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D.O.B 23 / 02 / 38
Birthplace Salt Lake City , Utah
Identifying Features Heavy Glasses, Old Tweed Suits and an eternally burning pipe
No scars, birthmarks or known tattoos.
Criminal Record

U.S. Record (Classified)
1979 Illegal Prescription of untested drugs - 1 Yr suspended jail ban.
1980 Patient Harrassment - 3 Yr suspension form Medical Practise.
1985 Charged with assaulting fellow Doctors with Shotgun - Released on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Hang-Outs Never leaves office and apartment inside the Asylum.
Girlfriends Self styled inflateable doll.
Car N/A
Weapons He uses diverse drug treatments and hypnotherapy to control his army of mad men.

Singing opera over the asylum public address.
Testing new drug therapy on himself first.
Requesting the sublime and the ridiculous to help fulfill his unknown masterplan.

Drugs All prototypes supplyed by Zaibatsu. Saax has a taste for the slightly more contra-band narcotics himself.
Specialities Abducting people he finds unpleasant and putting them to work for the asylum.
Alias's I Claudius
Jock Brown