Name : Samuel Deever A.K.A. : n/a
D.O.B : 27/09/69 Height : 6ft 6in
Distinguishing Marks : Pierced nipples
Previous Convictions/Investigations :
Suspected Cannibalism during stakeout (1989)
Urinating on superior officer's desk (1992)
Theft of impounded narcotics (1989-97)
Malicious wounding of fellow officer (1990, 91, 92, 94, 95)
Incestuous practices (1995)
Sexual Harassment (1996)
Reporting for duty under the influence of alcohol (1994)
Kidnapping (1995)
Alleged sodomy of a superior officer (1997)
Enjoying all of the Police Academy movies (1989-95)

Currently Under Investigation For :
Trafficking in stolen drugs
Collusion with New World Order forces
Operating a tattoo parlour without appropriate licences
Indecent Exposure

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