Grand Theft Auto V in arrivo questo autunno per PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC

Pubblicato: on June 9 2014, 11:10pm | Autore: R* Q | Archiviato come: Giochi

Siamo fieri  di annunciare che l'acclamatissimo e pluripremiato Grand Theft Auto V è in arrivo questo autunno per PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Grand Theft Auto V sfrutterà al massimo la potenza di PlayStation®4, Xbox One e PC presentandosi al meglio sotto l'aspetto grafico e tecnico e raggiungendo nuovi, impensabili livelli di dettaglio. Maggiore profondità di campo, texture più definite, traffico più denso e risoluzioni più elevate contribuiranno a dare nuova vita alle città, ai paesi, ai deserti e agli oceani dell'epica reinterpretazione della California del sud da parte di Rockstar North.

Salta tra le vite di Michael, Trevor e Franklin in una serie di colpi per tutta Los Santos e Blaine County nel più vasto, profondo e ricco mondo a esplorazione libera di sempre, arricchito da nuovi animali, sistemi climatici, danni potenziati e vagonate di altre novità tutte da scoprire.

Le migliorie permesse dai sistemi di nuova generazione riguardano anche Grand Theft Auto Online, l'universo in perenne espansione di Grand Theft Auto. Scala i vertici della criminalità organizzata formando bande per completare attività redditizie, acquistare immobili, veicoli e potenziamenti per i personaggi e gareggiare nelle tradizionali modalità competitive, oppure crea contenuti da giocare e condividere con la comunità di Grand Theft Auto.

Tutti i nuovi contenuti creati e pubblicati dal lancio di Grand Theft Auto Online, comprese le nuove attività, un intero arsenale di nuove armi e tutta una serie di nuovi veicoli, nuovi immobili e nuove personalizzazioni saranno disponibili, insieme a molte altre novità, in Grand Theft Auto Online per PlayStation®4, Xbox One e PC. In più i giocatori avranno la possibilità di trasferire i loro personaggi e i loro progressi di Grand Theft Auto Online su PlayStation®4, Xbox One o PC.  
Grand Theft Auto V per PC comprenderà anche un editor video con funzioni avanzate

Guarda il nuovo video presentato per la prima volta durante la conferenza stampa di Sony all’E3 e scopri I vantraggi per la prenotazione su

  • R* Mon June 10 2014, 2:10pmFlag
    Glad to see so many of you guys pumped for the release of GTAV on PS4, Xbox One & PC this fall! We know you’re eager to see and hear more, so please stay tuned in the weeks and months to come for more info and media.

    For those asking, Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression will be transferable to PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC.
  • SarcasticR691 hour, 56 minutes agoReplyFlag
    For God's sake .
    it's september and you guys haven't even revealed system requirements and release date for gta v next gen .

    + it's PAX Prime event that is being held today. i hope rockstar would finally reveal the release date(hopefully it should be released in october)
    i've been looking up for all sorts of gta v news, gameplay videos,trailers even since the first trailer came out and i was so happy when you guys revealed that it would be coming to PC.
    Just tell us the release date(hopefully october), show us another next gen gameplay trailer, reveal the system requirements(hopefully less demanding) and i'll be the happiest guy in the world !
  • denbo19853 hours, 34 minutes agoReplyFlag
    There a game event today so might hear sum news on gta 5 ps4
    • DroneGeneral8 hours, 55 minutes agoReplyFlag
      Mind my spelling auto corrections killer!
      • DroneGeneral8 hours, 57 minutes agoReplyFlag
        I really want a reply! Like loads of people I have saved up for the Collectors Edition on 360 console! My problem is that it cost £130 and it was a complete waste, it's a really good game but there's like hardly any decent content for toes who purchased the special and collectors editions! I never buy them but e only reason I did is because GTA is like that one game I really enjoy! As soon as I got my game i was looking up for more content to see if I've missed anything! I paid what; an extra £90 for a hat, and some really bad in game content! I wouldn't have even paid an extra £10 for the in game content, no offense! I feel really bummed and ripped off! However my QUESTION is that if I purchase the normal game on the next gen consoles (with the online transferred) will I still have the collectors content, as i feel ripped off like massively already and what's the point buying Collectors Edition again when it's not worth it the first time! Rockstar have developed a great game again however I do feel the story mode could have been miles better, and the online too, we need more customization options, more things to buy instead of just vehicles and snacks haha, what's the point with heists and even missions when the only things you can buy are cars basically!

        However no disrespect some ideas of the game are top notch without a doubt I just think your not actually listening to what people what, majority of your players want the same things but you put pointless stuff in! Anyway please do something with my collectors edition issue as I feel like myself and other players who have purchased it have been hard done by and it's even worse if we don't even get it on the next gen game! Anyway thankyou!

        Xbox 360: DroneGeneral
        • night_scent9 hours, 9 minutes agoReplyFlag
          We want Trailer for the next gen
          • night_scent9 hours, 17 minutes agoReplyFlag
            i can't wait
            • Mahmoudyy10 hours, 40 minutes agoReplyFlag
              To everybody excited for Gta 5 on Next Gen I just wanna say I doubt they'll delay it. Its a rerelease! If they delay a game thats already been out for over a year then I'll understand if you guys get mad (including me because I sold my Ps3 once it was announced on Next Gen) So lets just wait for Rockstar. Rockstar Pleasee release it in Fall like you said
              • Specialresident14 hours, 42 minutes agoReplyFlag
                my main issues with the last gta and it nearly put me off this one is:

                a) are you gona try to force me to buy a Xbox joy pad or will my existing joypad work? (don't wana wait 1 month after buying game on pc to actually play it.)

                b) Am I forced to have your gta social club on in the background when all I want is the single play none internet content mode.

                c) Are the vehicles actually easier to drive cause last game it was terrible.

                are there issues sorted cause if not id rather know now and save my money.
                • ebm7pc13 hours, 24 minutes agoReplyFlag
                  @Specialresident Hi, I can say by my own experiencie if you have any cheap pad for sure you will have a lot of mess trying to configure it, this kind of pads always comes with buttons all kinky and not even to say about the analogic axes. By the other side controllers like logitec F310 or F710 (which are not much expensive $25, $50), I don't think that gives trouble as they works exactly like xbox controller. In my case i use the xbox controller and also had an scuf controller but is expensive.
                  About the social club I don't see really as an issue, it is for keep some status updated and I may supose to avoid piracy (though unfortunately we all know is hard to stop :( ), since we don't need to keep a permanent internet conection, there's no problem (except for the gta onnline obviously).
                  About the driving, since I've played gtaV in xbox 360 it feels cool, agree with you gta 4 driving was annoying, but i can tell you that in gta 5 is totally different and is great to go on races, etc in almost every car. the car handling in gta5 I felt like some kind of gta sa with improved physics obviously, but this is a personal opinion, just from my point of view and hopping that helps you to decide. So I don't think you regret buying this game for pc (hope I don't do either xD).
              • Aloan.14 hours, 57 minutes agoReplyFlag
                Today is the last day of August. So I have good hopes for September, when more exciting media should pour in! I wonder if Gameinformer, IGN or other gaming news giants will have a preview to show the world! that would be fantastic!
                • TrvPGxd117 hours, 58 minutes agoReplyFlag
                  Can this game just be released us fans are tired of waiting for such a good game that is already complete and ready to be released. The more we wait the more we become fed up because there is no other game to play on Xbox one. Can y'all at least update us on when the game is actually going to come out instead of having us wondering if its gonna be delayed. The longer you wait the more money you lose because your losing are interest.
                  • denbo198520 hours, 54 minutes agoReplyFlag
                    his there a game event tommrow wonder the gta 5 realse date be out then
                    • Bboudreau723 hours, 37 minutes agoReplyFlag
                      Rockstar has given some new information about Grand Theft Auto 5 (Next Gen) In this article .
                      & no the game is not getting delayed, it will arrive this fall as promised.
                      • Aloan.1 day, 6 hours agoReplyFlag
                        I wonder if it will be possible to use a VR headset with GTAV next gen, when Sony releases it! imagine how awesome!
                        • ebm7pc1 day, 5 hours agoReplyFlag
                          @Aloan. Don't know how the VR technology goes with 3rd person games because it really fits fine on first person games but still could be interesting, after all, the most we can enjoy gtaV the better :D
                        • Aloan.21 hours, 35 minutes agoReplyFlag
                          @ebm7pc oh yeah I forgot that part!
                      • LilYawkJav1 day, 8 hours agoReplyFlag
                        I pre ordered.......i really cant wait its crazy
                        • Anarckhy1 day, 8 hours agoReplyFlag
                          I want to pre-order GTA V sooo badly but it's not letting me pre-order from the Playstation Store. Also will it support Pre-loading? I'm also trying to get it for PC, but won't let me on Steam either :/
                          • al_ka_seltzer1 day, 12 hours agoReplyFlag
                            I'm guessing all the money I've spent will be lost if I go for PS4 or PC versions. Please tell me I'm wrong!
                            With the way technology works today, it should be a simple case of transferring levels, etc to the new platform!
                            • wtpalexander1 day, 3 hours agoReplyFlag
                              @al_ka_seltzer Rockstar say this just up above:

                              "For those asking, Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression will be transferable to PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC. "

                          • Aloan.1 day, 13 hours agoReplyFlag
                            imo, this game (GTAV when release for Next Gen) is the best video game that ever existed, period! I mean it with all my heart! and I have been playing video games since the Atari 2600! :o (I guess I feel romantic today) :D
                            • Aloan.1 day, 13 hours agoReplyFlag
                              I am going to be so happy when all is gold for GTAV for this fall! I will either revamp my pc to welcome it with a big warm hug or buy a PS4 :)
                              • Leonidas_061 day, 13 hours agoReplyFlag
                                More information in september.
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