GTA Online - La mise à jour École de pilotage de San Andreas est maintenant disponible

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Vous avez toujours rêvé de dompter le ciel ? Vous voulez prendre des risques extrêmes et dépasser vos limites ? Foncez à l'école de pilotage de San Andreas ! Prenez les commandes d'un jet d'entraînement rapide et agile, le Western Besra, et frôlez le décrochage ! Dominez l'espace aérien à travers 10 nouvelles missions solo qui vous apprendront à surmonter tous les dangers. Devenez un expert des manoeuvres de combat, du vol à basse altitude et même du vol en formation !

Une fois cette simple formalité remplie et vos galons de pilote acquis, parcourez le ciel aux commandes du luxueux hélicoptère Swift ou transportez votre équipe avec classe dans le nouveau Miljet de Buckingham à 16 places. Essayez toute une nouvelle collection de sacs et de toiles de parachutes, et déployez votre parachute de secours pour un atterrissage en douceur si jamais la situation part en vrille... ou pour faire preuve d'inventivité lors de vos sauts de précision. Une fois au sol, prenez le volant de la superbe Coquette d'Invetero, disponible dans ses versions classique ou décapotable, pour satisfaire votre soif de vitesse sur le plancher des vaches.

Rassemblez vos complices pour découvrir de nouvelles activités et essayer trois nouveaux modes de missions inédits. Dans les missions de type Exercice de visée, les joueurs s'affrontent à bord de P-996 Lazers pour garder le contrôle d'un drapeau et marquer des points. En mode Chasse au drapeau, vous luttez contre d'autres cadets pour récupérer 15 drapeaux, les armes pouvant aussi bien être autorisées qu'interdites. En mode Air Force Zero, les défenseurs doivent protéger un appareil pendant son vol jusqu'à une zone d'atterrissage sûre contre l'équipe adverse.

La mise à jour École de pilotage de San Andreas pour GTA Online est maintenant disponible via la mise à jour automatique 1.16 sur PS3 et Xbox 360. En plus du contenu évoqué ci-dessus, celle-ci apporte diverses corrections et modifications à GTA Online. Les récompenses en RP et en dollars GTA pour les missions de contact ont notamment été ajustées pour que les missions plus difficiles soient aussi plus rentables. Les gains de dollars GTA ne sont plus réduits si vous terminez plusieurs fois une mission, et toutes les récompenses sont maintenant liées au temps. Pour découvrir l'ensemble des modifications de cette mise à jour, consultez le dossier complet sur le site d'assistance Rockstar.

Restez connectés pour tout savoir sur toutes les mises à jour de GTA Online et sur le prochain évènement spécial organisé ce week-end pour fêter la sortie de la mise à jour École de pilotage de San Andreas.

  • R* Yon August 20 2014, 12:49pmFlag
    Hey all,

    We hope everyone is enjoying the new San Andreas Flight School Update for GTA Online.

    For those who were experiencing an issue with the loss of their Musket from the Independence Day Special, this issue has been resolved. If you're still not seeing your musket back in your inventory please try restarting your console, and if you're still experiencing issues with the Flight School Update please contact our Support team.

    For anyone experiencing problems with personal license plates reverting to default versions, please see our fix for that here:

    Also, if you're experiencing any other kinds of technical issues in relation to today's update, please visit our support site for assistance.

    To provide feedback and ideas on things you’d like to see in future GTA Online updates, please don't hesitate to hit us up at, where our dev team reviews all player suggestions for consideration.

    Of course, please keep all comments on-topic and related to the article. Abusive, spam and off-topic comments will be removed as per our stated rules, and repeat offenders will be subject to commenting privileges being suspended as well.

    Thanks everyone, we'll have more GTA Online announcements to share with you soon, including all the details of our upcoming Flight School Update Event Weekend.
  • Pashew91on October 17 2015, 7:57pmReplyFlag
    I have San Andreas for Xbox 360 it keeps freezing when I get to flight school ?
    someone have any ideas ?
    • kinggod2100on September 29 2015, 2:23pmReplyFlag
      I have San Andreas for Xbox 360 it keeps freezing when I get to flight school someone please help me
    • Serpentexon October 27 2014, 7:10pmReplyFlag
      I would love to see propeller fighter like Rustler return to GTAV
      • RstarIVon October 13 2014, 12:41pmReplyFlag
        It would be really cool if the Grand Theft Auto V for the new systems come with all the extra dlc's included
        • shilka39on October 10 2014, 8:35amReplyFlag
          Got disapointed of change regarding airplane gameplay, so many mechanisme that already exist but is not used to its full potential, and the changes and nearly minor just a few script changes, for the wing ripping collision just to apply it on air collision and remove instant explosion when hit by any explosive projectiles even where there is no fuel/engine at all (seriously there is more fire inside the c**kpit than on engine and fuel tanks together, and there is no fuel at all inside a c**kpit! Even more when engine and fuel tanks are about 10m away from it)

          Like always new stuff wich cost millions but nothing to increase income from mission, heist are 1 and a half year overdue and still not officially planned for 2015, character movement is stupid (can't use arms eh?) and the : after 4m fall just crash to the ground like a big brown- (you know what i am saying).

          The game should have be more refined, its more a transition game to earn money in order to make another game wich is more polished regarding gameplay.
          Why is even most of solo gameplay elements not in online? why disable gas leaking from vehicles, why are the cops shooting on sight instead of trying to arrest you for minor 'crimes'? (got killed once for litteraly standing in front of a cop car without eyeballing them), why (not) so serious?

          Somehow it feels like FC3, had some good potential but somehow managed to screw it up for same reason : too much time have passed since last game of its series so budget only allow 'basic' elements (I know there are advanced elements)
          But for a game who was announced to be a blockbuster ? Can't be serious on that one
          • Mattyi123on October 7 2014, 9:37amReplyFlag
            hol lehet letölteni ?

            • Yakkuluson October 11 2014, 4:26amReplyFlag
              @Mattyi123 Milyen konzolon játszod?
              Ha PS3-on akkor csak elindítod a játékot és le is tölti
              Ha XBOX 360-on akkor is frissítenie kell a játékot ha van internetkapcsolatod. És be vagy jelentkezve.
              HA viszont valami megbuherált masinád van (ki chipelés Flashelés stb.) nem tudod frissíteni a játékot.
          • zzchhqon October 2 2014, 10:22amReplyFlag
            • USMC_Poolee_2013on September 28 2014, 4:50pmReplyFlag
              Don't for get Dogtags
              • USMC_Poolee_2013on September 28 2014, 4:39pmReplyFlag
                Ok the screenshots Showed Military uniforms when can WE GET THEM (covers, blouse Trousers boots watches helmets pads vest Dress uniform Etc you'll have a BIGGER fan base if you do that and if You put it all on PS4 AND Xbox 1 you'll loose a BIG chunk
                • hungryNonameon September 22 2014, 11:12pmReplyFlag
                  This new payout system is so f***ing ---ed, I like the longer you take the more you get paid but the hole more people more money is dumb as hell!! Seriously needs to be changed, not all the time do I want to play missions with people, I can't even get people to play missions wit anyway it just disconnects half the time. I just did judging the jury by myself trying to do new missions, it takes so long to kill all the jurors by yourself then once you do you get a stupid message telling you to kill the rest in three minutes. Effing impossible by yourself they are all over the map how the f***k are you gonna have a timer on a mission when were supposed to get paid for the longer it takes us!!!? Completely and utterly stupid just screams by shark cards witch I don't have money for and even if I did would not waste money on that s**t. Defeats the purpose of the game of coming up from the bottom and making bank and buying hard earned apartments and cars. I do love the game, just feel like I'm getting treated like dirt as a fan and costumer.
                  • AShaffer14on September 21 2014, 10:07pmReplyFlag
                    Just some ideas
                    Update 01- Land Vehicle Update
                    Vapid Sadler LCD (Large Cabin Diesel)
                    Vapid Mini Sadler (Ford Ranger)
                    Bravado Titan (Dodge Longhorn Ram)
                    Aesa Monstro (Dodge Dart)
                    Aesa E-7 (Ford Fusion)
                    Magnum Copper (Harley Motorcycle)

                    Update 02- Law Enforced
                    Bravado Police c**koo (Law Enforced Toyota Venza)
                    Bravado Chinser Off Road Police Cruiser (Chevy Suburban)
                    Dynasty Cruiser (Undercover Ford Police Car)
                    Buckingham Raid (Heavily Armored Police helicopter)
                    Buckingham Twinsky (V-22 Osprey)
                    Heavy Sniper (Barrett 50.CAL)
                    Heavy Pistol (Desert Eagle)
                    Heavy Automatic Shotgun (AA12)
                    Super Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Super Heavy, and Juggernaut Armor

                    Update 03- Land Lords
                    Benefactor Toronto (1980's Mobster Car)
                    Recner Blue (Pontiac Firebird)
                    Vapid Limbo (Lowrider Modded Vapid Peyote)
                    MG2 (Browning M2)

                    Update 04 - Thanks-killings
                    Ancient Bow
                    Antique Dagger
                    Ancient Japanese Sword
                    Gas Bombs
                    Winded-up Turkey Bombs
                    Turkey Mask
                    Turkey Costume
                    Indian Costume
                    Pilgrim Costume

                    Update 05 - World War Update
                    Straight Shot (Lockheed - Martin F-22 Raptor)
                    Veteran (Sopwith Camel)
                    Skyhorse (F4U5N Corsair)
                    Skyraid (B-17 Stratofortress)
                    W.A.A.L.W (Warboat)
                    Anti-Friendly (T40 Tank)
                    Armored Barracks

                    • Anthony.C.Birdon September 28 2014, 10:55amReplyFlag
                      @AShaffer14 Also along with those updates rockstar should definitely fix the fist fighting, the fist fighting sucks, its awful it would be cool if there were certain gyms like, a boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, maui thai, and even karate, and maybe the higher your belt gets, the better you get. My friends and I have been talking about this for a long time now, people will spam the superman punch or the powerful punch until you get knocked out, it would be cool if we could have actual fist fights, and ones that last long too not ones that last 20 seconds, and more choices for example in gta iv on the xbox you could use x to kick b to punch and y to alternative punch, things like that and maybe being able to perform takedowns like in red dead redemption but better, I just wish the fist fighting would be a lot better.
                    • ZEVANTthe7thon October 6 2014, 7:56amReplyFlag
                      @AShaffer14 Easier said then done unfortunately
                  • AShaffer14on September 21 2014, 10:01pmReplyFlag
                    @Rockstar you guys should add a vapid Sadler diesel model and be able to buy trailers that you can tow and also live cook sleep watch tv and many more stuff
                    • hungryNonameon September 20 2014, 12:57amReplyFlag
                      Hey here's something for you guys. Maybe make it so we can play? Seriously it's been the hole time since the 1.16 update and I cannot even play with people to save my life, literally. Almost every time I join a job or race or anything it either loads in clouds forever or finally launches the session then loads for infinity. I heard possibilities of heist being released on 23 this month and if that by some miracle happened then this will be understands and accounted for. But I truly doubt that will happen. All I have to say is thanks for giving us the beta version. I really love this game but seriously if your gonna promote stuff in the beginning and in the trailers then deliver it. Every update every month you guys have put so much effort into could have just released heist, then these other updates and we would have money to buy most of the stuff. It shows people doing a heist in the trailer!!! Obviously it's been made, just not released. I'm just irritated because I finally get to play for the weekend and it can't even load a race without infinite loading.
                      • timeworp81on September 19 2014, 8:16pmReplyFlag
                        expert is awsome

                        • Doctor_H_Lecteron September 14 2014, 5:52amReplyFlag
                          Avoid ‘Hey Rockstar!’ posts – please remember that the comments section is intended as a place for the Social Club community to discuss the news and content posted with one another; it is not a place to demand or expect official responses from Rockstar. If you want our attention on something or if you have something unrelated you'd like to say, you can always email us at you guys suck at reading
                          • D3kA_540on September 13 2014, 10:03pmReplyFlag
                            Hay rock star I think it would to great to put the stock market for gta online so we can make some money for our cars and stuff cus I'm always broke
                            • leedslad8797on September 13 2014, 2:42pmReplyFlag
                              What about a cops and crooks dlc pack for update 1.17
                            • blacksosaon September 7 2014, 1:22pmReplyFlag
                              How about giving us the option to Sell or Remove/Delete our Pegasus vehicle/s if we no longer want them in our inventory Personally I think that would be a great idea to put in the next update!!! and most if not some would agree with this also.
                            • Eletrodeath1100on September 5 2014, 3:30pmReplyFlag
                              Hey Rockstar im you next update you guys could put the san andreas stunt academy, because the gta tv has a comercial off it and would be awesome,with the stealth ability increasing and the shooting ability and after you complete the stunt academy you could call solomon to work on the movie bussines, just like after you complete the academy solomon call you and invite you to his new movie, and after you do some off the academy you get special thing's like a suit of a alien or a weapon like the stun gun or a katana for a ninja movie or a space suit for the movie space monkey's, dont know you guys do what you guys think is best (sorry for the bad english i am brasilian but still love english).
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