Tablón de anuncios de Crews: Money Task Force, Evil Crime Syndicate, Kung Fu Krakens y muchos otros buscan nuevos reclutas

Publicado: on May 6 2014, 3:49pm | Autor: R* Y | Archivado en: Juegos

El tablón de anuncios de Crews es un apartado en el publicamos los mensajes de reclutamiento de las Crews que buscan nuevos miembros para unirse a sus filas.

Esperando seguir los pasos de algunas Crews de las que hemos hablado en esta sección, como Annunaki Lords, que han ganado cientos de miembros desde que salieron aquí, esta vez tenemos a unos supervillanos con un maléfico plan para dominar el mundo, heroicos equipos de especialistas en artes marciales para acabar con los malos, un grupo de mafiosos que añora épocas pasadas y mucho más...


Yavvii, delegado de la Crew Money Task Force, nos dice que a su banda le gusta divertirse y ganar dinero.

"Money Task Force is now recruiting! I think the name would be enough to suggest what we are about. However, if not, it's all about money, money and money!

We currently stand at roughly 160 members and are looking to recruit more active members. Promotions will be given on a regular basis based on your overall activity.

RECRUITMENT PROCESS: Send a request to join the Crew and then message me (Yavvii) or alvinlowery21 that you've asked to join and we'll accept it.

RULES: Best thing about this Crew is we don't have hard and fast rules. There are only two rules:

1. Don't kill a Crew mate.


Hoping to have fun, earn money and to be playing with all of you guys soon! Cheers."

Brasil LIVE 360 es una Crew brasileña liderada por RenatoBMX. Cuenta con una página de Facebook muy activa, un sitio web que actualizan frecuentemente y un buen número de miembros. Los chicos de BRLV apuntan alto y saben cómo pasar un buen rato.

"We're a CREW of very organized individuals with the ultimate goal of bringing together Brazilian players on Xbox LIVE. 

With recordings of weekly videos and additional events, our CREW stands for knowing what you're doing and making a difference. 

The members are selected one at a time and the friendships we make here are for life. Thanks to everyone!



Los villanos de Evil Crime Syndicate, liderados por el misterioso GermanRedSkull, quieren ampliar sus dominios y aterrorizar a sus enemigos a la vez que promueven la lealtad y la aceptación en sus filas.

"We have declared war on the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County.

Lock away your valuables, hold tightly onto your purse and keep your eyes open as the Evil Crime Syndicate is watching. We can strike at any moment, so beware!

We demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage and assassination. This is war!

Only few have met our fearless leader, GermanRedSkull. He plays his cards close. If you see him online you know something important is going down. He stays in hiding most of the time, planning and plotting away, developing our evil master plan, giving direction to his most trusted and loyal advisors such as Rerun ShootaDanialStuart and SJStar89.

Part of our vision is to set ourselves apart from other Crews. However, our main vision is to have a Crew where all members have a say and we all agree to have fun and be friendly.

We don't care for political or religious views or opinions on how anyone wishes to lead their life - it's your life and you can live it how you want, no questions asked.

Our members and alliance Crews are here to have fun, have a laugh and not take things too serious or personal.

We are currently seeking active players to join the syndicate.

If you are respectful, funny, quirky, proud, courageous, sorted and like to live life to the fullest and have fun, join us.

What are you waiting for?

A todas las Crews de moteros les gusta intimidar con sus palabras, pero el teniente Viper-29 de Black Wasp quiere hacernos saber que a las divisiones de su banda no se les va la fuerza por la boca y tienen instinto asesino.

"The Black Wasp is a small and strong Crew. The brotherhood we have forged is stronger than all of the world's steel combined. We may not have strength in numbers but we are the most fearsome MC in Los Santos. Anyone who questions this can take us on. We have faced betrayal in the past within our highest ranks but that was only a small setback. We are now stronger than ever. You will not catch us in a tank. You will never see us killing guys who don't deserve it. We have our own set of rules. We are the biggest bad asses ever on a chopper, whether it's a Daemon, Bagger or Hexer. We will never leave a brother in need. We are to be feared and will never back down from a fight.

We have four major charters, starting with our main Los Santos charter, a Blaine County charter, a Prospect charter and finally our Xbox charter. Thanks for your consideration." ( Join Here )


Con un llamativo emblema y alistamiento abierto, los guerreros oceánicos de las sombras conocidos como Kung Fu Krakens están buscando jugadores dispuestos a unirse a sus filas.

"Tired of having to jump through hoops to get recruited?

KFUK is looking for loyal members to bolster our ranks.

The first 3 new members to join will receive an automatic promotion to Lieutenant.
The next 3 following will receive a Representative rank up.
There is one Commissioner spot remaining for our best recruiter.

We are here to have all manners of fun until you interrupt our KUNG FU. Then we will be forced to release the KRAKENS!!!

About: Damn it feels good to be a Kraken / Platform: XBOX 360
Games: Grand Theft Auto V Online / Time zone: Central



To Live Another Day y Gigante Crime Family nos ofrecen los vídeos de reclutamiento de Crews de este tablón de anuncios. "To Live Another Day" (vivir un día más) es el objetivo de todos los clubes de moteros que quieren dejar su huella en Los Santos. Su líder DrakeCarter1 nos lo deja muy claro.

"Looking for an MC inspired Crew? Looking for a group of people to play with who aren't (always) tank noobs? Just want to wreak havoc on Southern San Andreas? Well, WE WANT YOU!

Ages 18+ recommended, a gaming headset IS A MUST."


IGotALongChin, delegado y jefe de la Crew de mafiosos Gigante Crime Family, nos habla del código de honor no escrito de su organización y del dramatismo a la hora de solucionar sus asuntos.

"How's everybody doing? This is Don Gio the don of the Gigante Crime Family. We are a mafia role-play-based Crew. We have over 100 members. Looking for loyalty, respect and honor, we started out about 2 years ago and still stand with the same don (Leader) till this day. We have started a movement that has been effective throughout the GTA community. This has also caused a great impact on role-play gaming. If you want to learn more about this movement or are interested in joining check out this link.."


Si formas parte de una Crew que busca nuevos reclutas, deja un enlace en los comentarios de abajo para que todos puedan verlo (pero solo una vez; los que copien y peguen spam con el mismo mensaje de reclutamiento más de una vez en el canal de noticias no aparecerán destacados). También puedes darnos un toque en y decirnos por qué tu Crew merece ser mencionada: por su originalidad, su talento, sus esfuerzos... Puede que publiquemos tu anuncio en un futuro tablón.

Esta también es la ocasión ideal para mostrar lo orgulloso que estás de tu Crew con fotos de grupo divertidas de Snapmatic, creaciones de la Crew o cualquier vídeo alucinante que hayas hecho en el juego y que sirva para mostrar a los demás por qué tu grupo es donde hay que estar o al que hay que derrotar. Recuerda dejar un enlace a la página de tu Crew en el Social Club para que los que quieran responderte te puedan localizar con facilidad.

Flight Pilots, The Highland Rebels, Unusual Fellas y muchos otros buscan nuevos reclutas

  • flipantKnoxville5 days, 23 hours agoReplyFlag
    good crew!
    • if anyone is looking for a good crew then look no further AlbanianMafiaFamily is now recruiting
      so dont hesitate join our loyal mob family and we will help you with , missions ,heists, races ,death matches and also help you make alot of money and have alot of fun celebrating with it
      so if anyone is interested please message me and i will get back to ya all soon as possible
      • rebelmcpride3 weeks, 3 days agoReplyFlag
        We are recruiting we have open enrollment for the prospects,
        • GMK all we do is get $ the pacific standard way Get down Or LAY DOWN!!!!!!! MESSAGE Philo5ophy for info real hungry street dudes only we make a mill every 4 games on constant rotation GET MONEY KID is the squad and crew gets fair share no 15% BS mic needed no exceptions peace.
          • alvinlowery21on September 23 2016, 3:20amReplyFlag
            The Leader of Money Task Force is here. We still accepting you guys invites, When requesting to join our crew send me the Leader a message on social club when requesting to join the crew, we are one of the BEST Heist Crews Best Freemode Crew out there. We are looking for players who play run N Gun also looking for more people to join our Air-Force Division. and Special Opz Division in our crew. MONEY TASK FORCE "Rockstar Featured Crew"
            • Medloron September 20 2016, 4:04amReplyFlag
              If you're an existing GTA player looking for a new Crew - Or a new member looking for a Crew, then be sure to check out PinkNStinkINC.
              We are active, we are respectful, and we love to have fun in ALL things Rockstar related! We are a ROCKSTAR Crew, and we aim to provide support and respect to all our members!
              We are a Global Crew - we want EVERYONE to join to help us complement what we already have: The friendliest, teamliest GTA MEANEST Sons-a-biatches this side of Liberty City ^__^

              We are always looking for more gamers to join us and to help us celebrate all things Rockstar has to offer - ESPECIALLY GTA! So please, if you think you are a Lover of Rockstar games, or if you feel you'd like to see what the Game has to offer, then come and send us a request to join.
              • RezLife828on September 4 2016, 5:30amReplyFlag
                I was referring to ps3 members at over 500 there are many more that play ps4! The Council of 3
                • RezLife828on September 4 2016, 5:26amReplyFlag
                  The Council of 3. Are recruiting psn players!! We have over 500 crew members, usually crew members playing daily. PSN players only! Some heists and missions, to help low ranking crew members rank up!
                  • TFewreon September 4 2016, 3:44amReplyFlag
                    New only level 24 gamer tag is Fewre looking for a crew or people to do heists with on the 360
                  • HeytenMQXon September 2 2016, 9:22amReplyFlag
                    Join us --> Lucifer Games, french crew
                    • Sebas2213on August 1 2016, 4:39pmReplyFlag
                      help could not download the files needed to play gta online
                      • MuCExWaYNEon July 31 2016, 4:38pmReplyFlag
                        Are there any Xbox One players looking to join a crew? If so send me a friend request on Xbox Live @MuCExWaYNE. Must be a consistant player with a headset and be 18 years or older. I look forward to gaming with newcomers and seasoned vets alike. Happy gaming.
                        • jzlazy19on July 22 2016, 10:54pmReplyFlag
                          • GurlOfShadowson July 9 2016, 5:52amReplyFlag
                            Hey, I'm the leader of The Secret Sadowz. We specialize in free roam : killing or VIP missions & also in photography we have some very good photographers in. We are growing up slowly because we rather quality than quantity, everone is friendly with each other and give backup or help when it's needed.. We are all on PS4. If there's anyone interested just hit me up :)
                          • tuner55555on July 8 2016, 10:39amReplyFlag
                            Hello all, if you are interested in a PSN network of over 30 crews and more than 9,000 members who have meets and help each other out, check out The Council Of 3: Official page:
                            • Jive-Jon July 6 2016, 3:40pmReplyFlag
                              Check out The Marauders GTA. If you crew serch Marauders, you will find us at the top of the crew serch list. The Marauders are a OUTLAW ARMY who are always on the grind to make money, win crew challenges, and take over lobby's. My Marauders know the meaning of teamwork! This is a very active crew and once wearing our tag you will see a huge crew presence in game where every member has your back! Space is limited, almost at 1000 members.
                              • skyline_2017on June 29 2016, 12:05pmReplyFlag
                                The Black Marsh Mercenary CorporArion is looking for the right loyal soldiers. This is that type of crew that will back you up in any situation. We are all part of a brotherhood that is looking to expand to a bigger and better corporation. Message me on psn at skyline_2017. Remember, which side of the gun will you be standing on when combat arrives.
                                • Jamieboiiion June 11 2016, 6:33amReplyFlag
                                  BLUNT BROTHERS MC --- OPEN RECRUITION NOW.We are looking to recruit dedicated & casual players for Heists, CEO & VIP missions and to generally cause chaos and disrupt other organisations, there is no selection process for the time being and the crew is open for anybody to join. We also talk in party chat for any body willing to join.Ride High.
                                  • TFewreon September 4 2016, 3:21amReplyFlag
                                    @Jamieboiii Hey new to GTA ONLINE only level 24 but I need some people to do heists with and what better way than a crew I'm on 360
                                • GloNavyJuixeon June 9 2016, 7:30pmReplyFlag
                                  Join LitGamingTV we Get Lit n Get Rich
                                  • Namibiaukon June 8 2016, 2:22pmReplyFlag
                                    HIGHLANDERS SECURITY CO.

                                    Currently recruiting for positions focusing on close protection and tactical transportation. message me directly if interested.

                                    If you need bodyguards, drivers or general grunts. We can supply any. Message me for details.

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