Tablón de anuncios de Crews: Flight Pilots, The Highland Rebels, Unusual Fellas y muchos otros buscan nuevos reclutas

Publicado: on April 17 2014, 10:16am | Autor: R* K | Archivado en: Juegos, Social Club

El tablón de anuncios de Crews es un apartado en el publicamos los mensajes de reclutamiento de las Crews que buscan nuevos miembros para unirse a sus filas.

Algunos de los grupos mencionados anteriormente en esta sección, como The Mojo Jojo, han alcanzado casi los 1000 miembros. Esta semana, entre las Crews que quieren seguir sus pasos, tenemos un escuadrón de aviadores bilingües, unos seres etéreos que ansían subir de nivel en Los Santos y un colectivo de caballeros poco comunes con el firme propósito de destacar entre la multitud.


Surcar los cielos no es una simple cuestión de volar para Gio Pilot, líder de la Crew, y los chicos de Flight Pilots. Esta Crew cuenta con una gran actividad en su página de Facebook y disfrutan de lo lindo cuando despegan de la pista del aeropuerto de Los Santos.

"We are a group of people with a keen interest in commercial aviation who now play GTA Online...

We are looking for players who are very loyal to this Crew, not looking for the best, just looking for people who are good players. We always like to walk together, to assist in Deathmatch games, flying planes and especially to have fun to the fullest.
Our Crew has no limits, we do all kinds of things during our games.

English/Spanish Optional - PS3 Crew"

Vídeo de reclutamiento de la Crew Flight Pilots

El líder karnix93 y los miembros de su Crew Outlaws Paletos Bay son una de las muchas divisiones de una red organizada de clubs de moteros que conocen bien su terreno.

"We want to be aggressive and provide a fun atmosphere for our members while providing characteristics that resemble an MC... With a structured and adapted manner of handling our club, we have reached these goals and will reach more.

We have a separate prospecting branch for new members wanting to get into the Outlaw brand. This provides a way for our club to test the prospect in order to see if they have what it takes to be an Outlaw... With more than 2 Chapters, we put our members into the club where it best suits them... The members prospecting begins in their first club meeting (set daily on a set time) to add all patched members, learn our ways, and in a few days they will become an Outlaw if time sees fit. In addition, we are holding a sponsorship program that allows no prospect left behind and have personal mentors in order to become more efficient. We take pride in our members and thus make the weakest part of our chain strong enough to handle what comes our way.

We do our formation riding as clean and as efficient as possible by holding formation practices on Freemode and in Races to prevent unexpected issues like traffic. We are blood thirsty for anybody who is not an Outlaw... Our club activities vary from finding patches to put on our wall to doing scheduled matches from District Domination. We try to keep ourselves in check with other MCs to put out our name and the Outlaw brand so everybody will take notice.

We are active, we are blood thirsty, we are organized, we are OFFO.

Outlaws Forever, Forever Outlaws."

                                                      Sección promesas  / Sección Sandy Shores / Sección nómadas

Organización nacional - Personal y dirigentes de todas las ramas - Sitio oficial



"What's up everyone, we are the (Annunaki Lords) and we are currently looking for (PS3) members to join and expand 'our' Crew. Whether you're a seasoned GTA gamer or just starting out, ANYONE and EVERYONE is invited, there are no strict rules or guidelines to follow, just have fun!! All we ask of you is to check in periodically to let us know that you're still alive and give feedback on what could make the Crew better.
We also have a custom CREW RANKING HIERARCHY which can be seen below:

1. RANK (1-10) = ANGEL
3. RANK (21-30) = ARCHANGEL
4. RANK (31-40) = POWER
5. RANK (41-50) = VIRTUE
6. RANK (51-60) = DOMINION
7. RANK (61-70) = THRONE
8. RANK (71-80) = CHERUBIM
9. RANK (81-90) = SEARAPHIM
10. RANK (91-100) = ANNUNAKI

So once again, if you're down to join a Crew that's all about having fun and getting things done when the time calls for it, then check us out when you get a chance. The door is always open. - PS3 / Annunaki Lords."

Vídeo de reclutamiento de la Crew Annunaki Lords.

The Highland Rebels llevan jugando juntos desde los tiempos anteriores al sistema de Crews de GTAIV. Estos veteranos se reúnen en las casi siempre hostiles calles de Los Santos, se ayudan los unos a los otros cuando lo necesitan y siguen unas encomiables normas de cortesía cuando tratan con sus compañeros de Crew. Así lo explica su líder, owenbremnertv.

"The Highland Rebels are a Crew that originates from GTAIV. The main people of the Crew are - David / Wicked1607 (Shrimpie1), Charlie (Barneyarmy5), Duke (Duke95011) and me, the leader of the Crew, Owen (Owen_Bremner).

Before we get into the details about the Crew here are some essential rules:

1: DON’T BE A DOUCHE (No killing teammates unless it was an accident, no killing on sight)
2: Be a good teammate (Help rob a store, help fight enemies, save from cops, etc.)
3: When playing with the Crew, make sure the Crew is set as active.
& 4: DON’T. BE. A. DOUCHE!

The Crew is a mix of RP and Non RP. Sometimes we do Role Playing sessions but it only happens when at least 3 of us are online. If RP is your thing we can include you. But if Free Roam is your cup of tea, then we do that too. We also do missions and activities.

While a mic is not necessary, unless it’s an RP, it is a good thing to communicate with your fellow rebels with.

We are working on trailers for both the Crew and the Leaders.

So what are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY AND RECIEVE A FREE COOKIE!

(Warning: Cookie not included)."

Canal de YouTube de la Crew - En construcción


WJMC-FRESHY, vicepresidente y miembro fundador, junto a su grupo de peligrosos arlequines de la Crew de PSN llamada The Wyld Jesturz MC, se mueven por la zona de La Mesa, San Andreas, y tienen su club en un recóndito taller de la ciudad. Los candidatos deben superar la condición de promesas para avanzar desde el punto de entrada, así que mucho cuidado al llegar a su territorio.

"The Wyld Jesturz MC (WJMC) is open and looking for prospects.

In order to join you must have/be the following:

- You MUST have your PSN account linked to your profile and it MUST be visible


-You MUST own a Hexer, Bagger or Daemon for the club. Super bikes are allowed but only for missions, races, stunt jumps, etc.

-You MUST have a mic. If we can't communicate with you we can't promote you.

-MUST have knowledge of the MC world in general. NO INEXPERIENCED RIDERS!

You'll prospect for 2 weeks and grow with the club. We are an activity and experience (RP and leveling up) club for now looking to get into competitive TDMs. So we will take experienced shooters to help train as well.

If you think you have what it takes just click the 'Request Invite' tab on the Crew page. We will be checking everything, so your profiles MUST BE OPEN TO EVERYONE! Crews, Linked Accounts, Friends, etc... We only want the best loyal brothers we can get.

Sección promesas:

Sección principal:


Por último, los vídeos de reclutamiento destacados de esta edición del tablón de anuncios nos llegan de la mano de las Crews The Unusual Fellas y TAKEOVER:

El líder dey_kill_killer quiere llevar un paso más allá el atractivo internacional y la poco convencional naturaleza de su Crew. Hace poco han superado los 200 miembros y todavía tienen sitio para muchos más.

"The Unusual Fellas is an action packed, shoot em' up, and take charge kind of Crew. We have members from all over the world. Everyone is Unusual in his or her kind of way. We race, play missions, and do anything we can to rank up and make money. We also encourage our members to share their ideas and created content to help make the Crew the best we can be. Also soon to come: Unusual Females. Hope everyone enjoys the music video."

Facebook de la Crew



Estos expertos jugadores, liderados por TH3xDARKxOUTLAW, se consideran los mejores de entre todos los mejores y no necesitan que nadie confirme que lo son.

"Join Takeover! Not just any Crew but an actual gaming clan. Everyone in this clan is like family. We like to have fun...and WE DO. We also get the job done when necessary. My Gamertag is linked with my social club account.

We are legit. We don't have open recruitment like some of the Crews above but if you want to join just let us know.


Canal de YouTube de la Crew


Si formas parte de una Crew que busca nuevos reclutas, deja un enlace en los comentarios de abajo para que todos puedan verlo (pero solo una vez; los que copien y peguen spam con el mismo mensaje de reclutamiento más de una vez en el canal de noticias no aparecerán destacados). También puedes darnos un toque en y decirnos por qué tu Crew merece ser mencionada: por su originalidad, su talento, sus esfuerzos... Puede que publiquemos tu anuncio en un futuro tablón.

Esta también es la ocasión ideal para mostrar lo orgulloso que estás de tu Crew con fotos de grupo divertidas de Snapmatic, creaciones artísticas de la Crew o cualquier vídeo alucinante de una partida que sirva para mostrar a los demás por qué tu grupo es en el que hay que estar o al que hay que derrotar. Recuerda dejar un enlace a la página de tu Crew en el Social Club para que los que quieran responderte te puedan localizar con facilidad.

Tablón de anuncios de Crews: The Bomb Squad NNA, Live It Wild, Vice City Crime Mob y muchos otros buscan nuevos reclutas

  • AmmoAddict3161 day, 4 hours agoReplyFlag

    I'll keep it simple. I'm building a small crew of no more than 50 ACTIVE members who wanna rank up and make money while doing some roleplay on the side. Do u not take the game so seriously? do u just wanna have fun? Then join the wolverines!!

    - ALL levels are welcome
    - have PSN and stats linked
    - no mic needed

    stop wasting time and just join already! LET'S RIDE!!
    • portalguy321 day, 4 hours agoReplyFlag
      hi, the Finns of Los Santos are here to stay. all Finns are very welcome to join, we also accept Scandinavians and Fennoscandians. Requirements: must at least know English to communicate with others (like me, the crew leader), this crew is PS3 and Gta online ONLY (reason: i don't own max Payne 3 for example), mic is not required (if however you choose to use one please remember to unplug it after you're done, i have had several unpleasant dealings with people that breathe in their mic, sorry for the rant Rockstar), be patient (i am very slow to check on the crew in the social club, so if i have said i will promote a certain crew member i WILL get on it as soon as i have time). RULES:no killing crewmates, at least one personal vehicle must have our crew emblem and crew color, mild trolling of crewmates is tolerated, if a crewmate is under attack you are required to go help (or at least try),
      • OnyxKhanxxx1 day, 9 hours agoReplyFlag
        Leviathan MC UK are looking for Prospects


        1. must be 14+
        2.Must be active if you're not then not promotions
        3. must have Knowledge of the MC community
        • IHoILmIEs4 days, 10 hours agoReplyFlag
          Hit up Sentient Saints
          Cool Emblem editor made Good Group and We'll help you out.
          Feel free to just join
          • wize144 days, 14 hours agoReplyFlag
   Wicked Ones MC looking for Loyal members to join to be first 9, if you love riding and want a real brotherhood this is the place *~Loyalty and Respect is key brothers~*
            • AmmoAddict3165 days, 3 hours agoReplyFlag
              NEW CREW: CANYONE SIDE CLAW (PS3) just formed TODAY!

              Have PSN LINKED, NO MIC is required and ALL LEVELS are WELCOMED!

              Are you looking for a SMALL and ACTIVE crew you can have FUN and make MONEY with?! Are you also into ROLEPLAY and are LOYAL to Crews?

              Join TODAY and be a FOUNDING MEMBER! LET'S RIDE BROTHERS!!!
              • shadow327885 days, 16 hours agoReplyFlag
                Los santos wildfire is now recruting join here
                • JonnyMaximo1 week, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                  Bienvenidos a Telita Brava ..una crew con ganas de jugar y reclutar gente para que disfrute matando..somos 65 miembros y lo pienses mas, unete y alucina!!!! Luce los colores de tu bandera por la cuidad de gta.....un saludo de líder de la crew
                  • Ipwnzombies441 week, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                    Join XDL security corps. We are a private security/ military group. We help players with people grieving them. We are strict,loyal, and reliable. we provide many services for ur needs

                    Requirements to join:
                    - must have our crew cars, declasse Granger and the merryweather jeep plus 5 others
                    - level 18 or higher
                    - mic (optional)
                    - carbine rifle, special carbine, assault rifle, pistol, and pump shotgun
                    - body armor and lots of it
                    - gun range glasses
                    - must be ps3 only
                    - must own flight suit if ur with our air support unit
                    - must show up to training when it is scheduled
                    - must be active on this site
                    - need a Skype for crew meetings

                    - no crew killing
                    - no messing with other crews unless they pose a threat
                    - no jets, tanks, buzzards unless they're used by enemies first
                    - no use of deadly force until it is authorized
                    - respect one another and your leader
                    - must wear ur uniform daily
                    - stay in the convoy if we are escorting someone
                    - no grenade launchers, RPGs,etc unless you're going against a tank or something
                    - don't abuse your power
                    * break any of these rules will result in serious punishment

                    - ls customs
                    - Trevor's airfield
                    - ls airport- for training
                    - Vespucci beach
                    - bugstars warehouse- that's our main hangout
                    job opportunities:
                    - escorting
                    - assassinations
                    - air support unit
                    - recruiting officer
                    - attack team- for players who need someone taken care of
                    - sniper
                    - event planner
                    -training instructor - must message me when u join for this job

                    If you want to join this crew message me

                    Your leaders, ipwnzombies44 and Gamerthrone
                    • motionmaster901 week, 5 days agoReplyFlag
                      Ok guys im currently recruiting for the Zenterno Angels. players must have knowledge of online play and plain commen sense. we are a global run gang and are happy to recruit from all over the world

                      Must be 14 yrs or older

                      Must have a mic

                      Know how to hold ground if needed

                      Must be happy to share social club info
                      • Sylnstone1 week, 5 days agoReplyFlag
                        Richman Mafia Family now recruiting.

                        With a 1930s classy look and fancy black cars, we are a mafia family that knows how to play in style. We have various ways of entertaining the entire family as a whole. Check out our website to see how the family operates.

                        • Looking for a bike crew to join xbox as long as your not a kid then I not bothered
                          • -redhyena-5 days, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
                            we have a few other bigger chapters aswell tell the prez i sent you
                        • Hazed-S2 weeks agoReplyFlag
                          Hazed Killerz
                          Xbox 360
                          We are a new crew with a variety of members from deathmatch soliders to map creators.
                          We are a 18+ crew that offer freedom, We are going to be setting up crew v crews in near future or if you just wanna chill thats all good if your intrested in joining send me a message on social club and we'll take it from there.
                          • Blurisere2 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                            YK HUSTLERS RECRUITING
                            PSN- Blurisere
                            Platform- PS3
                            Crew name- YK hustlers
                            hey im making a crew and it is called YK hustlers,we are a new crew who play for fun and play competitivel and we are a crew who strive to the top its a open crew so anyone can join and add my psn Blurisere
                            • Marcho802 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                              Dark and Furious crew now recruiting
                              • neiko072 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                                Looking for an MC? Join biker brothers
                                • RealAssassin672 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                                  Join us and get a EliteAssassin! You will start as normal Fighter but after a while you will get an Soldier, an Assassin, and maybe an EliteAssassin. But can you get the Master of Silent Killers? We combine Stealth, Racing, Fighting and Heist. When you love Big Cars and Weapons than this is your clan. We JUST will play on PC and everyone can join us. We want to get a big Brotherhood of Silent Killers. So you all are welcome. The only requirement is that you play GTA Online on PC.
                                  • xS.WaiiVe2 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                                    • TaeFinesse2 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                                      Join Arrogant Fame
                                      • Johnny_Ama2 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                                        Forza gente!!! cerchiamo malavitosi per allargare la Famiglia!!! baciamo le mani.
                                        Don Johnny_Ama
                                        BLACK ANGELS ITALIA
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