You just can't get enough, can you? Well, if you're the type who wants to take it to the limits then we've got a competition for you. Build the best "unofficial" GTA site on the web and we'll give you an exclusive DMA goodie that even your friends can't get their sleazy hands on.

To help you out a bit, we've put up a load of images in the Image Bank section of the Catalogue (Sector A1) that you can nick for your site. Feel free to pilfer or grab any other information you want on the official site. When you're done, mail us your URL. A winner will be decided by 31st January and posted here. Oh yeah, do us a favour, make sure you add a link to the official GTA site /gta.html

Or . . . here are some other places to hang out if your after the spirit of America found in GTA. If you think our site should be linked to any others, then please drop us a line and if it's going to entertain people, we'll slap it about a bit, and bang it up. All bribes accepted.

The House of Lords debate over GTA

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