Tablón de anuncios de Crews: The Mercanti Family, Deadly Sins MC, The Departed MC y muchos otros buscan nuevos reclutas

Publicado: on March 10 2014, 11:47am | Autor: R* K | Archivado en: Social Club, Juegos

El tablón de anuncios de Crews es nuestra columna dedicada a las Crews que buscan nuevos miembros para engrosar sus filas, y en la que publicaremos vuestros mensajes de reclutamiento.

Desde el reciente aumento del número máximo de miembros de las Crews del Social Club, el clamor de los clanes que buscan aumentar de tamaño es más febril y está mejor coordinado que nunca. Mientras tanto, la tendencia de las Crews que amplifican sus esfuerzos mediante otros medios, como sitios web dedicados y canales de YouTube, sigue pegando fuerte. El tablón de anuncios de esta semana incluye Crews compactas y dedicadas a personajes, un grupo de "jugadores majos" y muchas más cosas...

Puede que el líder de Mojo Jojo Crew, ProRookie55, no esté buscando nenazas, pero lo más importante en su Crew es jugar con respeto...

"MOJO JOJO CREW: We are a group of 'GGG' (Good guy gamers) who don't mess with people for no reason, we fight for the weak and the rookies. We only mess with bullies. So if you are a decent guy, we would love to have you in our Crew. We are very active, play Missions, Deathmatches, Races, Freemode everyday making sure we represent the Crew without being stuck to the tv for long hours. It is important that our Crew members also spend time on their real life as well.

You will see that each and every member of our Crew is a "Badass Gentleman". We are from all over the world. We love good music too, none of the new stuff. Why is it called the Mojo Jojo Crew you ask ? ...... because MOJOJOJOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!"


¿Buscas vivir en Los Santos como un capo de la mafia, con una Crew que trate el "negocio familiar" con el máximo respeto? The Mercanti Family cuenta con un montón de escenarios de interpretación de roles en los que tendrás que comportarte de una forma determinada para ganar puntos que te permitirán convertirte en un mafioso hecho y derecho. Además de alojar actividades e iniciativas en el trepidante sitio web de fans de la comunidad,, su líder, Aldo Mercanti, ha llevado el tema a Reddit para aumentar el apoyo y el interés.

"We are a Mafia Role-Play Crew that utilizes the incredible landscape and depth of Los Santos to play as if GTA Online was our "Organized Crime Simulator". This means we live the life of a Criminal rising through the ranks of a Crime Family. You start off as an Associate with access to some 'Family Business' and work your way up to become a Mademan or above with the chance to own Property, run Family Rackets, receive Crew Awards and hold Territory.

On our dedicated Crew Website, we list Original Content in the form of 'Family Business'.

These are a selection of Free-Roam Role-Play Jobs that require teamwork, and often interactions with Civilians, Call Girls, Gang Members and sometimes Police in a way that evokes a reaction from them. Based on their reaction, you handle your business in different ways, e.g. upon being 'Bumped', the Stall Owner walked away = he paid his protection money. Stall owner runs away = He refuses to pay it etc.. We have 'Family Business' that involves Extortion, Pimping, Robbery, Contracts, Unions, Rivals and even a Scrapyard Scam that we must protect from the Armenians.

Members receive "Points" for completing 'Family Business' which goes towards unlocking Awards and earning Promotions.

We play as if Evidence was a real factor, We use Getaway Vehicles stolen from empty carparks and side streets, we avoid Police at all costs. We plan our moves. We play like there are consequences, and its more fun than you might think. Check us out in more detail at our new Crew Website, you won't regret it:"


Además de reclutar para su grupo de puntería libre, los Deadly Sins MC, el líder de la Crew, brewcity262, también busca promocionar su metajuego orientado a Crews, "District Domination", estructurado alrededor de varias facciones que controlan zonas determinadas del mapa de Los Santos.

"Deadly Sins MC is giving notice to ALL Crews, the time is now to Ride or Die. We are in this game for one reason, to consume Crews. Our thirst is expanding into every alley to suburb, every trailer to penthouse. Any MC’s that are dedicated to this amazing game of GTA Online, contact us for a patch over or rivalry, we are not looking for alliances. We have the structure and resources, given from depths far below, to grow chapters around a membership base that is committed to nothing more than Crew domination.

Our District Domination game validates Crew claims of Districts previously controlled only by a patch or emblem. Fight for rights to your claim, or wander aimlessly through the streets, just don't cross over our borders into Paleto Bay.

Our Rockstar Social Crew is Deadly Sins MC / Our Crew for Crew vs Crew battles is District Domination

This is a Free Aim, Clean Racing, and Mature (as in no drama) setting. We are like-minded gamers that want to expand the game. Currently we are running for PS3, this game is in its early stages, but set for long term players."

SPART2023 describe Money United Corp como . En el momento de publicar esta entrada, la Crew cuenta con casi 350 miembros, así que tiene margen de sobra para seguir creciendo.

"Money United Corp. operates as a Corporation of 200 members. We are looking to recruit more dedicated members with the motivation to work with other Crew members as one unit. Crew Emblem must be worn on all vehicles (Crew Emblems on clothes is optional). We’d like people to stay active within the Crew; so missions, TDMs and DMs can be more organized as a team effort. No cheaters allowed.

We all work together as one apparatus and will incinerate anyone who gets in the way of making money or tries to lower our kill ratio. 'The Money United Corp That Wipes Out Entire Armadas', now has Open Enrollment. Get ready to see what it really feels like to be on top of the world."


El lugarteniente de The Departed MC, lloydminster, se puso en contacto con nosotros recientemente a través de Exprésate para ampliar esta hermandad de jugadores de PSN que desertaron de otras Crews de moteros, y nos transmitió sus virtudes (y hazañas) con bastante rotundidad.

"The name says it all. The Departed MC PSN was not created by one man but a core of players that departed from their previous MCs. Tired from leaders that tried to force ridiculous rules about what clothes to wear, what bikes to ride, how active you have to be and so on down their throats, The Departed MC PSN tried a new form of leadership. A democracy. Every decision, rule and leader is voted on by his Crew for an extended period of time before another revote is in place. Every member's vote counts and is important, no one plays favorites here.

Having fun is the main priority for The Departed MC PSN. Every week, the members of the Crew organize a playlist filled with Jobs created by their own Crew members for a fun challenge. Crew head to head battles are also a common sight in The Departed. Members are not afraid to face a rival Crew's challenge and in fact have a history of dominating in past events. Whether its Deathmatches, Races or Parachuting; The Departed MC PSN has a member that purely dominates that event. I'm a warrior on the battlefield with a commanding kill/death ratio of 5.57, you have a better chance of seeing Hell freeze over than seeing hank_da_tank311 lose a race, and DirkDigglerRules is often confused with an Eagle while parachuting


Por último, los vídeos de reclutamiento destacados de esta edición del tablón de anuncios nos llegan de la mano de las Crews South Central Killaz y Abyssus MC:

AceHood23 quiere teñir la ciudad de rojo con su pelotón de ultraviolentos multimedia, la Crew South Central Killaz. Su vídeo de reclutamiento, que incluimos a continuación, es un crudo desfile de imágenes de Snapmatic ambientadas muy acertadamente con "The Gangsta, The Killa and The Dope Dealer", de Westside Connection.                

"I never expected the Crew to become big... I really have to thank everyone who is a member of it and showed big tributes towards the Crew from day one and beyond. The Crew wouldn't be as big if it wasn't for these guys and they all know who they are... The Crew really has taken shape in what a great Online Crew should be. It's reached top 500 GTA Online World Ranking, expanded on Social Networks like FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Words cannot describe how grateful I am towards them, and the way most members communicate, it's basically a gaming Family. For the future, I can only hope it stays a major Online Crew that will big up its stats and name everyday. As for the members, whether you are a Commissioner, Lieutenant, Representative or Muscle, you're all important and will be treated equal for as long as the Crew lives."



Con unas cuantas batallas de moteros a sus espaldas, Tactile Toxic, líder de los nómadas Abyssus MC, busca ser el último en reír frente a todos los que se enfrenten a ellos. Su vídeo de reclutamiento, incluido más abajo, es breve pero intenso, y combina su característico payaso histérico con un resumen del credo del club con la carretera de fondo.

"Abyssus MC is now recruiting, we are looking for mature loyal members who will take the MC seriously. Feel free to check out our website. Link is on my profile. Also if you have a small MC, we are looking for people to patch over to us."

-President of Abyssus MC."


Si formas parte de una Crew que busca nuevos reclutas, deja un enlace en los comentarios de abajo para que todos puedan verlo (pero solo una vez; los que copien y peguen spam con el mismo mensaje de reclutamiento más de una vez en el canal de noticias no aparecerán destacados). También puedes darnos un toque en y decirnos por qué tu Crew merece ser mencionada: por su originalidad, su talento, sus esfuerzos... Puede que publiquemos tu anuncio en un futuro tablón.

Esta también es la ocasión ideal para mostrar lo orgulloso que estás de tu Crew con fotos de grupo divertidas de Snapmatic, creaciones de la Crew o cualquier vídeo alucinante que hayas hecho en el juego y que sirva para mostrar a los demás por qué tu grupo es donde hay que estar o al que hay que derrotar. Recuerda dejar un enlace a la página de tu Crew en el Social Club para que los que quieran responderte te puedan localizar con facilidad.

  • Shiesty_Two_One12 hours, 6 minutes agoReplyFlag
    Spanish Ave Kartel is looking for LOYAL ACTIVE FREE AIM players to join we're a Street gang style krew 1 of many KTLN sets. We war with many crews so there will be constant war we also practice alot. So if u a shooter n interested hmu.
    • getdatdoe781 day, 22 hours agoReplyFlag
      I'm a new CEO looking for loyal, money making hustlas to join my crew... We do heists and missions as a crew... Let's get money and have fun..
      • RDuff135 days, 18 hours agoReplyFlag
        I am looking for loyal and active players for my new crew. We will do all kinds of crew work; like heists, team death matches, and more. I am trying to build an organized crew of loyal and active members that works together with teamwork and coordination. Hopefully we'll have a tight crew that sticks together and creates chaos throughout Los Santos. Join the Phantom Association if you are interested
        • Just started up an MC and looking for members who will be loyal and can work in teams. We will participate in all kinds of work be it heists, deathmatches, races, missions whatever it is as long as it brings in money. It will most likely be a small crew with a few prospects nothing big. Add me on xb1 gt: Juice613 or message me on social club if youre interested.
          • grose373 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
            I just became a CEO and I'm looking for help to build some (Gamebeno family) money with PS4 players. I do heights, death matches and some races but more of all Gamebeno Family needs better income so I'm more about jobs. I'm on m-f and weekends. Send a request to Gamebeno family. P.s. anyone can become the man just play like one
          • Lumlins3 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
            New MC on PS4 looking to add more members. Message me if you're interested or check out the crew page.
            • 757_weezy3 weeks, 3 days agoReplyFlag
              I'm lookin to join a crew
            • Omega03073 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
              I'm looking for a quick and easy active chill crew with no crap or kids and they get stuff done. Not a big crew but the members know what they're doing hmu if have what I'm looking for
            • monkey0141on July 30 2016, 2:09pmReplyFlag
              Looking to join an organized crew that work as a team, don't always try to be the first person to reach everything and will listen and take direction from a single point of command but ultimately make more of the game rather than doing the same thing everyday driving your fastest car beating everyone to the mission and dieing! I'm on ps4 I'm level 208, pretty much a jack of all trades, bit bad at pvp as I try to beat everyone to death with melee weapons haha! Add me if interested. Also I'm 28 and English prefer not to be in a crew that allows under 18's.
              • Slim_Montanna3 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                @monkey0141 we are a new crew, with a goal in mind to get to the top,but the road to the top is a long,hard one.we would love to have u join our family.. (pcpx)..
            • silentbu11eton July 28 2016, 1:47amReplyFlag
              Banished Lordz MC is now accepting recruits right now. Please see our Facebook page to message us. Only the serious need apply.
              • kingcaperson July 27 2016, 8:51pmReplyFlag
                If yu on ps4 and lookin for a real crew message me. We big on loyalty, getting money, and killin anybody who want it. Straight shooterz only, low ranks or high. No killin crew or leavin da crew. We over 480 people. Message me for enrollment info.- Billionaire boYz klb rich gang
                • GHOSTxCoot13on July 21 2016, 8:57amReplyFlag
                  If you want to join good mc message me on XB1 My gt is BSMC Prez or social club
                  • Jive-Jon July 5 2016, 6:23amReplyFlag
                    I'm here to tell you about the Marauders GTA. We have 2 Marauder crews for both PS & XB, both next gen. Crew search Marauders and you will find both crews at the top of the list. Join the one on the platform you play on. We are a OUTLAW ARMY both crews are VERY active. Our members have your back in game. Real crew unity! The PS4 Marauders is almost at 1000 members, so join while there is still room. Please link accounts to social club before asking to join. That will get you in.
                    • toxic-demon-preson June 28 2016, 3:41pmReplyFlag
                      check out my crew and youtube like and sub hit up toxic demon ps4
                      • GangBangHustlaon June 23 2016, 10:30amReplyFlag
                        Hello Everyone, if you are active on XB360/XB1 You Should Join Our Crew Makavelli Soldiers (2PAC) we are a Military Organization And Prepared for war! with Jet pilots,Tanks,insurgents,Sniper Teams and Heli teams. And Are looking too recruit Active members on Xbox 360! And Also Xbox One! Message Me on Social club and on xbox360 OF xKush if you are interested in joining! Thanks For your time :)
                        • THE_A_MAN86on April 30 2016, 7:17pmReplyFlag
                          heeey how you all doing? The LS Syndicate needs more crew members for jobs and PR were a professional criminal organisation the centres around jobs, Heist's and occasional death matches but melee only among other things VIP work ect , if you wanna go pro and join the crew message me over the psn or on the social club psn is NoTTz-SniPA we look forward to welcoming you to the Syndicate . now get outta heres!
                          • AussieInfidel.on April 24 2016, 2:09amReplyFlag
                            Looking for a new crew are you ???
                            Looking for a crew that will help you level up and cash up ???

                            Look no further ' We are recruiting' and already have a force to be reckoned with..
                            ----The Australian Nomads MC ----
                            A.N.M.C : The Australian Nomads are looking to grow and prosper within the realms of GTA5.

                            The Australian Nomads Crew have regular loyal players.

                            GTA5 Rockstar Social club is ACTIVE and up to date

                            From Paleto bay, Vinewood Hills, Sandy Shores and as far south at Los Santo's Airport, its all Ours !!!

                            We are a crew that prides itself on Loyalty and Crewmanship, and Respect.

                            We a looking for AUSTRALIAN PLAYERS who are willing to lay down their life for the Crew and its members.
                            ........................Australian Nomads Simple rules............................
                            Wear your patch at all times.
                            Be proud of the Patch bestowed upon you.
                            Fight and Die for your fellow crew member, Die for the Australian Nomads
                            We dont kill our own patched members, killing your crew members is FORBIDDEN and is will be granted automatic death sentence, failure to comply will result in expulsion from A.N.M.C !!!
                            Crew Leader has the last judgement on dismissal of rogue members, judgement but can be over ruled by majority two votes from Commissioners. (2nd in charge)
                            Inviting new Members : new members are welcome so feel free to invite your friends and help this Crew grow to be a Australian crew to be reckoned with and strike fear in the minds of rival crews.
                            If you need help Just call out to your members.
                            Report all rogue members to the crew leader first and foremost.
                            Crew Mutiny is grounds for Death penalty, justice will be delivered swiftly.
                            • bravofox29000on June 5 2016, 1:12amReplyFlag
                              @AussieInfidel. The cold grave private military is looking for members. Requirements are being mature, loyal, must have mic, must have skill with at, must be active, and must be competitive. If your interested message me on xbox one at bravofox29. Thanks
                          • kingRAmontu5on April 23 2016, 1:04amReplyFlag
                            Hey world new krew on ps3 and ps4 out of hou tx but u can be from anywere any color as long as u play gta and u loyal so join ,we are not moders clean players so join , we are trying to take over all platforms so come grow with us invite me are friend request blkape thx
                            • C_SNIPERWOLF_01on April 7 2016, 7:52pmReplyFlag
                              " Are you tired of sitting in a crew with nothing to do? Or are you looking for excitement?! Come join Black Marsh Mercenary Corporation!
                              Here you are not just a member, You are a Brother, Sister and Comrade to us. We use any means necessary to get the contracts completed.
                              Are you not good with a weapon? We Train! We Contract Bounties and Security for Tyrants we kill! So come on down to the Recruitment Office
                              and have a chat with our Head Officer Wolf for more information!"

                              PS4 CREW [possible PC expansion in the future]

                              Minimum Requirements:
                              Age: 15+
                              Mic: Required
                              Phone App: Kik

                              [PS4: 12]
                              [PC: 0 ]
                              12 Brother/Sisters/Comrades

                              10 Regular Members [meet requirement]
                              2 Officers [Meet requirements; 1 Day Time 1 Night Time; require 30 days of service of regular not including training period]

                              Message C_SNIPERWOLF_01 on the PS4 or Social Club.

                              ***WE DO NOT ACCEPT MODDERS***
                              • JuanPabIoSosaon April 4 2016, 2:36pmReplyFlag
                                Hello everyone, I recently created a crew, recently as in this week and I'm currently recruiting. It's called Tha Sosa Family and it's a mafia style crew but I'm not a Richard about the suits and stuff like that. Wear what you like, just be loyal and honorable and be willing to help the crew members who may be lower skilled or just needs money. If you interested in being part of something where your voice will actually be heard well then hit me up.
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