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D.O.B 20 / 04 / 60
Birthplace Wolverhampton
Identifying Features

Small and fat man with a Buddha complex. Very slow moving due to tubby build. Stoned appearance put done to his subliminal harmony with all around him.

Criminal Record

Interpol Record
Kidnap, Extortion, Brain washing and possession of soft drugs.

U.S. Record

Hang-Outs Never leaves Harem in the centre of his temple. A virtual recluse, unseen in public for many years.
Girlfriends A growing harem of women keeps him very busy.
Car N / A
Weapons His huge religious influence. Many underlings who will carry out his wishes.
Habits Sex, drugs, meditation and eating.
Drugs A cocktail of specially prepared Zaibatsu products to which no one has access, and is essentially secret.
Specialities Having people he doesn't like kidnapped, brainwashed and taking all their worldly possessions, without them ever realising it.
Alias's The hare
The star of light.
Keith Richards.