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D.O.B 18 / 06 / 63
Birthplace Hiroshima
Identifying Features Heavily tattooed body and only one eye.
Criminal Record

No.5 Tokyo police most wanted
U.S. File
1989 - Violent Assault (Chopped all the fingers off a chef and fed them to him)
1991 - Suspected of many violent punishment attacks.
1992 - Confirmed Yakuza torturer( Identification no confirmed before witness lost both eyes.)
1995 - Car jacking Italian Sportscars 2yrs State Pen.
1996 - Suspected of double murder in Prison (Unproven)
1998 - Suspected of countless shootings and gruesome tortures.


Hochi-ban bar, which he owns. Car dealerships where he test drives new cars at his leisure

Girlfriends Homosexual (Status unknown)
Car Any pedigree sports car
Weapons His mind, thinking up more heinous tortures.
A blunt rusty switchblade.
Two Laser sighted Magnum Apache's
Habits Torture for pleasure.
Regular patron of the many S & M clubs in the city.
Drugs Amyl Nitrate.
Specialities Fear.
Bringing in bad debts.
Car theft and indiscriminate killing, maiming and torture.
The Clarinet, he recently reached grade 5
Alias's Chocolate… etc