Nuevos objetos de GTA V en el Rockstar Warehouse: palo de golf edición limitada, unidad USB con forma de lingote de oro y camiseta de Industrias Trevor Philips

Publicado: on March 26 2014, 10:36am | Autor: R* W | Archivado en: Rockstar, Juegos

Hoy se han incorporado tres nuevos productos a la colección de Grand Theft Auto V en el Rockstar Warehouse:


Hierro de GTA V: palo de golf de edición limitada
Con menos de 1000 unidades fabricadas, este hierro de edición limitada de Grand Theft Auto V es un buen tema de conversación y un robusto hierro 5 capaz de resolver esos difíciles tiros a green de media distancia. Cuenta con la familiar marca "V" en la cabeza y un logotipo de Rockstar en la empuñadura.



Unidad USB en forma de lingote de oro de GTA V
Graba sobre la marcha información encriptada con esta dorada unidad flash USB de 2 GB con un USB retráctil que se extiende por medio de un dispositivo deslizante en la base. El pesado lingote es de aleación de zinc y cuenta con logotipos moldeados de Grand Theft Auto V y Rockstar en la parte delantera.


Camiseta de Industrias Trevor Philips de GTA V
Ron "el nervioso" y Trevor lo están dando todo para que prospere la empresa Industrias Trevor Philips. Si quieres parecer un empleado responsable, ponte esta camiseta 100% algodón gris clara que presenta un pequeño logotipo en el pecho y el logotipo completo de "Industrias Trevor Philips" en la espalda por debajo de la nuca.


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  • kie_kieon August 18 2014, 4:19pmReplyFlag
    Will this come out at midnight
    • bruno2000hopon August 6 2014, 7:17pmReplyFlag
      Eu preciso destes produtos is aweosome
      • CandyCrushThison May 6 2014, 12:38amReplyFlag
        What is this 2gig deal. I do not want a golden USB that holds as much as my iPod shuffle mini...On the plus side. I am a golfer. And would love to swing the club a few to see how it plays.
        • sr.ganjahon April 20 2014, 12:05pmReplyFlag
          where i can found in mexico?
          • Jacksonf77on April 16 2014, 9:03pmReplyFlag
            CJackson24, add me if you like to play golf.
            • T1TANOUSon April 6 2014, 3:43amReplyFlag
              just about to buy a pen drive for $12 when I saw the postage to Australia... $61+

              I might just give it a miss...
              • kimelonon April 2 2014, 1:47pmReplyFlag
                Donde se consiguen yo quiero la usb y el buso para colombia
                • MurderousFantasyon April 1 2014, 3:17pmReplyFlag
                  I Will Def Get The T Shirt :]
                  • Rossssss123on April 1 2014, 11:46amReplyFlag
                    These are calling
                    • Dark_Sorrowon April 1 2014, 6:24amReplyFlag
                      HAHAH :DDD

                      i received my package just now and when i did opend it i found some extra stuff :D

                      Big THX for the extra iFruit and R* Stickers :D <3 Made my day, love ya :)
                      • SpurdoSpardion March 31 2014, 9:02amReplyFlag
                        Which company produced the 5 iron?
                      • Rod266on March 30 2014, 9:38pmReplyFlag
                        Oh Rockstar, you classy motherf**kers!

                        Too bad the USB has such little space, it looks amazing! But that golf club takes it, looks amazing, and I don't even like golf!
                        • patwreckon March 30 2014, 1:33pmReplyFlag
                          where do i buy the golf club?
                        • gadget3on March 28 2014, 11:55pmReplyFlag
                          Keeping an eye on that USB, hoping to see it in some larger sizes. At 2gb it is just a paperweight, adding more memory will give it some practical use. I could try taking it apart and inserting a larger size, it looks pretty easy to do with those screws hanging out there. However, I will hold out for now and see if some new sizes pop up. Certainly it isn't that hard for Rockstar to do that.
                          • Dark_Sorrowon March 28 2014, 6:41amReplyFlag
                            Yeah big THX R*. I order the golf bat and the usb stick, so happy to live in austria, only 12$ for shipping xD
                            • Bigsmoke132486on March 28 2014, 4:35amReplyFlag
                              I want that USB but needs to be more GB 16-32-64GB 2GB no good for me.
                              • Bigsmoke132486on March 28 2014, 4:31amReplyFlag
                                I'm loving the golf club preet BEA$T nice one Rockstar
                                • Illti_on March 27 2014, 6:58pmReplyFlag
                                  Nice looking golf club set.
                                  • Para-Phentnon March 27 2014, 7:57pmReplyFlag
                                    @Illti_ Love rockstar team ... I'm a real gta 5 golf fanatic and I know a lot of play or listen. So I wanted to ask if there is a possibility, on a weekend, a golf tournament to allow an event. That would be madness. For example, all the proposals need 9 holes 35 are on and at 1 to 1, which are determined randomly in certain tournament times, who is the BEST in GOLF. I come from Germany and am a big fan as well as from gta rockstar. I am in the world ranking in the top 20 at golf and everyone I've asked it would also find great and therefore I would appreciate an answer to. My ps3 acc. Is Para-Phentn Email: Thanks and greetings from Leipzig,Germany
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