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UpdateOh my. We've got a bit of gta controversy going on. Go ahead, make our day...

It looks like the GTA points fairy thinks some of you little weasles have been cheating just an itsy bitsy bit. Now we're all for tactical playing and if you can outlogic us on our own game play, then you must be a GTA god.

However, the GTA points fairy and BMG Interactive reserve the right to boot you and your score off the scoreboard if they suspect you of cheating (for example, trying to submit scores not generated by the game).


You heard it from da man, da boss, da big cojones.

play on.

Enter the Challenge and prove that you're the best. All you have to do is play the game and get the high score. For the remaining 4 weeks, if you're the numero uno player at the end of the day (5:00 PM GMT) on any Friday then you could win one of three customised GTA Playstations being given away by BMG Interactive.

Think you're good enough. We'll see . . .

To play, enter your name and email address above and click on a mission of your choice. Successfully complete a mission and your score will be entered onto the high score table. Rack up points by playing all the missions and by crashing into cars and pedestrians. You can re-play any mission to better your final score. Or you can be a spineless worm and quit now.


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