Grand Theft Auto V in arrivo questo autunno per PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC

Pubblicato: on June 9 2014, 11:10pm | Autore: R* Q | Archiviato come: Giochi

Siamo fieri  di annunciare che l'acclamatissimo e pluripremiato Grand Theft Auto V è in arrivo questo autunno per PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Grand Theft Auto V sfrutterà al massimo la potenza di PlayStation®4, Xbox One e PC presentandosi al meglio sotto l'aspetto grafico e tecnico e raggiungendo nuovi, impensabili livelli di dettaglio. Maggiore profondità di campo, texture più definite, traffico più denso e risoluzioni più elevate contribuiranno a dare nuova vita alle città, ai paesi, ai deserti e agli oceani dell'epica reinterpretazione della California del sud da parte di Rockstar North.

Salta tra le vite di Michael, Trevor e Franklin in una serie di colpi per tutta Los Santos e Blaine County nel più vasto, profondo e ricco mondo a esplorazione libera di sempre, arricchito da nuovi animali, sistemi climatici, danni potenziati e vagonate di altre novità tutte da scoprire.

Le migliorie permesse dai sistemi di nuova generazione riguardano anche Grand Theft Auto Online, l'universo in perenne espansione di Grand Theft Auto. Scala i vertici della criminalità organizzata formando bande per completare attività redditizie, acquistare immobili, veicoli e potenziamenti per i personaggi e gareggiare nelle tradizionali modalità competitive, oppure crea contenuti da giocare e condividere con la comunità di Grand Theft Auto.

Tutti i nuovi contenuti creati e pubblicati dal lancio di Grand Theft Auto Online, comprese le nuove attività, un intero arsenale di nuove armi e tutta una serie di nuovi veicoli, nuovi immobili e nuove personalizzazioni saranno disponibili, insieme a molte altre novità, in Grand Theft Auto Online per PlayStation®4, Xbox One e PC. In più i giocatori avranno la possibilità di trasferire i loro personaggi e i loro progressi di Grand Theft Auto Online su PlayStation®4, Xbox One o PC.  
Grand Theft Auto V per PC comprenderà anche un editor video con funzioni avanzate

Guarda il nuovo video presentato per la prima volta durante la conferenza stampa di Sony all’E3 e scopri I vantraggi per la prenotazione su

  • R* Mon June 10 2014, 2:10pmFlag
    Glad to see so many of you guys pumped for the release of GTAV on PS4, Xbox One & PC this fall! We know you’re eager to see and hear more, so please stay tuned in the weeks and months to come for more info and media.

    For those asking, Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression will be transferable to PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC.
  • EldinCC15 minutes agoReplyFlag
    One thing is sure , IF they delay the game... then im not buying.

    Division, Batman and MANY more envole are comming next year, then GTA V will not have the same effect on me.
    • Aloan.12 hours, 31 minutes agoReplyFlag
      well hopefully, next month is info month on this, then a launch date must come before Christmas, if they want to make the most money! ;) - so I'm positive for a November 15th - 17th release! September and October would be the media hype months!
      • Leonidas_0614 hours, 46 minutes agoReplyFlag
        maybe release date 2015.
      • karld10217 hours, 43 minutes agoReplyFlag
        comment ur gamertags as I had an idea of trying to takeover the army base basically try get a full lobby get air dropped in and drop in a few tanks for support just to pass the boredom really
        • Krisyboi8917 hours, 49 minutes agoReplyFlag
          Plase r*star let thid hit the shops this fall :-} hate waiting ps4 ++
          • xXKingDogsterXx20 hours, 54 minutes agoReplyFlag
            Is Denise the tante of Franklin the girlfriend of cj from gta san andreas
          • gtaonline4life9421 hours, 57 minutes agoReplyFlag
            I hope the next-gen version of gta 5 and gta online will be improved perfectly. The main problem is... special edition and collector edition on the next-gen console? because i already have a collector edition avatar on gta online, well... misty + claude on my xbox 360. And for the pc, which system requirements i should have? And talk about the release, is it this fall? But which day and month? I know the fall season is between September 23 to december 20. reply my answer!
            • denbo19851 day, 2 hours agoReplyFlag
              Still no news
              • GTA_5_Italy1 day, 3 hours agoReplyFlag
                Rockstar I am a developer and so I know the difficulties that occur before to complete a project, I follow you for years and now I am used to these suffocating waits and I hope you will be able to complete this project later this fall !! And Like all GTA fans hope to hear some news as soon as possible!
              • Aloan.1 day, 8 hours agoReplyFlag
                Just wanna let this out: imho GTAV is the best game ever made period! R* has gloriously brought it up this far! and to know it is getting the VIP next gen treatment, I got no words! I just deeply hope you guys can manage to make it in time for Fall! fingers crossed to all you devs at R*! best wishes! ;)
                • Mahmoudyy1 day, 9 hours agoReplyFlag
                  Hey Rockstar, you probably won't see this but its worth a try. We all love you and all the hard work your doing for us but please you gotta help us out. I mean atleast show some screenshots or a trailer... Anything at this point will be great. Please Rockstar I sold my Ps3 and Gta 5 thinking were getting it soon so please. Thanks
                  • GTA_5_Italy1 day, 3 hours agoReplyFlag
                    @Mahmoudyy Also I have sold 3 months ago my ps3 to get a ps4. GTA V I miss a lot !! But I do not think the game will be released before the December / late November
                • Anarckhy1 day, 21 hours agoReplyFlag
                  I've sold my copy alongside my PS3 to get a PS4. I missed out literally everything and this is the only game I'm looking forward to during Fall. I watched so many Youtubers play it with funny moments, races, activities, and I just can't wait anymore. The silence is really hurting everyone including me. We just need a release date so we can all be prepared to buy a next-gen console or upgrade our PC's scenario. I know Rockstar is done with the next-gen versions a long time ago. They were in development during 2012 alongside the old-gen. All the DLC we received are pre-made including Heists but they're just using the time to make more. They don't want to release everything, but in a timely manner. So don't expect GTA V for next-gen and PC to be delayed. We just need a release date so many people can finally look forward to playing it this fall!
                  • Aloan.1 day, 21 hours agoReplyFlag
                    it's been 6 days that the newswire is not updated. Hopefully it is because next gen media are coming, or the worse Flight School ended bla bla bla stuff. Fingers crossed.
                    • GTA_5_Italy1 day, 3 hours agoReplyFlag
                      @Aloan. We hope you know something about the conference sony pre-Tokyo Game Show on September 1 !! Although I do not believe it!
                  • akiro20121 day, 21 hours agoReplyFlag
                    hello, rock star Game says please now when GTA 5 for the PlayStation 4 which date or a pair of new infos(information) appears
                    • Harsh28041 day, 23 hours agoReplyFlag
                      not let gta 5 come on pc

                    • samarboss2 days, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
                      ROCKSTAR please give us a game play of GTA V of PC , PS4 ,XBOX 1 and system requirements for PC . I dont want any more fake game plays of GTA V NEXT GEN , PC and system requirements for PC if I have to upgrade my pc I want to do it now .
                      • denbo19852 days, 4 hours agoReplyFlag
                        Loads sites saying next year now
                        • EldinCC2 days, 4 hours agoReplyFlag
                          @denbo1985 Dude don't trust the sites? its just bulls**t. the game will release this falll, there is no point in delaying a game thats already made, and they need to earn money before people lose interest. keep in mind that many cool games comes next year, and if it comes out same time, then GTA wont sell that much.

                        • denbo19852 days, 3 hours agoReplyFlag
                          @EldinCC U herd any news geting fed up waiting
                        • EldinCC2 days, 2 hours agoReplyFlag
                          @denbo1985 No, but the only real news is when rockstar write it right here.. so don't trust the other sites. play it on last gen until it release? :)
                        • samarboss2 days, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
                          @denbo1985 dude you are right even a site have a topic of dont make gta v pc but R* will release gta v next gen and pc because many games are coming next year and then many people will lost interest in gta v so i am sure that gta v is going to release this fall or 31 dec I saw it amazon . But hope it releases before DEC :-l
                        • denbo19852 days, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
                          @samarboss I had phone call they saying next
                        • @denbo1985 Who did you call? ..
                        • @EldinCC Asda i pr order them thry said its coming out next yesr would i like my money back with it being next year
                      • baxter50082 days, 9 hours agoReplyFlag
                        Will it look next gen on a 1080p desktop nvidia computer?
                        • MaliciousFiber2 days, 8 hours agoReplyFlag
                          @baxter5008 Expect better. People it is simple. PC can simply be more powerful, no argument. Next-gen consoles hardware is not cutting edge by any means but it is a platform that is designed to handle a standard and it does that well. Consoles must be this way so that they are reasonably priced. I'm expecting quite a bit but honestly I think last gen is more or less a super beta. I don't mean to say the game is bad by beta if you have a keen eye you can tell their going to drop something crazy watch.
                      • GENIUS3162 days, 12 hours agoReplyFlag
                        I just want this game to come out i havent played it for months and really want to give it another try on my xbox one
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