Especial Día de la Independencia de GTA Online disponible desde hoy

Publicado: on July 1 2014, 6:20am | Autor: R* K | Archivado en: Juegos

De Paleto Bay al Puerto de Los Santos, es hora de celebrar el lugar de nacimiento de la libertad con el Especial Día de la Independencia (en colaboración con Ammu-Nation) para Grand Theft Auto Online.

Demuestra tu excepcionalidad y domina la carretera de costa a costa con dos nuevos vehículos con barras y estrellas, la moto Sovereign y el gigantesco monster truck Liberator. Y protege tus derechos de la misma manera que nuestros Padres Fundadores lo hicieron con las últimas novedades de la colección de antigüedades de Ammu-nation, con el Mosquete de alta potencia… o canaliza tu Jack Howitzer interior con el espectacular Cañón de pirotecnia

Se han añadido también a Dynasty 8 siete nuevas propiedades, incluyendo localizaciones en Paleto Bay y Vinewood Hills que ofrecen muchísimo espacio en el patio para quemar el suelo con tu espectáculo de fuegos artificiales. Usa hasta 12 variedades con diferentes longitudes de mecha para crear un espectáculo que haría que hasta el Republican Space Ranger más curtido en batalla derramase una lágrima. Si en vez de exhibiciones incendiarias prefieres las atracciones desvencijadas supervisadas por trabajadores adolescentes con el salario mínimo, entonces aventúrate en el Pleasure Pier donde ahora puedes montar en el Ferris Whale y en la montaña rusa Leviathan.

Esta actualización por tiempo limitado también cuenta con una sobreabundancia de llamarada patriótica: muestra orgullo nacionalista con una camiseta “Made in the U.S.A.”, un peinado ochentero de paleto o deja que el águila remonte el vuelo con las máscaras de animales que incluyen a las criaturas más temibles y majestuosas de esta gran nación.

Este contenido estacional especial estará disponible para canjear in-game hasta mediados de julio (anunciaremos pronto una fecha de expiración de redención específica). La actualización automática para el Especial Día de Independencia incluye también actualizaciones de arreglos del juego adicionales y otros ajustes, incluyendo la nueva función En Espera. Esta nueva opción permite a los jugadores aceptar una invitación a una actividad y seguir jugando en modo libre hasta que se complete esa actividad, reduciendo el tiempo ocioso mientras se espera a que empiece la actividad. Para la lista completa de todos los arreglos del juego y ajustes, visita la página de Rockstar Support.

Para descargar el Especial Día de la Independencia, enciente tu PS3 o Xbox 360 conectada online e inicia GTA V. Se te requerirá descargar una actualización automática (1.15) y a los jugadores de Xbox 360 también se les pedirá descargar un pack de compatibilidad adicional antes de entrar a GTA Online.

Y busca los detalles del próximo Evento de Fin de Semana Día de la Independencia mañana.

  • R* Lon July 1 2014, 4:17pmFlag
    Hey all, great to see you’re enjoying the update.

    As mentioned in the post, all of the new content will be available to purchase in-game until mid-July. Stay tuned for an exact expiration date, which we'll announce soon. For those who are asking, anything you purchase will remain in your inventory after the expiration date. You will be able to use any Fireworks or Firework Launcher ammo still in your inventory after the expiration date, but you will not be able to purchase any additional Fireworks or Firework Launcher ammo after that date. The Firework Launcher will remain in your inventory but you will not be able to select it once you have run out of ammo. Meanwhile, the seven new properties and the ability to ride the Pleasure Pier rides are permanent additions to GTA Online.

    For those with GTA Online wishlists, please send them on over to, where our devs actively read player feedback for consideration.

    Also, for anyone experiencing any sort of technical issues, the place to get help is where your issue likely exists as Support article you can subscribe to for automatic updates. You can also contact the Support Team on Twitter:

    For those asking about the Beer Hats, Special Crate Drops containing Beer Hats are still available in-game and will be until the expiration of all Independence Day Special content.
  • fatmannuke3 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
    will it come out again for xbox360
    • SwedishKeyon January 22 2015, 2:16pmReplyFlag
      I hope it becomes available again. I'm not from America but I love America. If I don't get the monster truck or any of the clothes I'm gonna kill myself. I also want the bike. Good to see that the jobs are still available.
      • Ahmedahmed123on January 15 2015, 8:17pmReplyFlag
        can i get the monster truck in 4th of july?
        • Gizilloon December 29 2014, 1:49amReplyFlag
          PS4 and the next generation will have the opportunity to purchase these items ?
          • FuakhUon November 24 2014, 2:04pmReplyFlag
            Can all the DLC Vehicles that have been removed from GTA Online be added to the Next Gen game for a week or two, i lost my Sovereign & Musket updating to the next gen console (Xbox One) and the Sovereign was my favorite vehicle. I Cant wait 7 months until the 4th of July & im sure plenty other players would like these to come back for one week.
            • bugturkuson October 3 2014, 3:28pmReplyFlag
              Missed beer hats and t shirt
              • Apexpredator32on October 2 2014, 2:21pmReplyFlag
                I miss it will we be able to get it again
                • fluxy_sparkson September 6 2014, 3:47pmReplyFlag
                  how you install it for ps3
                • eclipse75on August 27 2014, 2:17pmReplyFlag
                  how yo install
                  • bugturkuson August 26 2014, 4:59amReplyFlag
                    I was late for christmas make them available in same days in every year.
                    • ZTheManInBlackZon August 24 2014, 4:46amReplyFlag
                      Along with this and the Valentine's Day Special, any chance of adding back the items for a short period of time? I wanna be able to buy all that I can from both! I forgot there was a bear mask with the Independence Day one and sadly I'm bummed I missed out on it! haha.
                      • porta-jon_ronon August 19 2014, 10:33amReplyFlag
                        Why on earth would you take the coolest vehicle out of the game??? Which would be the monster truck..... please add it back and also give us the option to put lift kits on all the other trucks.
                        • Chente117on August 17 2014, 11:14pmReplyFlag
                          solo queria q me ayuden con la actualisacion 1.15
                          la descargue a mi consola de xbox 360
                          pero no me aparecen los contenidos de la actualisacion
                          ¿que devo hacer?
                          • lemarkilleron August 16 2014, 11:27amReplyFlag
                            This is absolute nonsense ! I cant buy fireworks,muskets,firework launcher it doesnt work! in ammu nation it doesnt show on the wall but strangly i did have 2 firework launcher bullets free and a musket free but i cant bu yammo neither see em on the wall of ammu nation WHY?]
                            • Common2020on August 12 2014, 1:57amReplyFlag
                              Could you consider adding more vehicles customizations like neon under the cars, interiors, nitrous, more spoilers maybe drifting ability, custom pegasus vehicles would be awesome too adding symbols like happy teeth thingy in the airplanes like the cuban or in sports car like you did with the dukes of hazzard, adding color to each vehicle like the tank, buzzards,jets, etc. Also a military or police dlc would be cool i saw codes about cops n,crooks mode that was take off the game which is a dawnfall but maybe creating more minigames like pool, pinball, poker, lottery, basketball, arcade videogames could lift the gta online community.
                              • JOEYLEO05on August 11 2014, 9:34pmReplyFlag
                                When r u guys gonna bring the beast back? (Monster Truck) I loved using it in story mode when I had 5 stars it was fun ramming the police with it :-)
                                • xCODSTARxon August 9 2014, 5:57amReplyFlag
                                  And anthor thing I forgot to mention is make it so you can go a bigger diameter on the off road wheels
                                  • xCODSTARxon August 9 2014, 5:45amReplyFlag
                                    I thing rockstar could concider put thies things in lift kits for car and drift cars if not put in tires in that when you slider you can keep slideing around corners and make more islands so instead of driveing in the 1 island when can drive over to ather island and dont make it a short drive make it alongish drivem to the island
                                    • latina.45on August 8 2014, 4:39pmReplyFlag
                                      je voudrai savoir comment avoir le pack du jourde l'independance car rien n'ais apparu dans mon jeu et esque la hotknife sera a nouveau disponible car le l'ais pas eu non plus merci
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