Tablón de anuncios de Crews: Eternal Lost Souls, New Wave, Freedom Birds y otros buscan miembros

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El tablón de anuncios de Crews es un apartado en el publicamos los mensajes de reclutamiento de las Crews que buscan nuevos miembros para unirse a sus filas.

Las Crews que buscan miembros en esta ocasión muestran diversas perspectivas a la hora de dirigir y determinar el tono de un equipo de GTA Online. Desde la doctrina inconformista de Eternal Lost Souls a la divertida, alegre y exuberante nostalgia de New Wave, seguro que encuentras un sitio en el que encajar. Más abajo puedes leer acerca de esta serie de Crews, a ver si puedes encontrar una que se ajuste a tu estilo personal.

Al delegado SI_Fatal_XLSX y a Eternal Lost Souls no les importan las varas de medir tradicionales de las Crews, como las estadísticas y el nivel, y juegan según sus propias reglas. Pero eso no impide a esta Crew ser organizada y competitiva en su búsqueda de "dinero, asesinato y caos".

"The Eternal Lost Souls are looking for young guns and a few vets to fill our ranks. We are an active Crew that enjoys all aspects of playing GTA Online from competitive Races, playing missions or just running around San Andreas causing chaos!
We live by a simple creed: Forever lost in search of money, murder and mayhem! If you get in the way of the money, there will be murder and mayhem. We don’t care about stats, Crew Rank or Crew Challenges. They just don’t interest us.
As a member of the Lost Souls, you are free to do as you please but we do encourage you to organize activities with a Commissioner, Lieutenant or other members in the session.

We are always open to suggestions. A lot of us are GTA Online vets who have done it all but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it again!
Although we are a fairly easy going Crew, members can be demoted or banned if found in violation of our Rules & Regulations.
Rules & Regulations:

  • Lost Souls always deal fairly with fellow members.
  • Lost Souls never purposely attack or kill fellow members without probable cause.
  • We also have affiliate Crews that you can join.
  • The ideal player will need a mic or Bluetooth headset, a knack for making mischief and enjoy playing GTA Online with others.


  • For the motorcycle enthusiast, we have The Fatal MC which is open to all members of the Eternal Lost Souls who enjoy riding with their Crew.
  • If you are a high roller and want to run with like-minded individuals, you can join the Hempsville Hummers.
  • Once you build your rep and become a trusted member, you can join the Top Dogs Click which consists of the highest ranking members of the Eternal Lost Souls."

En su misión de gobernar las calles de Los Santos, Shepperson Cartel y su líder, Twigga_Shep91, tienen metas ambiciosas y las expectativas por las nubes. Tras haber librado algunas batallas de Crew contra los conocidos Australia Illuminati, esta pandilla vestida de naranja sin duda busca labrarse un nombre.  

"The cartel is an American adaptation of the South American drug cartels. We fly an orange flag, rock a sleek skull logo, but still have the main focus of earning large amounts of cash through illegal activities such as drug and weapons trafficking. We look out for our members and are quick to remove the heads of those who rise up against us.

We have very loose requirements for Crew members. All you have to do is wear at least one orange item of clothing. It can be either a pair of pants, a shirt or a jacket or if wearing business attire you must wear an orange tie/bowtie. If you do not wish to wear the colors then you must wear the large logo on either the front or back of your top. You also must own at least one car bearing the Crew color once you reach Rank 10 in the Crew.

We like to help players gain RP and cash through missions and are very excited for Heists during which we expect to carry out carefully planned jobs with our Crew building an empire in the state of San Andreas.


  • We are looking for Crew members with microphones who are online at least 3 to 4 times per week. Mics are not required but are definitely preferred. 
  • Our Crew leader TwiggaShep91 is a member of the United States Armed Forces and has experience with carrying out missions in a precise, organized manner. That being said, we are looking for members who are willing to follow directions and work together as a team to accomplish our mission. 
  • We are also looking for individuals with leadership qualities who are ready to step into leadership positions as soon as possible.
  • We need administrative personnel to manage different positions in the Crew such as YouTube, Twitter and other social networking accounts as well as our website and coordinating events with other Crews.
  • We are also looking for a skilled video editor.

In closing:

We are looking forward to building a billionaire empire with you and your friends! 


El líder de Crew xDrugMoney y su banda retro conocida como New Wave echan de menos los días de los tonos pastel, los cordones anchos y las grandes melenas, pero lo suyo no se limita a vestir moda radical y hablar jerga pasada de moda.… También son muy serios cuando se trata de ganar dinero y esperan que cualquier miembro potencial tenga un índice de bajas y muertes de al menos .95.

"I'm recruiting people for my Crew, New Wave. We're all about being rebels living in a 80's fantasy. At the same time, we're all about the money. When it comes to competition, we're good. It's been a long run from the low ranks of 500‚000+ all the way to rank 574 with only a smaller group of 12 people. Now I feel that with more people, New Wave will be a Crew with more potential on GTA Online. We're rank 1419 on Max Payne 3 and about 5 people in the Crew play that as well.

Our rules are simple:

  • Loyalty to the crew
  • No Hate ( Were all cool )
  • No Exploits
  • Have fun!"

Fundada en el día de lanzamiento de GTA Online, la Crew Crooked Soldiers P90, liderada por PSN-braydend, pasó de ser un puñado de maleantes que cometían pequeños delitos aleatorios a un colectivo de más de cincuenta miembros que ahora acepta misiones de algunos de los más notorios personajes de Los Santos. Con un itinerario de viaje flexible que acomoda cualquier acto de violencia que un prometedor delincuente pueda desear, tal vez seas el recluta perfecto para esta peligrosa Crew.

"The Crooked Soldiers are now openly recruiting initiates who wish to become a part of the family. We are a mafia gang style Crew with an initiation system for new members. When you wish to receive a promotion to full membership in the Crew, contact me in-game and a goal will be set for you to attain. Whether it be killing a couple boss issued targets or stealing a car and delivering it back, a random task may be used to gauge your skill in a certain aspect of the game. Afterwards, you will be promoted and take the last step to becoming a full member of The Crooked Soldiers!

Why would you want to be a part of CSP9? We make money the same as any other Crew, by doing Martin/Lester based Missions, robbing stores and armored trucks and doing Gang Attacks. We also provide our members, Lieutenants, and bosses with other activities when breaking from missions or just messing around in free roam. Drive-bys with your boss, car shows, BMX competitions, apartment and nightclub parties, meet ups, Crew wars, car deliveries, and more.

We use different aspects of the game to help create our own way to stay entertained. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, feel free to sign up and get started. If you still have more questions or wish to know requirements and rules, continue reading or check out the official recruitment thread on the GTAForums link for more info on the background of the Crew, Hierarchy changes, updates, and more. Lastly, we are currently seeking drivers as escorts for regular free roam travel. We prefer drivers to have a Super Diamond or Stretch Limo, which we can provide it if you do not currently own one."

Requirements & Rules:

  • No Team Killing
  • Respect Your Crew mates and bosses
  • Be active on the webpage and in-game
  • Headset mic required for full membership

Contact Info:

GTAForums Recruitment Thread:

R1DDLER_TR1CKzZ y su Crew Payday Night se han ganado nuestro respeto. Parecen mezclar un poco de todo, incluidas batallas de Crew organizadas y reuniones en las que juega a títulos clásicos de Rockstar. Con unas 227 victorias en partidas a muerte por equipos y 171 derrotas, parece que tienen algo más que un simple as en la manga para conseguir la victoria.   

"Ok lads, listen up!

We are Payday Night and we are looking for people who want to help us to work as a team. Heists are coming so get your mask and suit ready! We will organize how to play it. We can play it smart or play it loud. Your choice if you run with us. The better the plan, the better the cash!

  • CREW NAME: Payday Night
  • CREW COLOR: purple
  • CREW MEMBERS: 86 members! We keep going up!!

"We do not forgive, we do not forget."


La selección de vídeos de reclutamiento de este tablón de anuncios proviene de dos pájaros del mismo plumaje, los Freedom Birds, liderados por GTA is The Bomb y el grupo de mercenarios conocidos como Merryweather IMF, dirigidos por el líder de Crew Brymei.


"This Crew is a military Crew. The whole point is to get everyone to join so that we are one big team that can give military support in Online, but also to create more actors for my GTA videos. Anyone can join as long as they don’t own lower Ranks in Online or are simply griefers. If we notice someone is playing unfairly, we will attack them and a fun thing we thought of ourselves was that the desert is Freedom Birds territory and our personal mission is to keep people out of it."



"The Merryweather Improbable Missions Force is not a normal Crew. We will be culling through hundreds of applications to build an 8-12 operative team, capable of dealing with absolutely anything that GTAO, or any other rival Crew throws at us. We are also seeking excellent survivalist players with great communication skills. Specialists are encouraged to apply. We need exceptional pilots (Buzzard, Lazer, Vestra), seasoned snipers, racing experts, and everything in between. The MIMF is opening up our preliminary training missions created in the capture BETA to all level one security recruits (Application period ends 8/01/14). Enroll with the MIMF, and by summer's end you could be part of the most effective teams in GTAO, and you will also be featured in one of the most cinematic fan-made video/mission campaigns. Check out the recruitment video below."


Si formas parte de una Crew que busca nuevos reclutas, deja un enlace en los comentarios de abajo para que todos puedan verlo (pero solo una vez; los que copien y peguen spam con el mismo mensaje de reclutamiento más de una vez en el canal de noticias no aparecerán destacados). También puedes darnos un toque en y decirnos por qué tu Crew merece ser mencionada: por su originalidad, su talento, sus esfuerzos... Puede que publiquemos tu anuncio en un futuro tablón.

Esta también es la ocasión ideal para mostrar lo orgulloso que estás de tu Crew con fotos de grupo divertidas de Snapmatic, creaciones de la Crew o cualquier vídeo alucinante que hayas hecho en el juego y que sirva para mostrar a los demás por qué tu grupo es donde hay que estar o al que hay que derrotar. Recuerda dejar un enlace a la página de tu Crew en el Social Club para que los que quieran responderte te puedan localizar con facilidad.

Tablón de anuncios de Crews: Money Task Force, Evil Crime Syndicate, Kung Fu Krakens y otros buscan nuevos reclutas

  • repthaville1 day, 8 hours agoReplyFlag
    Looking to join a true MC club. Leathers,patches bikes & riding. Traditional outlaw MC club. I research too many that I peek in to see riding Buggattis & not even looking like a biker. Will start from bottom if I have to. Can't play this any longer w/o true outlaw biker bro hood. Thanks.
    • Thesniper412992 days, 13 hours agoReplyFlag
      NAVSOC PSN looking for recruits. If you are looking to join a special forces realism/roleplay crew then join NAVSCO PSN. members are trained and tested to get them ready to join on of our multiple special forces based crews like the navy seals or swcc
      • Thesniper412992 days, 13 hours agoReplyFlag
        @Thesniper41299 sorry i forgot to add that w only accept members that are at least sixteen years old, have a mic, play gta v on the ps4, and speak english
    • SchoenerRob4 days, 6 hours agoReplyFlag
      Hallo alle zusammen!!!

      Seit knapp 2 Jahren besteht die Crew BLACKLIST PROTOKOLL zurzeit haben wir 440 Mitglieder tendenz steigend.

      Wir sind immer auf der suche nach neuen Mitglieder jeder ist Willkommen.

      In unsere Crew gibt es keine Regeln man kann machen was man möchte. Natürlich machen wir mit anderen Mitglieder Heists, diverse Rennen, Deathmatch bzw. Team.
      Was wir auch gerne machen sind Fotos von Mitglieder, auch viel Chaos in Los Santos.

      Was wir nicht tolerieren sind Modder und sonst irgendwelche Cheater, der Spass muss an erster Stelle stehen.

      Würden uns freuen wenn wir bald wieder neue Mitglieder begrüssen können denn unser Motto lautet

      Make History - Your Rules, Your Way
      • BloodWorldOrder1 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag
        hello everyone I am currently looking for people who are looking to join a crew for GTA Online. I just finished setting up the crew not too long ago, and I am currently looking for new members to join.

        The Crew is called "King of Kings 5 ". Once again, it was recently made and I am currently looking for new members to join and help the group grow.

        the only rules is you gotta be 16 or older, and be all for one and help out anyone in the crew when needed
        • Master_Mason7131 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag
          "AFAM FREEMASONS" are looking for those who are traveling east, and are ready to be "Tried". If you know what I mean then you are a fit for us. Open enrollment is now!
          • Hello everybody,

            I am currently looking for people who are looking to join a crew for GTA Online. I, for one, had just finished setting mine up not too long ago, and I am currently looking for new members to join.

            The Crew is called "The Sinful Rogues". Once again, it was recently made and I am currently looking for new members to join and help the group grow.

            Here are some of the rules though:

            1.) It is for Xbox 360 Only.
            2.) You must be AT LEAST 16-18 years old to join.
            3.) Be Mature.
            4.) Do not disrespect or bully other crew members or the crew leader.
            5.) It isn't completely necessary for you to have a mic, but it would be nice if you did.
            6.) No hackers allowed (pssh, I know it's not really necessary to put that down as a rule but I'm just putting that down, just to make it clear)

            Also, this group also allows it's members to make their own "heists" that involves getting together as a team and robbing either stores or Money trucks or whatever objects of interest (military based vehicles and other stuff).

            Anyways, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. My gamertag on the Xbox 360 is EpicGangLeader (Please don't ask why my gamertag is EpicGangLeader, it's better if you just go with the flow >.>) if you're interested in joining. Contact me if you are interested, and I hope to see you all later!

            Link to the crew:
            • joanet1993on September 4 2015, 10:51pmReplyFlag
              La crew Familia Alcapone 360 busca jugadores activos para la xbox360
              • ChiraqPachucoson September 4 2015, 5:24amReplyFlag
                "Pachuckos" looking for active ps3 players that want to rank up n get on these crew death matches where looking for good shooters. Or members who aren't scared to get down against rival crews as long as u get down you good. There's open ranks available Commissioners Lieutenants Representatives. Check us out we small but we growing. Already at war with ither crews looking for more recruits to keep taking the war at them.
                • ChiraqPachucoson September 4 2015, 5:25amReplyFlag
                  @ChiraqPachucos Join the crew rank up. Good shooters wanted. Really trying to get in these death matches. Also need more active players thag want to join n shoot up the whole lobby lol
              • miodeyotojuntoon September 2 2015, 8:33pmReplyFlag
                Quien quiera pasarlo de putis, aunque no se tenga mucho dinero en gta online, q se una a mi crew, el nombre es pais animal, crearemos y haremos carrerras, partidas a muerte, y de vez en cuando algun hacker jugara, solo hay una condicion, quien moleste demasiado o no quiera colaborar, sera expulsado de la crew
                Tambien se les ayudara a la gente q tenga problemas con los golpes, tipo q nadie se le une a las partidas, o q no sepa como hacer algo, y recordad, el nombre de la crew es pais animal
                • FuegoDEEon August 31 2015, 1:56amReplyFlag
                  Recruiting for Xbox One GTA5 Online Crew Elevated Gang. We play as an organized crew with all players having set ranks and roles. Our crew color is green and we have a custom emblem. We ask that members wear their colors when playing with the crew, but it isn't required when you're playing alone or with other friends. We require that all members show other members respect. We DO NOT accept killing crew members. We do heists, deathmatches, races, freemode, house parties, fight nights, car meets, and more. All levels are welcome, but must have a mic. Message ( ix dee xl ) to join. Check out the video below for a preview of what we're about and some of the things that we do. Elevate Your GTA experience.

                  • BennyCop96on August 30 2015, 3:05pmReplyFlag
                    Kommt zu " Das geile A-Team "
                    • chopacoon August 26 2015, 3:34pmReplyFlag
                      this is who we are the soldados mc
                      • REZZD0GGon August 26 2015, 3:12pmReplyFlag
                        ACTIVE XBOX 360 & XBOX ONE CREW!!! Madd Dogg Militants crew tag DOGZ. We are a active crew for XB360 & XB1 also PC. If you're looking for a active crew who work together, back each other up, help other members and allied crews and DO NOT CREW KILL message me on social club or request a invite to Madd Dogg Militants crew tag DOGZ. We have weekly crew sessions and most members are online daily so you'll never be alone in LS again you'll always have someone to help or back you up! We specialize in lobby battles and heists but we do everything else in San Andreas! We help each other to do the daily objectives everyday. During crew sessions we discuss crew business and issues, we also have a Comm who creates TDMs and DMs for the crew so we can do training exercises on the ground and in the air. We are apart of the Blackwater Security Corporation *BWSC* and strive to be the best! Promotions must be earned they will NOT be just handed out! If you want it, then get out there and earn it! The more active you are on social club and in game the better off you will be and will move up the ranks faster. We all have mics and it is preferred that all DOGZ have one but we will make some exceptions. you must be aged 17+ and a mature player, Male or female! (we have a female Comm and a few female members) So if you think you have what it takes to get your DOGZ tag then message me on social club or request a invite to Madd Dogg Militants crew tag DOGZ! Our crew color is Red and we are working on uniforms for the crew Lts and Comms have special duties and Muscle and Reps duties are to help us grow and get the crew name out there. Join us or stay out of our way! WOOF!! Madd Dogg Militants crew tag DOGZ. request a invite or message me for more details or any questions you may have!
                        • erizabeth12on August 14 2015, 4:54pmReplyFlag
                          Im looking 4 a active crew and best buddy to play with... im active.. and almost my my statz... just want to feel better. Let me join.. in your active crew..
                          ♣message me♣
                          • erizabeth12on August 14 2015, 12:08pmReplyFlag
                            Can i join.. seriously iam finding som one to play with serious and i read your crew notice... its compatible with me and i think maybe i am the player your looking 4 to complete your lineup ..... thank you IGN: Erizabeth12 add me xbox 360
                            • ultimatexghost69on August 13 2015, 11:11amReplyFlag
                              Hey anyone want to join my crew add me ULTIMATExGHOST on xbox 360 the o in ghost is a zero
                              If you want to face my crew add me ULTIMATExGHOST on xbox 360
                              • mattheodu31on August 11 2015, 4:36amReplyFlag
                                La Brigade B.A.C est ouverte, venez faire un tour et rentrez dans le crew si vous voulez etre habillé en gamer normal, mais en étant flic!!! Alors venez nous recrutont pour donnez les poste de directeeur sur les consoles XBOX
                                • PrestigeBoy_MRon August 10 2015, 5:17pmReplyFlag
                                  Destacado en duelos por equipos. Carreras y todo tipo de competiciones.
                                  • ghost14082002on August 10 2015, 4:37amReplyFlag
                                    Join my crew: Brad Killers
                                    • IC3MAN2000on August 9 2015, 4:43amReplyFlag
                                      ATTENTION: Wait !!!! Just wait a minute you lot - DONT just join a crew without looking at what they can offer. Gamers Of Dawn are looking to recruit NOW. For 1 week we are having an open enrollment so check us out and see what we can offer YOU.

                                      1. friendly atmosphere
                                      2. Always active and online
                                      3. No crew killings
                                      4. A website to post your pictures and videos
                                      5. Crew wars and members always available for your heists.

                                      CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE BEFORE YOU JOIN ANYWHERE ELSE


                                      Gamers Of Dawn welcome members from ALL Countries !!!
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