Actualización técnica: la transición del cierre de servidores de GameSpy está en marcha

Publicado: on April 29 2014, 5:07pm | Autor: R* Q | Archivado en: Asistencia, Social Club, Juegos

Queremos informaros a todos sobre nuestras acciones tras la decisión de GameSpy y GLU Mobile de cerrar sus servidores internos el próximo 31 de mayo. Grand Theft Auto no se verá afectado por este cierre, pero nuestros equipos están trabajando para actualizar algunos títulos antiguos, de manera que la transición se realice de la forma más sencilla posible y se minimicen las consecuencias en vuestras partidas en línea y vuestra experiencia de juego. Gran parte de los cambios se producirán en los servicios del Social Club de Rockstar Games, como el seguimiento de estadísticas y los marcadores.

Para ver una lista con todos los cambios, visita la página de asistencia de Rockstar.

  • R* Yon April 30 2014, 2:50pmFlag
    We are currently investigating issues with players receiving "The Rockstar game services are unavailable right now. Please try again later." messages when accessing jobs in GTA Online, as well as errors on the Social Club site.
    Please stay tuned to our GTA Online Support page for the latest status updates at:

    Thanks all for your understanding as we work through this tech update.
    A reminder that for more info, you can check out the FAQ at the Rockstar Support site:

    For any other Support related inquiries about any title, please head to where your issue is likely already listed. If not, you can make a ticket there or hit up with questions.
  • micgeed2342 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
    can someone help me I have got tow shark cards for the going in next gen and they have not went thro the money has been taken but there is no money in my gta account I got 1 m1 and one 500k
    • X2FreshXon August 1 2016, 1:16amReplyFlag
      I would like to have my money, back all that hard working an you guys take all my money
      • STR3IGHTupKILLon July 12 2016, 4:38pmReplyFlag
        Ok this is irrealavant but ive tried to submit tickets and ive tried to do everything but i cant the tickets page wont show the places i can enter the information but i want a character appearance change for my first character slot im very un pleased with it please help me
        • LOBOESPERTOon July 3 2016, 11:15amReplyFlag
          por que meu comando nao esta no placares de lider
          • clonetrooper124on June 25 2016, 1:01pmReplyFlag
            It's supposed to be to install facial reconstruction and body reconstruction once again I'm sorry for the spelling errors.
            • clonetrooper124on June 25 2016, 12:57pmReplyFlag
              Rockstar I think it would be a good idea for you guys still at facial and body reconstruction in the online play for GTA 5. It would be an awesome touch up to the game and that's something new for players to explore as well give players and give them a a sense of fulfillment of fully customizing your character. As well as making it so that way you can customize the color of the makeup to your desire. I hope you guys have a great day. And I wish you guys the best of luck in your business as well as your continuation I'm making great games. Thank you for your hard work and trying to making sure that your fans are satisfied. Once again I'd like to say you guys are awesome once again. And I can't wait to see your new games that you guys are developing.
            • ninja497on June 23 2016, 10:52amReplyFlag
              Hello, rockstar I just played power play and a glitch happened as I got the money and got only got 9,800 when I was suppose to get 69,000
              • .BRUCE_CAMBLEon June 14 2016, 3:53pmReplyFlag
                My Crew Emblem background is set to transparent, but is showing up as white
                • CanOsodaon June 13 2016, 10:59pmReplyFlag
                  my hydra didn't have explosive rounds and now the hydra's do? I still think mine shoots machine gun bullets. Was this an up date , are people cheating? My updates on PC are late and diff than X BOX I think. Something is up because my hydra has just machine gun, but researching they are explosive rounds? Anything else I should know? I just was killed and told him he is cheating.
                  • reddman187on June 13 2016, 1:35amReplyFlag
                    Why isn't there a update for GTA v on Xbox 360 a lot people still play GTA v on the 360 rock star what's up
                    • slowandumb1on June 11 2016, 6:16pmReplyFlag
                      ok we all love the update 4 being CEO but when are you people gonna open the CASINO? we been waiting since GTA came out on the older systems
                      • sarahlovepleysunon June 9 2016, 10:42amReplyFlag
                        des wegen vergisst GTA bestimme dinge immer wieder bei der pc version
                        wie speicher elemete von jobts und stunds un co
                        • AY2psgtaon May 17 2016, 3:35amReplyFlag
                          Vous voulez dire qu'il n'y aura plus gta online sur PS3?
                          • cocoboumon April 27 2016, 8:22amReplyFlag
                            Merci rock star et GameSpy pour pas toucher à gta v que il y as aucune modification rien retiré sa fait plaisir sa stress plus
                            • k1rs0n22on April 21 2016, 3:44pmReplyFlag
                              прошу выпустите обнову лоурайдеров на рс3
                              • velvet_surgar193on March 15 2016, 2:43amReplyFlag
                                And better looking hairstyles like longer hair better looking buns especially on ps4 we should not have to wear the same hairstyles as the . PS3 and those distasteful looking new braids thats been added with the lowrider dlc. I think we should have a more variety of hair choices than the old ones and those braids please
                                • velvet_surgar193on March 15 2016, 2:36amReplyFlag
                                  And can you also give us ladies better clotting like fitted dresses and body suits like catwoman because alot of the clothing you provided ain't hitting on nun wit look plain n boyish too me spice it up a little without wardrode for the love if god
                                • goodgay7541on March 5 2016, 9:15amReplyFlag
                                  can we get more now heists and jobs on gta
                                  • Pepe__Polloon February 25 2016, 9:52pmReplyFlag
                                    I bought a rhino tank a while back from warstock cashe and carry and I was wondering if its possible to get a refund. @rockstarsupport
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