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D.O.B Unknown
Birthplace Moscow (Allegedly)
Identifying Features A patch over one eye and a pin protruding out of his left leg. Both injuries from a terrorist grenade.
Criminal Record

Russian record - Classified

U.S. record
1997 - Suspected explosion at police H.Q.
1998 - Suspected car bomb attack on rival porn dealer.

Hang-Outs Compulsive gambler, mainly hangs out at Russian casino and back street strip joints.
Girlfriends Numerous dancer girlfriends.
Car N / A
Weapons High powered hand guns and sawn off shot guns. Prefers laser sighting on everything.
Habits Watches other gang members especially the boss's house. Doesn't socialise with other gang members.
Drugs Secretly addicted to Zaibatsu Play-drugs.
Specialities Interrogation and explosive construction.
Alias's The Spy.
The Scum.
The insect (Always see's).