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D.O.B 11 / 04 / 49
Birthplace Georgia
Identifying Features Double Amputee (To the hips)
Prison tattoos on both arms.
Numerous scars on back, (Allegedly from lashings)
Criminal Record

Russian record includes - Extortion, racketeering and prostitution.
1975-1988 Imprisoned for theft of two hundred million barrels of Oil from Siberian oil fields.

No Record in the U.S.
Widely accepted as the mastermind behind the sharp increase in Russian Mafia activity since his arrival from Russia.

Hang-Outs Confined to an old house overlooking the docks.
Girlfriends Niet
Car N /A
Weapons Primarily his numerous bodyguards. It is also believed that he has two .44 Magnums strapped to his electric wheelchair. Both for protection and punishment killings.
Habits Heavy smoker and Absinth drinker, the latter allegedly kills the athritic pain in his legs.
Drugs He refuses to take Zaibatsu sponsored pain killers.
Specialities Planning intricate crimes for his gang to carry out.
Alias's The cripple.
The old man.