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D.O.B 24 / 08 / 46
Birthplace Montreal, Canada.
Identifying Features

Looks much younger than his age. Various markings, brands, tattoos and scarification from the many sects and cults he has joined in the past.

Criminal Record

U.S. Record
1987 - Sexual harassment of unwilling recruits - 2 yr State pen.
1990 - Inciting a riot / violence - 5 yr State Pen.
1995 - Bombing of rival religious cult - 1 yr suspended sentence.
1996 - Car burning protest - Not proven.
1998 - Large scale Kidnap, An entire stadium of people. (No witnesses).

Hang-Outs On his bus, prowling for conversion candidates, or prostitutes he can double up with.
Girlfriends Prefers casual sex with new recruits, rumoured he is the tester for Luppy's harem.
Car Double Decker bus called "Welcome"
Weapons Very hypnotic character and has the latest light Tazers to stun potential conversion fodder.

Driving a lot, he uses very different Zaibatsu drugs to rarely sleep. Can be found prowling all over the city, stopping at unsuspecting bus stops for unsuspecting passengers.

Drugs Zoom Zoom, a contraband drug Zaibatsu stopped making after people died from massive sleep deprivation.
Specialities Talking a lot and saying nothing, repeating alleged Krishna scriptures which he has made up in his head.
Kidnap and extortion.
Alias's The Poet.
The wise one.
Kung fu.