evening, sir. Nice for this time of year, ain't it? Out a bit late ain't we? But at least you was polite, sir, and in this day and age that ain't usual. No sir, it don't sir! Filth, Old Bill, PC Plod, Tit Head, Pigs, Bacon, Rozzers, I've heard it all, sir. Heard it a thousand times, and no mistake. And it ain't funny, and it don't help nobody. These are perilous times, these are. Full of perils. London is over-run with criminals, and we can't control them Crisp Twins anymore than anyone else can. But we're startin' to make a bit of a difference. Stop a few of those bastard slags, if you'll excuse my French sir. 'Cause London these days, well it ain't like in my old man's day. Now it's all purple hearts and diet pills and guns, and it ain't no good. No good at all. Just look at the cars that were pinched just in the last couple of days. They'll give you a bit of insight into the criminal mind, and that's what you need