a few of the multiplayer modes, including Liberty City Survivor, Protection Racket, and more.

Beyond that, you can browse through a fresh batch of emails in the Liberty Tree inbox, complete with new screens, movies, audio clips and more. Also be sure to check out the new DOWNLOADS section which features wallpapers - for proper computers and PSPs as well.

All this, plus the world premiere of Trailer #2 in the MOVIES section.

Check out IGN's brand new hands-on preview of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - click here for a look at their impressions along with some exclusive screenshots.

"Rockstar finally achieved what every GTA fan has wanted for years: a complete, ultra portable gameworld just waiting to be explored and exploited."

The October 2005 issue of PSM, on newsstands now, has an exclusive first-hand look at Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. In the article, the team at PSM gives their impressions of the all new gameplay features that have been brought to Liberty City, along with the first five missions of the story.

"We tell you from first-hand experience... his game will change portable gaming forever. Say hello to the PSP's first killer app."

Rockstar Games is proud to present Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - an all-new, full-scale Grand Theft Auto epic, coming exclusively to the PSPTM (PlayStation®Portable) system this October.

Today we present the launch of the official Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories website. Rifle through the Liberty Tree email inbox circa 1998, with tons of exclusive new screenshots, video clips, and more.

Plus the world premiere of the very first Liberty City Stories trailer in the MOVIES section.