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Rockstar San Diego
Sr. Lighting Artist

Rockstar Games is looking for a Senior Lighting Artist who possesses the ability to light our environments, cutscenes and characters for AAA video game titles. This position has a large impact on multiple departments and drastically affects the look and feel of the game.


  • Create and maintain all elements of lighting i.e. dynamic, prebaked, interior and exterior setups, cinematic set and character lighting.
  • Ensure that all lighting deliverables are completed fully and in line with production schedule and Art Director’s overall vision.
  • Collaborate on post process pipeline with leads, and art direction.
  • Maintain a balance between visual quality and performance requirements for real time game application.
  • Remain up-to-date with lighting techniques through industry research and prototyping new tech with code.
  • Work with design to make sure lighting accentuates missions, objectives and game flow.


  • Proven industry experience having shipped titles as a Lighting Artist that demonstrate a high level of ability.
  • Sound knowledge and use of advanced lighting techniques in the video game or VFX industries.
  • High level of proficiency within 3DS Max, Photoshop, After Effects and other 3rd party software or tools used in the production of environment and character lighting.
  • Highly technical with a strong understanding of how In Game lighting engines work.
  • Experience with post process pipelines in video game or VFX industries.
  • Capacity to solve creative and technical problems and communicate a compelling vision.
  • Must be responsive to deadlines and work well under pressure.
  • Strong communication and time management skills.

Additional Information

  • Must provide a portfolio through a webpage or other digital media to be considered