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D.O.B 15 / 02 /61
Birthplace Siberia
Identifying Features Extensive burns on back and face - During chemical thefts in native Siberia. Rest of body heavilt tattooed as he has worked his way up from the Boitsi.
Criminal Record

Russian record littered with small crimes and acts of violence. In and out of prison all his life he almost hung for the death of a K.G.B. agent. Allowed to live when it transpired he was a CIA double agent.

U.S. record -
1995 - Attempted Murder - Acquitted.
1996 - Kipnapping and Robbery - Witness died.
1997 - Daylight massacre of rival gang - Witness's dead.
1998 - Suspected kidnap of entire convent - Purpose unknown.

Hang-Outs All bars around the docks, friendly with many shopkeepers and butchers. Only goes to Russian strip joints.
Girlfriends Shagski - the fattest ride in the city.
Car N / A
Weapons Heavy pump action shotguns and a who's who of side arms.
Habits Heavy smoker and drinker. Likes to drink more than anyone else most nights. Mornings are out for Lodov, he's strictly an evenings man. Likes to drive his reinforced 67' Mustang around the docks at high speed.
Drugs Heroin at the weekends, addiction from period on whale trawler.
Specialities Leaving little of the body behind to be identified.
Alias's Red eye.
The Lawyer (He destroys all the witness's).
The Milkman ( He only fucks big cows).